The best PS4 console deals in August 2022

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The PS4 is no longer Sony’s primary system, and there are only a very small number left for sale. Furthermore, it’s now much simpler to find a PS5 replenishment throughout 2022, making it simpler to get the newest technology. As a result, the greatest PS4 prices right now are on used or reconditioned systems, which you can get right here.

But early this year, Sony increased PS4 system output after realizing how difficult it was to obtain a PS5. Why would they act in this way? Well, they just wanted customers to have a device to play the newest PlayStation games on since the PS5 sold out quickly each time they went on sale. In March, those brand-new PS4 systems went on sale through PlayStation Direct in America and quickly sold out. Since then, no new PS4 systems have been on the market.

And we are still in that situation now. Right present, purchasing a PS4 is limited to used or refurbished models. If you’re okay with that, it’s not a terrible method for enjoying some of the finest PS4 titles and the newest PlayStation exclusives across a cheap platform. Check back frequently for the most recent bargains, regardless of if you still want a PS4 and are willing to patiently wait for the newest Sony platform.


For a very brief period of time, new PS4s were on sale. Similar to Sony’s most recent system, it has also already sold out once more. Even though the PS5 should have stopped manufacturing just at end of the past year, it has been incredibly difficult to find one. As a result, Sony decided to provide a choice for those who are keen to play newly released games that are simultaneously being released on consoles from a prior generation.


At GameStop, a refurbished PS4 (1TB) costs $289.99.

This is a significant amount to spend for a used PS4 console at GameStop given that a brand-new PS4 console costs $299.99. Given that there are no new PS4 systems available for purchase, it just serves to demonstrate how costs have gone up. However, this might change in the coming months, so if you can wait, we advise you to do so or one of the other new models when they become available.



There are currently no brand-new PS4 consoles or bundles for sale in the UK. We’re not anticipating it, but it’s not certain whether it will replicate the US’ example and get a wave of new consoles shortly. However, there are many used consoles available, so this is one of the lowest prices we could find right now.


Pre-owned PS4 Slim (500GB) starting at £129.99 at Game

A few used PS4 Slim consoles are now available at Game. The console is described as being in “fair” condition, which denotes that it is completely functional but may have some minor cosmetic flaws like scuffs and scratches. It’s a good addition at this pricing to include a download of The Last Us Part 2.


Looking for one or more inexpensive games for the PS4 console? Here, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of the top PS4 release pricing.


Best PS4 game offers right now

God of War                            Amazon                         $15.99

Horizon: Zero Dawn             GamersGate                 US$49.99



Bloodborne Hits                      Amazon                  US$19.99    US$17.39

Spider-Man from Marvel       Amazon                  US$32.41

Death  Stranding                      Amazon                 US$1.29

Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End    Amazon                 US$47.50

Remastered edition of The Last of US    Amazon    US$17.50



Resident Evil 2     Amazon    US$59.99    US$20.40


You should get a PlayStation Plus subscription if you’re purchasing a PS4. You can play PS4 online games, have access towards the Instant Game Library on the PS5, and download a ton of free PS4 titles each month with PlayStation Plus (also known as PS Plus or PS+).

You may still get the Basic membership for about $60/£50 despite the fact that there are several additional tiers since it was recently updated. However, there are frequently offered reductions, so see here for all the most recent PlayStation Plus offers.


Best PlayStation Plus offers right now

Essentials of Sony PlayStation Plus       Amazon      US$70

PlayStation Plus Extra from Sony         Amazon             US$110

Every day, we search more than 250 million goods for the greatest deals.

Any further goals? A inexpensive PS4 controller would be nice. For all the most recent pricing, do not even forget to check out our top DualShock 4 bargains guide. Alternatively, after the PSVR 2 is released, perhaps you’d want to maintain an eye outside for PlayStation VR offers. There, too, we’ve got you covered

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