How Much Does A Billboard Cost?

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How Much Does A Billboard Cost?

What does it matter that they have existed for millennia and have proven valuable? How much a billboard cost does is the question that we are all interested in knowing the answer to. Well, that depends on a number different factors. Let’s elaborate.

What Is A Billboard?

At the risk of repeating the obvious, a billboard is a flat panel, wall, fence, or other outside posting surface according to the Miriam Webster Dictionary. They may be on enormous road sides, buses, airports, or just about any other surface you can think of. Additionally, there are now many of fantastic digital choices that enable dynamic, interactive billboards.

How Prevalent Are Billboards?

According to some estimates, there are between 425,000 and 450,000 billboards along the roadways in America.

Billboards are effective everywhere, not only in the US. According to bMedia Group, billboard advertising is the best method for promoting goods and services and raising brand recognition in Puerto Rico.

Effectiveness of Billboard Advertising

how much is a billboard

According to a Forbes research, over 25% of respondents said they visited a business the day after seeing a billboard advertising its goods. Even if they didn’t, the brand frequently stays in their minds to remember the next time they find themselves debating a particular item or service.

According to calculations made by financial experts, the return on investment for billboard advertising is roughly $6 for every $1 invested.

It is understandable why businesses like Cracker Barrel devote nearly half of their advertising budget on outdoor media.

How Much Do Billboards Cost?

How much does billboard advertising actually cost? This question’s response is more complicated than it first appears. The price of a billboard is determined by a number advertising variables. But let me give you one:

Seven hundred square feet of vinyl are required to print an advertisement on a billboard that measures fourteen feet by forty eight feet. Between three hundred and five hundred dollars will be spent on the supplies.

It will cost between $5 and $800 per day to rent the advertising space for your ad. Prices vary depending on location and how many days you need the ad space for.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Billboard?

The answer to the issue of how much do billboards cost depends on a number of variables.


The position of your billboard is important, just as with real estate. Maximum views by your particular market is your goal.

How much does a billboard advertisement cost in different US cities? In New York City, a month’s rent for a billboard ranges from $1800 to $12,000. The identical space would cost between $1500 and $9,000 in Los Angeles. Rent for billboard space in Chicago ranges from $1,200 to $6,000. While you may rent space at the same prices in San Francisco, billboards in Philadelphia cost between $1200 and $6,000.


It is not unexpected that the price of a billboard rises with size. According to studies, a larger advertising will produce more impressions and have a greater influence on the customer. In order to build larger billboards, more materials and manpower are needed.

Rental Time/Campaign Duration

Author Kelly Main points out that the price of a billboard depends on its size, location, and length. For instance, billboard expenses go from $750 to $1,500 a month on average in rural areas. The prices increase to between $1,000 and $2,000 in small to medium cities. The price of billboards increases to between $14,000 and $20,000 in major cities where they would be seen by much more people.

Billboard Type

Costs vary depending on the type of billboard as well. Three categories exist:

  • Vinyl billboards are generally traditional or printed. Typically, they are less expensive than other sorts.
  • Advertising on digital billboards is more dynamic than on static billboards. They include things like moving pictures. Depending on your market and the time you want the billboard to show each day, digital billboards may be readily changed. If you want prime time, the expenses will go up, but if you want an off time, it might work in your favor.
  • Mobile billboards are billboards that are mounted on buses, automobiles, and other moving objects. Vehicles move while showcasing your brand, products, or special event, increasing the likelihood that your target audience will notice them.

Market or Demographics

Demographics take into account the passersby of the billboard. Your target market takes into account the demographics you’re seeking to reach with your advertising, including their age, gender, socioeconomic status, level of education, and line of work. The price will probably be more if you want to draw in a broader audience, people with better incomes, or those with more education.

Market Population

Generally speaking, billboard advertising costs increase with the size of your target market.

Designing the Billboard

There are no quick cuts you should use when it comes to the billboard’s real design. Even if you pay top dollar for a billboard in a prominent place, if it has a cheap appearance, it may harm your brand.

A billboard advertisement primarily consists of three components: the concept or idea, the text (the words), and the visual design.

Hire an expert for each of those three tasks without a doubt. Many individuals believe they can develop an idea, write it down, and then hire a graphic designer to create a stunning illustration. While it is possible, you might be surprised by the quality (and return on investment) you will receive from professional assistance because making advertisements requires talent (particularly when taking into account the strategy involved in outdoor media).

You essentially have three alternatives for every stage of the procedure:

  • Create it internally: This option maintains the greatest control if you or someone else at your organization is imaginative, articulate, and proficient in visual design. The drawbacks include time, money associated with doing it oneself, and occasionally not having an outside opinion.
  • Hire a contractor: This has never been simpler because to the ubiquity of websites like Up work and Fiverr. Although it might be quick and inexpensive, the drawback is that finding a good freelancer can take some time, and they aren’t always accessible when you need them.
  • Collaborating with a bureau: Many billboard businesses have the required personnel to provide high-quality outdoor advertising.
  • Additionally, they might be rather skilled at it given that it is their line of work. There isn’t much of a drawback here; just be sure you comprehend the price structure and who owns the designs they produce before beginning.

Depending on where you are and who you engage, the costs for these various solutions might fluctuate greatly. An approximate range is $30 to hundreds per hour. It will frequently be necessary to strike a balance between price and quality.

Physical Cost Of The Billboard

The actual materials for billboards are an evident but occasionally disregarded expense. Any outdoor advertising firm should already have this built into their cost structure (but, double-check! ), so this really only matters if you’re creating your own sign.

The cost of the land, the materials for the structure, the vinyl for the sign, the printing on the vinyl, and the costs of construction and upkeep must all be taken into account if you are creating your own.

Maintenance and Other Recurring Costs

Once the sign is put up, the expenses might not end. You may need to maintain the billboard depending on the local environment to keep it looking good. Any fees will often be included in the initial contract with a billboard company and will typically cover the agreed-upon time frame. Remember that if you wish to prolong, you can incur these expenses once more.

Billboard Variations

billboard advertising cost

Due to quickly evolving technology, it is now simpler than ever for billboard advertising to draw in passing drivers and pedestrians. Billboards have changed from static pictures painted on vinyl frames, walls, and vehicles thanks to interactive technologies. The Internet has improved the intelligence of billboards. These digital billboards are situated next to bus seats, in malls, or on walls in busy places.

Digital billboards were formerly common, but they were simple to ignore. On the other hand, modern interactive billboards speak to your target demographic both literally and conceptually. Advertisements that are “smart” may respond to their surroundings dynamically. Data can be sent and received. The demographics, climate, and time of day may all be taken into account by these billboards. Future billboards will respond to their surroundings and viewers by altering their material based on data gathered about individuals who view them.

Why Invest In Billboards?

Billboards are a cost-effective and efficient tool to use if you want to increase brand awareness, announce an event, or increase website traffic.

Advertising on billboards reaches a large audience and promotes your company, its goods and services, or an upcoming campaign.

70% of people’s time is spent outside of their houses. The most exposure is provided by billboards when compared to other forms of promotion.

How to Get Started

  • You need to make several choices before deciding if you want to launch a billboard advertising company or advertise your brand there.
  • What are your marketing objectives?
  • Where would be the ideal location for your billboard?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • Which message are you trying to convey to them?
  • What kinds of billboards are you looking to use?
  • What knowledge and abilities are required?

Why Choose BMedia Group?

You might be interested in next actions or other information now that you know the answer to the query “how much does a billboard cost.” Billboards may be classified according to pricing, kind, format, and message by advertising professionals like media.

Using their technical expertise and experience in outdoor advertising, they can assist you in reaching your advertising objectives. Out-of-home media options are many with bMedia Group. One of them will match your objectives and price range. Any audience may be successfully targeted by them.

Discover more about our billboard advertising to talk about how bMedia Group can assist you in achieving your advertising objectives.

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