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The iPhone 12 small by Apple is a wonder, fusing state-of-the-art technology and an opulent layout to create a mobile phone that can compete with some of the best smartphones today, all in a more handy shape than you’ll ever expect for merely a flagship device.

Our iPhone 12 mini evaluation won’t change significantly from our assessment of the iPhone 12 despite having a smaller sleek design than top-tier manufacturers, like Apple, have been allowed to do is provide for the last few years.

The iPhone 12 Plus model iPhone 12 Pro Max would provide you a noticeably better experience because of their more powerful engines, bigger batteries, and a host of other enhancements, but if you prefer a smaller iPhone you no longer have to worry about missing out on the best features.

The 6.1-inch LCD Retina Display OLED display on the iPhone 11 is substantially sharper and has a better LCD display overall. You’ll see the benefits in particular while watching content that supports HDR.

When you first hold the iPhone 12 small, its sharp metal edges and Ceramic Shield-protected glass will make you think of the iPhone 4’s time-honored design. It iPhone 12 mini likewise features a luxury design.

Its A14 Bionic processor that drives this phone is not the fastest one for iPhones right now, but it performed practically perfectly throughout all of our testing. Additionally, you have a premium camera setup with twin 12MP rear cameras that are equally as effective as anyone on the iPhone 12.

Iphone 12 mini-2

Additionally, 5G networking technology from the next generation has been included, giving you access to mobile internet at faster rates and with a simpler connection. Although 5G is a terrific technology to adopt for future proofing, it won’t be a transformative experience like most people at launch because it isn’t widely available in many areas.

Although the iPhone 12 small’s battery life falls short of some people’s expectations, 64 gigabytes of storage doesn’t appear to be excessive for a device in 2021. Apple iPhone 12 mini has other flaws besides those mentioned above.

Individuals who have been hankering after a little iPhone that is easy to operate with one hand were the target market for this iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone is available if you need Apple’s full consumer experience in a more transportable form factor. To put it plainly, it is one of the best iPhones.

If you’re searching for a small yet high-end phone, there’s not a lot competing again for iPhone 12 mini, even if you’re loyal to Apple phones.

iPhone 12 mini pricing and availability

  • iPhone 12 small is currently available for purchase worldwide, with pricing starting at $599, £579, and AU$999.
  • Not included with earphones or a charger block

Because the iPhone 13 line has been revealed, earlier versions have been discounted down, and customers can now get an iPhone 12 small for as low as $599/£579/AU$999. The iPhone 12 small initially cost $699/£699/AU$1,199. For the full pricing, see the chart below, however bear in mind that all of these costs have dropped since the product’s inception. This covers 64 gigabytes of storage; additional storage costs more.

To put things in perspective, the starting prices for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are $699, £679, and $1,199, respectively.

Due to Covid-19 epidemic, the release of the iPhone 12 mini was delayed, but it is now available worldwide. In 2020, its iPhone 12 mini first previewed in October before going on sale on November 13.

In third-party retailers, you may occasionally get it for a bit less than the RRP, but because it’s an iPhone, the price has mostly kept steady.

To reduce e-waste, Apple has decided not to provide a charging brick or headphones with the iPhone 12 small. If you don’t have the right charger or a nice pair of headphones, your increase will be greater as you’ll need to spend more for them.

Mini iPhone 12 design

  • A design that looks like the iPhone 4 but has angled edges
  • For several generations, the tiniest iPhone was released.
  • Easily held and operated with one hand

The design of the iPhone 12 mini is its main selling point, and it’s a nice option for people who prefer a smaller iPhone but are frustrated by Apple’s introduction of ever-larger phones.

It is very identical to the iPhone 12 in terms of design, but it has a thinner shell that is easier to grasp. This phone retains a sizable 5.4-inch screen despite being smaller; more on that later.

It is the smallest iPhone to be released in an extremely long time, and that includes the 131.5 64.2 7.4 mm iPhone SE that was unveiled earlier in 2020. It is easy to sneak into a pocket and weighs 135 grams, yet it doesn’t feel cheap. Additionally, it is light without seeming too so.

The iPhone 12 small has flatter corners than previous iPhone generations, which is unrelated to the phone’s size (or lack thereof).

The phone is easy to hold and feels just as high-quality as the other members of the iPhone 12 family. Apple didn’t skimp on the mini’s design in order to decrease the price; you get the same sturdy build and design elements as the other iPhone 12 models, in addition to the metal frame.

That glass on the rear of the phone will not really feel as slippery as the glass on some other smartphones. On the phone’s rear, though, you’ll quickly start to see fingerprints.

The phone’s power button is situated on the right side, and the volume controls and silent switch are on the left. The stereo speaker and charging Lightning port are located on the bottom edge, with grilles on each end of the connector.

You can choose among the colors blue, white, red, greener, and black; the last option is the one that is depicted throughout this review. There are alternatives for people who prefer a bit brighter for their phone, as well as a nice selection of “normal” hues.

The MagSafe system of magnets within the phone’s back, One of the significant cosmetic enhancements is the accessory connector, which enables you to attach a variety of accessories including cases, wireless charging, or a car mount.

Apple currently sells accessories for this, and we’ll undoubtedly see more in the future from both Apple & third parties.

Mini iPhone 12 display

  • Impressive is the new Super Retina OLED technology.
  • Despite speculations about a 120Hz display, the panel has a high 476 per inch resolution.

The screen just on iPhone 12 mini is incredible and one of the best we ever saw on a iPhone. All of the company’s latest iPhones now have Super Retina OLED technology, which is significantly superior to LCD for the first time.

With a 5.4-inch screen, you can easily use the phone with one hand while reaching all corners.

At 1080 x 2340, the resolution is greater than that on the iPhone 11, and the contrast is apparent. The display is smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro the Pro Max; it could be superior because it boasts a resolution of 476 pixels per inch, making it the clearest iPhone display to date. Amazing brightness and a clear, crisp image can be seen.

Additionally, the display is HDR10-ready, so when viewing video that has been encoded using the technique, Both dark or bright areas will have improved clarity. The difference is most noticeable once you’re watching video on websites like Netflix or iTunes, but it also raises the calibre of images and other displays.

High-refresh-rate displays are already a common feature on Android phones, resulting in smoother graphics whether playing games, viewing videos, or scrolling through the Twitter handle.

The 12 mini’s 60Hz display makes scrolling less pleasurable than on some phones with comparable prices. You’ll surely miss it if you’re switching from a smartphone with a quicker refresh rate. We’ve enjoyed seeing this capability on phones we hope Apple will soon implement it, even though you presumably won’t notice otherwise.

Apple Iphone 12 mini Camera

  • 12-megapixel iPhone camera
  • Two 12MP cameras are used in the rear camera, and the 12MP selfie camera performs amazingly well.

Iphone 12 mini-3

On paper, the camera configuration of both the iPhone 12 mini appears to be fairly identical to that of the iPhone 11, but there are significant changes to warrant the next-gen label. Note that this is the exact same camera arrangement as the iPhone 12, so choosing the smaller phone won’t cost you anything.

In addition to a 12MP “normal” wide-angle camera with only an f/1.6 aperture, there is also a 12MP “super duper” camera with a 120 ° field of view. Your enlarged photographs won’t seem as brilliant over an iPhone 12 Pro with Pro Max with either a telephoto sensors as there is no dedicated camera to do the labor-intensive task.

In our testing, Apple’s cameras performed brilliantly, ranking them among the top automatic shooters on the market.

According to Apple, the main advancement over the previous model is low-light performance, mainly because the iPhone 11’s primary camera’s aperture dropped from f/1.8 to f/2.4 specifically for this shot. And sure enough, as you can see in the sample below, the camera suddenly functioned remarkably well in low-light situations.

Performance and specifications for the iPhone 12 mini

  • Features Are using Apple A14 chipset and 4GB of RAM
  • With the choice of 64GB, 128GB, even 256GB of storage, as well as universal 5G connectivity for consumers

Even though iPhone 12 mini is little, it has plenty of power. The A14 Bionic processor found in Apple’s chipset is also used in the other members of iPhone 12 family. Even if it isn’t the newest chipset, it is still strong enough.


Size: 135g

131.5 × 64.2 x 7.4 mm Dimensions 5.4-inch display

2340 x 1080 resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate

476ppi Pixel Density

Processor: Apple A14


Memory: 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB

12MP + 12MP on the back and front cameras

3.7 volt 2227 mAh


This functions exactly as well here like it does on the iPad Air, iPhone 12 , 12 Pro, and other devices. We put the A14 Bionic through its paces with a variety of multitasking activities, and it was able to do all we demanded of it, while running graphically demanding games.

The iPhone 12 small has 4GB of RAM available, and even though it may not appear to be as much as 80 different manufacturers off paper, we discovered that it never lacked for power.

The internal storage for such iPhone 12 small comes in three different sizes: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. If you want more, you’ll need to get an iPhone 12 Pro, which begins at 128GB but extends all the way up with 512GB if you’re a power user.

The truth is that 64GB of storage space on a smart phone isn’t much, and the majority of users will quickly consume it with applications, pictures, music, and other data.

With iOS 14.2 already installed on the iPhone 12 mini, you may access all of the updated functions of Apple’s mobile os, including App Library with start screen widgets.

Since its release, it has received a few small improvements, bringing it, as of this writing, up to iOS 15. SharePlay, Focus, extra emoticons, Apple Health +, ProRaw setting for the camera once more, and App Tracking Visibility are just a few of the new features that are included in this list.

As Apple seems consistent with it’s own software updates, you should anticipate this phone receiving updated information for at least the foreseeable future.

Even Night Mode will struggle if you’re shooting in almost total darkness, but you’ll be amazed at how far the camera can boost the exposures to make a nighttime photo appear to have been taken in the brightness of day.

We found that portrait pictures, where the phone may alter your background to highlight your face by blurring it or filling it in with color, work perfectly on the back camera with none adjustments.

The cameras sometimes feel a bit slow, but that’s presumably because certain shots employ Apple’s Intelligent HDR 3 technology automatically.This makes use of artificial intelligence to recognise different components of the scene you’re capturing and then adjusts the exposure to emphasise particular details or regions.

The inclusion in Dolby Vision HDR is the major difference here, and in our tests when contrasted with the non-HDR clips that took, we found that quality was substantially better, with the video seeming more vivid and detailed.

Another 12MP sensor makes up the front-facing camera, which is more than adequate for selfies & video calls. The 3D depth sensor, which also enables Face ID, does the heavy lifting to provide the excellent quality, while Portrait mode works exceptionally well as a result.

Battery life of the iPhone 12 mini

  • a battery lasts that ought to support one day’s worth of typical use.
  • The battery could suffer if you use it for any longer.

Although Apple hasn’t officially confirmed it, papers from a Brazilian telecom agency indicate that the iPhone 12 mini’s battery is a 2227mAh one. Its battery life has increased over prior handsets, like with the majority of iPhone models, but it still won’t provide you the longest battery life.

Our iPhone 12 mini lasted us a whole day on a single charge, although on rare occasions, after a busy day of use, it would run out of power about 10 o’clock. But even though this was an extremely hectic day, we discovered that on other busy days, the phone would survive until bedtime.

Its iPhone 12 mini has 22% of its battery left at the end of a day with moderate to heavy use. That was with the screen on for four hours and twenty minutes, along with a number of background activities including music playback and alerts.

On other days, we were able to use the phone for more than six hours, but those were often the days when we can’t deal to a mobile station and seldom used the phone outside the house.

While travelling, if you switch between 5G & 4G connectivity, you’ll probably notice a decrease in battery life. Due to lockdown constraints, we discovered that the battery life will decrease more quickly on the days when we were without Wi-Fi, which were few and far between.

Once more, this will provide a good day’s worth on battery life for moderate usage, but if you use your phone constantly every day on phone carriers, you’ll discover that this phone has to be recharged halfway through the day.

Predicated on our testing, Apple’s claims that the iPhone 12 mini’s battery life can support up to 15 hours of streaming video while a iPhone 12 as well as iPhone 11 can only support up to 11 hours are accurate. It also reflects the how battery life between the smaller iPhone 12 mini as well as the greater iPhone 12 differs.

You now receive 20W fast-charging since Apple upgraded its fast-charging technology since the iPhone 11 a touch. What exactly does that mean? The iPhone 12 small was capable of being charged from empty to 60% in under 30 minutes, according to our research.

It’s also vital to remember that Apple supplied an unique charging barrier for this. If you don’t already have this charging block, you’ll need to get one for $19, £19, or AU$29 in order to take full use of these speeds.

There is simply a charging cord included in the packaging since Apple is trying to reduce e-waste. The issue is that cable is USB-C – Lightning, a link that many people who previously owned an iPhone do not have. As a result, it’s possible that you will need to purchase a charger in order to fully utilise wired charging.

That’s the iPhone 12 member of the family that is the slowest. If you really want that top-of-the-line spec, you’ll have to settle with an Apple phone that charges a little more slowly.

If you’ve been using an unlocked phone for several years, you may discover that the iPhone 12 mini has greater battery life than any earlier iPhone, such as an iPhone 8. However, this won’t be a great battery life you have from a smartphone.

For certain power users, this may be irritating because we frequently discovered that the battery would run out just before the completion of a full day (even though it frequently made it near to the whole stretch and just required a fast recharge just prior to the end of day).

Seems to be the iPhone 12 mini worth it?


Get it if…


You desire a compact iPhone

Despite its appearance to be obvious, this phone’s size is its most notable selling point. If you’re going to purchase an iPhone and require a smaller phone without buying the far more recent

iPhone 13 mini, this is the best option for you. It is also one the smallest 5G phones currently on the market..

You’re eager for 5G.

This same iPhone 12 mini is just a fantastic opportunity to use 5G connectivity if you’re eager to do so. Although 5G is in in its infancy at the moment of typing, if you want to be prepared for the increased mobile data speeds of the future, you should get the 12 mini.

You want to purchase an iPhone 12 as cheaply as possible.

Although the iPhone 12 small is the most affordable model in the family, it doesn’t seem like a “cheap” iPhone. If you’re looking for a less expensive members of a iPhone 12, choose this model because the specs and user experience are much better.


If… don’t purchase it


You require Apple to deliver its best.

An iPhone 12 Pro Max is really the undisputed leader in this group of smartphones, so you should go there if you want the highest specifications, top-tier cameras, and outstanding performance. Even though it costs more and is physically larger than the small, some people will find it far more suitable than the latter. Of course, there is also the better iPhone 13 family as an alternative.

High-end wireless charging is required.

If you wish to be able to wirelessly charge your phone without using a cable rapidly, apple iPhone 12 mini’s charger is slower that of the other smartphones in the company’s line.

You want to get an inexpensive phone.

The iPhone 12 small is the most affordable model in the family of iPhone 12, however if you’re looking for a genuinely inexpensive gadget, we suggest choosing an earlier iPhone model or one made by an Android company. Some folks may find that inexpensive smartphones such as iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR are more suitable than this one.

Iphone 12 mini-4

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