The 8 Best Employee Time Clock Apps for Managers In 2023

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Time clock applications are increasingly taking over as the preferred option for managers looking to regulate where and when their team works and provide a more precise image of their workforce.

These apps build on the strength of mobile technology and the pervasiveness of Wi-Fi to produce a distinctive tool for businesses of all sizes.

Our specialists at Inch have compiled a list of the top employee time clock applications for managers in businesses of all sizes to assist you in finding the finest software for your organization.

The Best Time Clock Apps for Managers

1) Sling

Sling is among the top employee time clock applications for two crucial factors:

It provides robust time-tracking and employee clock-in/clock-out functions.

It also gives you access to other tools that greatly speed up your work on personnel organization, communication, and scheduling.

Sling’s standout feature is its ability to transform any phone, tablet, or computer into a time clock. Your staff can clock in and out of shifts without cluttering up a central terminal thanks to it. Even when an employee is late or forgets to clock in, Sling tells you.

Additionally, Sling provides you the ability to create geophones around your place of business if you’re concerned that your staff might arrive early. Employees who are outside those boundaries won’t be able to clock in until they enter the designated area.

And that’s just the app’s component for tracking staff hours.

Additionally, you have access to cutting-edge scheduling tools that enable you to create the schedules for your personnel in a matter of minutes rather than hours. You can handle requests for time off, availability, and shift swaps without gathering, classifying, and compiling a sizable stack of paper.

You now have a potent ally in keeping costs in check. Add to that the onboard artificial intelligence that will assist you in scheduling overtime and avoiding going over your labor budget.

Even keeping track of multiple bookings and overlapping shifts as well as lowering absenteeism and late arrivals will be made easier with Sling.

2) Harvest

Time monitoring may reveal important information about your company, however, as we have discussed, it can be difficult to remember to do it and keep everyone on task. So that you can get crucial data without driving yourself (or your team) crazy, Harvest makes it simple to manage time and costs.

Timesheets offer a plethora of data that can improve the way you manage your varied staff. Harvest compiles this unprocessed timesheet data into a visual breakdown of how your staff is spending its time.

While Harvest is excellent for tracking time spent on certain tasks, it isn’t a true employee time clock software and doesn’t directly monitor attendance.

Inch is a better option if you’re looking for an app that your staff can use to clock in and out as well as one that can assist you with reporting, labor expenses, and scheduling.

3) Just works Hours

Inconsistent processes, erroneous paychecks, and disorganized record keeping may all rapidly cost your business money.

Asking workers to utilize paper timesheets can seem like the simplest solution on the surface, but the truth is that this practice will ultimately harm your company.

With Justworks Hours, you won’t ever have to deal with pricey overtime or labor issues, and you won’t ever need to operate a corrective payroll. Additionally, the software is simple to use, so your staff won’t object.

Despite having message and communication options, Justworks Hours lacks the other organizing tools that make Inch such a potent tool.

4) TSheets

The TSheets time clock app is available for those that commute long distances or often change jobs or places of employment.

Your staff can monitor time quickly and simply using the devices they already own and are accustomed to using. Convenient clock-in/clock-out reminders, employee breaks, and overtime warnings help to keep everyone in the loop.

Employees can use iPhone or Android applications, SMS messages, or dial-in to clock in and out on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. TSheets accurately records time even when it is unavailable or out of service and syncs once it is again in range.

TSheets won’t assist in task organization or maintain team members’ attention. It doesn’t provide integrated communications. Additionally, it lacks a potent, live task list. That is unique to Inch.

5) Timesheet

With the Timesheet app, you can monitor your remote employees that work around the clock and get prompt notifications when they leave their workplace.

Even when they are available to work, your staff won’t miss a shift since Timesheet will remind them to log in and out. Timesheet enables users to confirm their hours worked while they are online after the day or week is through, preventing a lag in the payroll processing process.

Timesheet is excellent for managing people and teams that are dispersed across a large region, but it lacks Inch’s capability when it comes to task management, team communication, and data reporting.

6) Hub staff

Hub staff provides the fundamentals to assist you manage your remote workforce more effectively if your company has a remote team.

Hub staff offers the following:

  • monitoring of time
  • electronic time sheets
  • monitoring productivity
  • GPS monitoring
  • Effortless payroll
  • scheduling a team

To assist you manage the front and back ends of all your activities, you also receive project budgeting and invoicing tools.

Hub staff is more of a project management tool, therefore for continuous, routine onsite and remote personnel management, it is not even close to as effective as Inch.

Inch is the best option if you’re looking for a more complete solution that serves as both a task-management tool and an employee time clock.

7) Replicon

You may permanently do away with paper time cards and Excel spreadsheets by using the Replicon app.

The ability to manage payroll, bill clients, and repay costs all from one location is made possible by centralized time and date. You may do this whether you’re at the office or on the move to control the time and attendance of your workers.

Replicon is a helpful employee time clock app, but Inch is the market leader because of its extensive capabilities.

8) Inch

The robust staff management and optimization app Inch easily integrates a time clock into its extensive and practical toolkit.

Inch allows your staff the ability to clock in and out of shifts via their phones or a specific terminal installed in a vehicle or at each site, which is how employees clock in and out of their workdays.

Inch, like its sibling software Sling, lets you set up geophones around your place of business or a remote jobsite so that employees won’t be able to clock in until they enter the predetermined zone.

What effective control you have over where and when your team works!

On the manager’s end, the Inch app opens up a whole new realm of control, serving not just as a time clock but also as a conduit for distribution, a means of communication, and a tool for processing payroll.

You may learn more about how your team functions and how to enhance the workflow so that they do even better with the help of the data that Inch gives.

Taking Time Clocks to the Next Level

time clock app

Inch is the greatest app for a time clock. But this tiny gem does more than just that. In fact, Inch advances the functionality of the time clock app.

Task management, time tracking, and a whole lot more are all included with Inch.

The goal of Inch is to make it simpler for managers and staff to coordinate their to-do lists, communicate, and guarantee that all activities are performed on time.

Members of remote and in-person teams may complete a range of activities directly from their tablet or phone, including:

  • Utilize an online task list.
  • Clarify the tasks that need to be completed.
  • Receive voice-activated reminder alerts.
  • Work at various places and clock in and out.
  • Finished the task that was given to them
  • Interact with one another and your management

Without needing to use a mobile device or return to the office, you may do all of that and more.

For managers, Inch makes it simple to assign work manually to their teams or to automatically fill assignments based on predefined criteria.

This special feature guarantees that every work is completed and keeps staff members informed about their individual tasks, expected results, and due dates.

When necessary, managers may generate tasks automatically or assign work to employees based on proximity to the jobsite. They can also monitor work progress and task accomplishment in real time.

Inch helps decrease management stress, employee annoyance, and organizational inefficiencies.

Inch provides you incredible control over an inherently complex process and makes it simpler than ever to design the ideal workflow for your organization, whether you require time clock solutions for your team or assistance keeping your personnel on track and motivated.

Visit right away for other free tools that will help you run your company more effectively, manage and schedule your crew, and track and estimate labor expenditures.

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