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Do you want to take your favorite songs with you wherever you go?

Listen to them without any constraint of advertising or lack of connection and have them at your disposal at any time?

Downloading them on free music download sites to store them directly on your mobiles, smartphones or tablets is a wise choice.

With these few criteria, you will certainly save time when looking for the right platform.

Here are important factors to consider while choosing music download sites to stream songs and download media files free

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A simple user interface

If you type “free music download site” online, you will notice that there are a multitude of choices available with more or less sophisticated interfaces.

Of course, having several features available on the homepage is good, but it can also be distracting.

It is therefore preferable to opt for sites with an interface that is simple to use and effective in searching for the desired work.

Mobile Tubidy search engine is one free music streaming and download site with a very simple user interface.

The platform designer factored the UX and UI of the users in designing minimalist theme that users can navigate around the site and enjoy their stay.

Multi language

Most of the free music download sites on the Web offer several languages to facilitate navigation.

Thus, the use of the platform is easier and opens to the Internet users of the whole world.

As American English has become an international language, you can choose this option generally available to surf freely on the site of your choice if the French language is not integrated.

Varied and categorized content

In order to facilitate searches, free music download sites have set up a system to classify songs according to existing genres (folk, country, word music, RnB, hip-hop, rock, rumba, jazz, etc.).

This way, you don’t need to go through the whole list of songs on the site to find the ones you want to extract and transfer to your devices.

Several download formats

We always tend to use the MP3 and MP4 format when downloading a song or a clip on a site that offers free audio and video music online.

However, there are several equally interesting formats that allow you to save more storage space without sacrificing sound quality.

Let’s mention for example the 3GP format which can be read by older versions of cell phones.

Number of monthly visitors and availability of new releases

This type of information tells you about the popularity of the free music download site you are connecting to.

Indeed, the more visitors there are, the more reliable the site is in terms of security and availability of a wide variety of songs classified by genre. Some sites even allow.

What type of free music download site should I choose?

Do you want to find a good free music download site? In addition to the criteria to choose from, it is also important to know the different types of sites that will help you download your favorite songs easily and legally.

You can choose between a simple online converter, a free download site that can be used with paid software or a free download site with audio and video conversion.

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