The Social Wall Creates a Sense of Community at AMEE & Ottawa Hybrid Conferences

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Written By Albert Roy

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It is not easy to bring people from all over the world together, but it is a real challenge to do so during two hybrid conferences that take place at different times. Fortunately assuming that you have the right devices, they will assist you with associating virtual participants with in-person crowds.

AMEE (An International Association for Health Professions Education) organized two hybrid conferences in Lyon, France—AMEE Lyon 2022 and Ottawa 2022—that took place simultaneously but separately.

The AMEE Lyon 2022 meeting is perhaps of the greatest yearly occasion in medical services callings training and brings experts from all medical services fields together to share thoughts, new turns of events and best practices. In 2022 it was facilitated as a crossover gathering interestingly.

The biennial Ottawa 2022 conference brings together professionals, educators, students, institutions, and organizations from all over the world to discuss innovative strategies for health professions education assessment and evaluation.

One shared social wall, two hybrid events Both conferences offered online and in-person participation options. Those going to online could present to the web-based crowd in their time region and watch plenaries, symposia and examination papers live-spilled from Lyon or pre-recorded on the Swapcard occasion stage.

Attendees were able to attend both AMEE 2022 and Ottawa 2022 because they were held simultaneously. The coordinators likewise involved one social wall for the two occasions and gathered content from virtual entertainment utilizing the occasion hashtag #AMEE2022.

Over 50 businesses and 164 exhibitors participated in the two hybrid conferences, which attracted over 4,700 attendees from 87 nations, 2,055 speakers, and 563 sessions. We refer to that as international!

We talked to Gordon Henry, the Digital Content and Engagement Officer at AMEE, to find out how embedding the social wall into the event app and website helped AMEE create a sense of community among healthcare professionals from all over the world and bridge the gap between virtual and in-person audiences.

You chose a subscription plan even though the hybrid conferences only lasted a few days. Before, during, and after the two events, how did you incorporate the social wall into your marketing strategy?
We began promoting the hashtag and ways to participate in the conference’s social media component prior to the conference via email and social media.

Delegates were encouraged to use the hashtag to post their thoughts and experiences to the wall during both conferences.

Throughout the conferences, our social wall was a crucial component of our social media and engagement strategy, providing an excellent collage of experiences.

We put the social wall on our website’s homepage and news page after the conference to keep the conversation going and show how great the conferences were.

How did you intend to use a social wall? Why did you include your social wall as part of a virtual environment and on the event website?
The primary objective was to use the wall to create and display a collage of positive delegate experiences, encourage everyone to share their experiences, and unite the community of our conference.

We wanted this to be a big part of everyone’s experience, so we put it on the event website and in the virtual environment to make it available to everyone, whether they’re there in person or not.

You accumulated a lot of social media user-generated content. Where and how did you advertise your wall and encourage people to post there?
We advertised how to connect with us and use the social wall on our own social channels in the lead-up to the conferences, as well as on the event page and platform and in some digital leaflets that delegates could access prior to and during the conferences.

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