Best office chairs of 2022 for home, work and all budgets

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Office chair

At work and in general, we sit for a significant portion of the day. Given how much time we spend sitting, it’s critical to ensure that the chair we’re using is appropriate for the task at hand. One of the few things keeping you from developing chronic back or shoulder discomfort may be a good office chair.

You may work for hours without being concerned that you’ll be hurt at the end of the day if you invest in one of those desk chairs, which will optimize your comfort and ensure that the body is in the optimal posture all day. Therefore, purchasing one is essential – just as essential as purchasing the best PC, laptop, and peripherals – especially when combined with a top-notch standing desk.

Some of the greatest office chairs that we have compiled also make great gaming seats. You’ll learn how each one performs in a variety of categories, such as comfort, cost, style, and many more.

To select the ideal office chair for you, continue reading.


2022’s top office chairs


  1. Humanscale Freedom




  • 69 × 63.5 x 109-135 cm in size (W x D x H)
  • Seat height: 41.5 to 51.5 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • 136 kg maximum load




  • Simple controls eliminate concern
  • adapts flexibly to the user



  • Pricey, especially when made of leather


The Humanscale Freedom is, in our opinion, the apex of Humanscale’s ingenious high-end ergonomically designed chair design. It doesn’t only look amazing; the leather version, in particular, offers further benefits in the event of unintentional drink spills.

For instance, it automatically changes the backrest resistance towards the ideal amount when the chair is reclined. The ultimate effect is lots of comfortable sitting with no need to consider tension levels or other issues.

There’s many, of course, many adjustable features, such as the armrests that move together (keeping them at the same height all the time). Additionally, you may move the seat pan forward or backward and change the backrest and headrest heights.

Also of note is the chair’s 15-year guarantee, which undoubtedly gives one reason for trust.


  1. Flexispot BS9 Oka Flexi-chair



  • 69 × 52 x 110–110 cm in size
  • Height of seats: 44.5 to 53.5 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • 120 kg maximum load (264lbs)



  • Simple instructions make it simple to build
  • Excellent comfort as well as back support balance



  • Unlike some Flexispot office chair types, it lacks a headrest.
  • The hue is very stainable


Flexispot provides everything you need if you want to give your home office a pop of color. Any space in which you select to install the cushioned office chair becomes the focus of attention.

You can comfortably sit upon that office chair for hours on end, so it checks both the comfort and design boxes.

Once it comes towards the BS9 chair, the quality sits at the upper end of the spectrum. With a 7 cm cushion here on seat, the office chair’s ergonomic design supports your back, and you will not be concerned about comfort when using the BS9.


  1. K-Sport Mgmt Chair X-Chair X2



  • Measurements are 64.77 × 53.34 x 137.16 cm (W x D x H)
  • 72 to 57.15 inches (minimum to maximum)
  • 154 kg maximum load



  • Simple to clean
  • Numerous choices for customization are available.
  • Completely mesh construction for better airflow



  • Upgrades might be pricey


A high-end office chair with a distinctive design is its X-Chair X2 K-Sport Mgmt Chair. The X-Chair takes things a step further by employing mesh for the seat as well, while most ergonomic office chairs just have mesh backs to keep you cool while you work. This keeps your entire body cool and also makes it simple to clean the chair.

For individuals who wish to customize the X2, X-Chair provides a wide range of add-ons, including a headrest, an expanded width seat, and rubberized casters in the shape of rollerblades, and armrests that swivel 360 degrees.


  1. The ergonomic Branch chair



  • Size: 64 × 61 x 107 cm
  • Seat height: 43–53 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • 136 kg maximum load



  • Comfy
  • With premium features yet at a more affordable price
  • Customer service appears to be strength.



  • Separately available headrest


It appears to be a furniture item that punches well above weight within terms of price range, and Branch Ergonomic Chair tries to provide luxury qualities at a reasonable price.

As with many higher-end versions, the backrest frame seat pan are connected, so they tilt together allowing for a more comfortable, more supported sitting experience. The tilt tension can also be adjusted, and it can tilt back up to 20 degrees.

In order to provide comfort even during prolonged sitting periods, such office chair also includes an aluminum base, a high-density polyurethane cushion upon this seat pan, and a breathable weave on the backrest.


  1. Adjustable task chair with a headrest



  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 51 × 51 x 110 cm
  • Height of the seat: 45–56 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • Max weight: 136 kg (300lb)



  • adjustable headrest, seat, back, armrests, and tilt and tension of the seatback
  • available in grey or black
  • easy assembly
  • 1 BIFMA certified



  • Grey finishes cost extra


Vari manufactures office furniture, including a range of office chairs, in additional to standing workstations. The task chair from the firm is available either with or without headrest, and if you like the black finish, it will cost you only $20 more.

In order to assist you in maintaining good alignment and minimizing muscular tension while working, Vari has built its Task Chair having ergonomics in mind. You may customize this office chair to your preferences by adjusting the tilt and tension of the seat back, the headrest, the chair back, the seat, the armrests, and the seat.

It’s simple to upgrade your existing office chair with Vari because the firm offers free shipping, 30-day risk-free returns, and purchase now, make payments at checkout.


  1. The ergonomic FlexiSpot BS10 office chair



  • 5 × 61.5 x 102.5–111 cm in size (W x D x H)
  • Height of the seat: 47 to 56 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • Max weight: 125 kg (275lbs)



  • adjustable headrest
  • There is a pull-out seat.
  • very simple to assemble



  • limited warranty
  • offered in a single color


Due in part to its exceptional standing desks, FlexiSpot has a stellar reputation. A BS10 is the newest office chair on the market, and it does have a wide selection of them. Given how fiercely competitive this office chair industry is, we don’t believe the high price is warranted.

Additional colors and the possibility to extend the guarantee, even for a cost, would also be really appreciated. However, contrasted to the recommended retail price, they are very minor obstacles. Just be sure to keep an eye out for coupons or discounts.


  1. The Razor Job



  • Size: 61 by 61 by 98 cm
  • Seat height is 50 to 60 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • max weight: 125 kg



  • Cozy
  • very simple to assemble
  • incredibly budget-friendly



  • Keep your expectations reasonable given the price.


For people who work from home, this same Razor Task Chair is a good office chair improvement. You can discover the ideal fit for your body with its completely adjustable arms with 3D lumbar system, and you can keep cool while working itself with air mesh cushion with breathable backrest.

Although its cushion fabric is sometimes challenging to clean and there is no headrest, it is the sole high-end chair that we are aware of that includes a drawing stool kit that can be purchased separately.


  1. SIHOO M90D



  • 64 x 66 × 112-119 cm in size
  • Height of the seat: 43.5 to 54.5 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • Max weight: 149 kg (330lb)



  • mesh headrest and backrest
  • customizable lumbar support
  • Soft-yet-firm seat cushion
  • overall good adjustability



  • Mesh back has an unusual design.
  • Not the simplest office chair to put together


A mid-range ergonomic office chair, the SIHOO M90D has an adjustable lumbar support bar to prevent you from placing undue strain on your back and a mesh back to keep you cool. This office chair has several adjustments to accommodate users of various heights and body types.

If you desire the features that more expensive office chairs do without breaking the bank, the SIHOO M90D might be an ideal choice for you.


  1. IKEA Markus



  • 62 × 60 x 129–140 cm in size
  • Seat height: 48–57 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • 110 kg maximum load



  • judging by the quality on provided, reasonably priced
  • A back made of permeable mesh
  • with a ten-year guarantee



  • not many changeable features


The Markus chair from IKEA has existed for a while and is a popular choice for many people who seem to want a high-quality best office chair available without having to spend a fortune.

The Markus doesn’t provide many modifications, at least not in comparison to more expensive ergonomic chairs now available, but it is a durable seat that provides a pleasant upright sitting position, along with a long back and an integrated headrest.

The Markus has height and tilt adjustments, and the back may either be held in place or reclined. The surprising 10-year warranty that comes with this IKEA furniture is a welcome perk in this price range.


  1. Herman Miller Celle



  • Size: 111 x 70 x 75 centimeters
  • Seat height: 39 to 51 centimeters (minimum to maximum)
  • 159 kg maximum load



  • really cozy
  • 12 year guarantee
  • several modifications



  • Some features have a price


Herman Miller has been a well manufacturer of upscale office chairs; however some of its models may cost an arm and a half. We suggest the Celle for individuals who don’t want to pay nearly as much but nonetheless desire a chair for a (relatively) less expensive asking price.

The Celle may be purchased directly from Herman Miller for $725, which is a fair price given the level of craftsmanship on offer.

Numerous modifications are possible, including the armrests as well as lumbar support as well as the tilt tension and seat depth. You will have to pay extra for those two more features. The latter will cost you an additional $45 so at time of writing, but in our opinion, it will be money well spent considering that this is important part of every office chair in which you will spend a lot of time seated in.

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