Elation EMR Review – Is Elation EMR Right For Your Practice?

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Whether you’re in private practice, a doctor’s office, or a hospital, Elation EMR is a great medical software system that can help you manage your practice. It has a number of great features, including integrated patient charting, appointment scheduling, and medical billing. It can also connect with other medical software.


Despite the popularity of Elation EMR, costs are still a concern for some practices. Fortunately, there are three different pricing plans available.

The “Direct Care” plan is $275 per month. This includes unlimited support and updates. The “Enterprise” plan requires more support. The “Insurance” plan costs $315. Currently, the company is focusing on small and medium size practices.

The company is building a platform that will transform billions of care decisions. It will help primary care clinicians spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks. It will also give physicians a more accurate picture of their costs.

As the healthcare industry continues to move towards value-based payment models, providers are becoming increasingly interested in the power of data. Elation Health’s data can help them develop a robust system that can be used to support the development of these models.

Integrates patient charting, appointment scheduling, and medical billing

Whether you’re a primary care physician or a specialty provider, Elation EMR provides comprehensive solutions that enhance efficiency, increase profitability and help you deliver quality care. Through a web-based application, you can access and share patient data from any device. You can also receive and transmit prescriptions electronically. In addition to providing you with a secure communication platform, the software offers you customizable templates, clinical reminders, and e-prescribing capabilities.

Elation EMR has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. It’s HIPAA-compliant, meaning that you can rest assured that your patients’ medical records are protected. It also includes an intuitive charting feature and compliance tracking.

The Elation EMR features an intuitive three-panel console that allows you to view a complete history of your patient’s medical care. You can also prepare a patient’s clinical profile with a single click. You can save it to your database or share it with other physicians.

Connects with other medical software

Whether you have a small practice or a large medical group, Elation EMR offers you a full set of tools that will make your operations run smoothly. This comprehensive software is HIPAA-compliant and is user-friendly. It allows you to manage all aspects of patient care in one place.

Elation’s EMR connects with other medical software to reduce redundant data entry, streamline workflows and ensure your patients receive the highest quality care possible. Its robust features include customizable charting, document management, E-prescribing and appointment scheduling. It also comes with a fully functional patient portal.

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Elation offers a free trial of its cloud-based EMR. It can serve as a cost-effective solution for small to medium practices. It provides an array of features and is ideal for Pediatric, Geriatric, Family Medicine, Urgent Care and other healthcare providers.

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Supports clinical, operational, and financial performance

Founded in 2010, Elation Health (formerly ElationEMR) is a cloud-based EMR that provides an integrated solution for physicians and healthcare organizations. The company offers a clinical-first approach that focuses on improving clinical, operational, and financial performance.

The company’s solutions help practices deliver personalized care, communicate more effectively, and reduce administrative tasks. They also provide practices with the tools to transition to a value-based payment model. They have worked with a number of healthcare organizations and tech-savvy primary care upstarts.

Elation’s open architecture allows it to support custom solutions for their customers. The software allows practices to create electronic intake forms, manage patient information, and automate billing codes. It is HIPAA compliant and ONC certified.

Elation has an intuitive design that helps users get the most out of their EHR. It offers electronic charting, on-demand access to patient information, and appointment scheduling through a patient portal. The company has also integrated e-faxing and bulk patient messaging.

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