The Best Budget Gaming PCs for 2022 – Don’t Miss Out!

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Budget Gaming PC

As the gaming industry continues to grow, more and more players are looking to join in on the fun. The downside? A top-of-the-line gaming PC will cost you thousands of dollars, meaning your dream machine might not be so affordable after all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play the newest games – or any games at all! Luckily, there are plenty of budget gaming PCs out there that will get you playing without requiring a lot of money upfront or future upgrades in order to keep up with the latest titles. Here is some of the best budget gaming PCs for 2022!


Acer Predator Orion 3000

Powered by a powerful Core i7-8700K processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card, the Acer Predator Orion 3000 is capable of running anything you throw at it without breaking a sweat. It’s a gaming desktop worth every penny. The price is under $1500 so it will be perfect for anyone looking to save money on a new computer. This budget gaming PC offers high performance while keeping prices low. If you are looking for top gaming desktop without going over your budget, this is a must have item in your wish list!


 HP Omen 25L

Gaming desktops are more common than ever before, with top gaming desktops being so popular that they’ve outpaced the sales of all-in-one and tower models. The HP Omen 25L is a prime example of what can be accomplished with a budget: it features an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, which will keep you playing modern games with little to no lag time. The system also has enough RAM (8GB) and storage space (1TB) to store many favorite games. With Windows 10 preinstalled, this budget gaming PC’s only major flaw is its skimpy keyboard/mouse combo; if you’re looking for something else to go with your new PC, we recommend our high-quality Logitech G Prodigy set ($74). If you’re on a tight budget, or want to purchase something without a mouse or keyboard, look into one of these top gaming desktops as well.


MSI Trident 3 10th

If you’re looking for a gaming computer without breaking the bank, then look no further than the MSI Trident 3 10th. The Trident 3 10th is a powerful yet affordable system that will be able to handle almost any game with ease and flexibility. With 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 2TB hard drive space, this gaming PC also features an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics card. You can also choose from Core i5 or Core i7 processors. There are many customization options available when building your own budget gaming PC, but I would recommend selecting a processor (or one of each) based on what type of games you want to play and how demanding they are. For example, if you want to play highly demanding games like Battlefield V at 60 frames per second, then I would suggest going with Intel’s most powerful Core i9 processor (for example: the Intel Core i9-9900K). It has 16 cores running at 3.6GHz and offers over clocking up to 5.0GHz, so it can definitely take care of anything you throw its way. However, if you’re not into playing FPS games or maybe only have time for casual titles like PUBG Mobile, then I would recommend sticking with Intel’s less expensive Core i3 processor.


HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of power and price, look no further than the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop. It’s capable of powering your gaming needs without breaking the bank with a starting price point of $999. Featuring powerful Intel processors, high-resolution displays and plenty of storage, it’s ideal to get your hands on one before they sell out. So, what are you waiting for? Get your budget gaming PC today!

The HP Pavilion is also a dual-purpose computer, meaning it’s good for gaming, but it can also be used for other tasks. Whether you’re running errands, shopping online or working from home, it’ll help with all of your daily needs. Plus, there are many available upgrades so you can customize its performance to fit your needs. So if power and price are key considerations on your checklist when looking to buy a budget gaming PC, don’t pass up an opportunity to get your hands on one today!


Dell G5

If you’re looking for the best budget gaming PC around, the Dell G5 from Walmart is the answer. Coming in at a price of less than $600, this desktop offers 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5 processor which are perfect for running games smoothly. With more space and horsepower than its competitors, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top gaming desktops available on a budget. It comes with Windows 10 already installed so all you have to do is download your favorite game before taking it home and plugging it in. You can buy accessories such as external hard drives or mouse and keyboard separately but they aren’t necessary if you have them already. For gamers who want a high-end computer without spending too much money, the Dell G5 is an excellent choice. However, those who don’t need a ton of storage space may be better off buying another model that doesn’t come with an SSD drive. There are other models that offer more hard drive space but those cost significantly more than the Dell G5.


Intel Ghost Canyon NUC

For those of you who want the cheapest gaming desktop computer, Intel’s Ghost Canyon NUC might be your best bet. This machine is a barebones kit that lets you choose your own components to tailor it to your specific needs and budget. Plus, it has an incredible VR-ready graphics card and up to 32GB of RAM as standard options, which should give gamers plenty of room to maneuver. Definitely check this one out if you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck! When looking for a budget gaming PC, we would recommend intel Ghost Canyon NUC.


How we test

  1. We benchmark all desktops to find out how fast they are at running games and general tasks.
  2. We get a wide range of experts (from real gamers to editors) to tell us which PC models we should test, what features are most important, and what makes one PC better than another.
  3. We take into account the price of each desktop.
  4. We make sure the list is up-to-date with the latest releases from the big names in gaming computers: AMD, NVIDIA, Intel and more.
  5. Finally, we update this blog post every few months so that you always know about the best budget gaming PC for your money!

If you like PC gaming, but are running out of cash or looking to upgrade from an old laptop, our guide to budget gaming desktops will help you find a powerful machine without breaking your bank. You can get decent hardware that can run most modern games without spending much money. That’s because all of our listed machines under $1000, under $800 and under $600 have at least a quad-core CPU, 8GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card.

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Is it hard to find a good budget gaming PC?

New games are released every month, with graphics that are getting better and better. But just because you want a budget gaming PC doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice high quality graphics. There are many laptops and desktops on the market with great specs but at affordable prices. We’ve narrowed down the best picks in each category to make it easier for you to find the perfect gaming system that won’t break your budget. From top gaming desktops under $800 to cheap laptop computers under $400, we’ve got something for everyone’s budget. We don’t recommend buying any desktop or laptop below these price points, as they’re likely outdated and not worth the money. If you’re looking for the best value, we would suggest HP Pavilion 540-a010nr.

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