Best Oculus Quest 2 games 2022: a guide to wireless VR gaming and Oculus Link titles

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Searching for the top Oculus Quest 2 titles available? You’re in the correct spot, I suppose.

Even though the VR headset’s name has changed to Meta Quest 2 and its price has increased, it still includes a ton of fantastic games that we know you’ll want to download and play.

However, VR’s undiscovered gems aren’t as as well-known as several of gaming’s other great blockbusters, so we’re here to help and have listed some of our favourites below.

We’ve chosen a lot of games from the Quest’s 2 shops as well as several PC games that demonstrate the potential of tethered virtual reality.

Top Oculus Quest 2 titles

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is almost probably familiar to everyone interested in VR gaming, and you should trust the buzz. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s like Guitar Hero crossed with Star Wars. As a song plays, blocks fly your way, and you must slice them with the two lightsabers you hold while avoiding other obstacles.

It’s a terrific method to introduce novice players to virtual reality (VR) at easier levels, while more seasoned players will enjoy the challenge provided by levels on “Hard” or “Expert” mode. If you persist, you’ll ultimately reach a “flow state” in which your arms work independently of your thoughts. Suddenly, you’re slashing through obstacles like Luke Skywalker would have done if he had joined Pendulum as a drummer rather than a Jedi.

The Electronic Mixtape DLC pack was the most latest to be introduced. Not only does it have some incredible EDM songs, but it also has some of Beat Saber’s most challenging and best-looking courses to yet.

Furthermore, Beat Saber will now included with each Oculus Quest 2 headsets when the VR device’s price was raised in August 2022.

Half-Life: Alyx

If you own gaming PC, you may play Half-Life: Alyx through Valve Virtual reality technology with one special Oculus Link connection if it is only available on Steam.

One of the greatest VR games currently available is Alyx, and it is simple to understand why. If you’ve played the classic Half-Life games, your know how heavily the gameplay depends on intricate physics, and Alyx takes full use of this owing to the incredible VR technology it employs.

There isn’t a better VR game available, thanks to Half-Life: Alyx’s insanely entertaining gameplay, which include dragging objects towards you via a gravity gear, hurling bottles at defenseless guards, and the game’s general great gunplay.

I Expect You To Die 2

The ideal James Bond simulator, I Expect You To Die 2, puts you in the role of a proper global superspy on a quest to take down an illicit organisation despite the many obstacles in your path.

You’ll have to outwit villains throughout an escape room-like adventure as you avoid setting off hazardous gas at a secret base, deflect concealed lasers fitted in a private aircraft, and fix an elevator so you can get to the criminal mastermind while their scheme is put into action.

I Expect You To Die 2 offers a wonderful blend of epic adventure, humour, and riddles that will make you feel equally smart and foolish. It has endearing characters, including Wil Wheaton’s excellent voice acting, and a spy-cliché laden tale.

Journey of the gods

One of the greatest Oculus Quest 2 videogames to simulate playing The Legend of Zelda via virtual reality is this one. gods uses creative use of perspective as you go through its expansive but linear stages, with an appealing cell-shaded graphic style which brings its enormous and horrific bosses to life.

A big play area is helpful for physically dodging missiles or turning to face attackers with your sword or shield while you’re being encircled. The crossbow, that is manually reload using a hand crank but rewards precise judgment of time and distance. is the most enjoyable weapon in the game.

Jurassic Park Aftermath

While there are many amazing VR experiences, there is something particularly wonderful about being able to lose yourself in an universe and a series that you have long admired (decades even). Because of this, we heartily endorse the narrative that follows these same events of Jurassic World, Jurassic Park Aftermath. This is a survivalist adventure; therefore it should come as no surprise that you have to find out important facts while dodging lethal Velociraptors. To survive, you’ll need to solve riddles, navigate the environment, and hide a lot.

Lone Echo and Lone Echo 2

Lone Echo’s follow-up The Oculus Rift games Lone Echo 2 are made exclusively to be played on your PC with the Oculus Rift gear. However, you may play these incredible space adventurers on your Quest and Quest 2 as well by utilising the Link connection or Air Link.

The feeling of floating and through worlds by pushing yourself, gripping and climbing, while pulling through zero-G zones is absolutely unique, and the degree of graphical detail is amazing. These are by no ways the first virtual reality (VR) games to place you in space; a number of spacecraft fighter simulations have already tried it.

They can certainly cause some motion sickness, so we advise playing the free Echo Vr experience to get a sense for the movement initially. To avoid having to miss out on one of the finest Oculus Quest 2 games, we have compiled a list of general tips for preventing VR sickness.


The successor, Moss: Book 2, has already been revealed via Oculus Quest 2. Moss has been a huge smash, first on PSVR and then on Oculus Quest. This adorable third-person adventure, created by veteran Bungie developers, is not to be missed since it applies virtual reality technology to a fantasy setting.

You control Quill, a daring mouse on a mission to save her family from a serpent whose rage has toppled their empire. Far from being a novelty, Moss makes smart use of virtual reality to let you control the environment, direct Quill across stages, solve environmental riddles, and engage in fight with adversaries.


If you’ve experienced Marvel’s Spider-Man here on PlayStation, you’ll be familiar with how liberating and enjoyable it is to fly over buildings while firing fresh webs as you drop. The new Oculus Quest videogame Resist, which places you in a pivotal position fighting against a wicked, technologically advanced dictatorship, allows you to now have a very comparable experience in virtual reality.

However, this RPG offers much more than merely soaring around the neighbourhoods. There is a deep narrative, the opportunity to explore Sanctuary, tactile puzzles, a tonne of side missions, and much more all encased in a fantastic sci-fi style.

If you are prone to motion nausea brought on by VR, proceed cautiously with this. We unexpectedly felt great swinging between buildings, but as soon as we started zipping along a zip line, we started to feel nauseated. Change those settings as soon as possible. There are several that does make the place a bit more comfortable.

Robo Recall

Few people, if any, even outside Drifter, the firm chosen by Robo Recall’s original creator Epic to translate the game to the Quest, anticipated that Unplugged would play almost exactly like the comprehensive Oculus Rift edition that was released in 2017.

The funny VR wave shooter is perhaps considerably more thrilling because of the Quest’s 360-degree flexibility, despite its apparent graphics downgrades. On the Rift, it was difficult to teleport behind errant bots, grab them by both the jaw, and twist them around to fling them towards approaching foes without running the danger of significant ankle damage.

Going for such a high score is made much more pleasurable by the foregoing factors combined with Unplugged’s steady frame rate. It seems like you’re competing in the Robo-recalling Olympics, from ducking (and deflecting) incoming gunfire to employing crawlers as improvised rocket launchers.

Room VR: A Dark Matter

Room VR: The Dark Matter comes for you if you’re sick of intense VR games or VR games with lots of colour. Early in 2020, Fireproof Games will release Room VR: The Dark Matter for such Oculus Quest but also Oculus Quest 2 headsets. However, many previous Room games have been accessible for some time on other systems.

Since escape rooms are enjoyable to encounter in first-person and this game combines mystery and perplexing, it is simple to understand why Room ranks among the best video games using Oculus Quest 2.

This game’s graphics and imagery are simply amazing. Lovers of the occult, Old Egypt, Lovecraftian horror, and early 20th century detective novels are in for a wonderful treat, but we cannot afford to give too much away because the game is best kept veiled in mystery.

It’s important to note that Room VR’s transitions are excellent for anyone who are susceptible to motion sickness. More seamlessly than in other games, there is a slow fade in there and fade out.

Superhot VR

Since its inauspicious origins as a web tech demo in 2013, Superhot had come a long way. On the Quest, the first-person shooter fits in perfectly since there, adversaries flank you on all sides to make use of all the 360-degree tracking.

When you move, time slows down, giving Superhot VR the freedom of a larger play area. You’ll need every bit of cover as the intensity increases as you smash faceless adversaries with weapons, shurikens, and most gratifyingly – your clinched fists while dodging incoming fire in bullet-time fashion.

Vader Immortal

This Star Wars game that, at least in virtual reality, allows you to finally have a genuine lightsaber. A brief, episodic, three-part tale called Vader Immortal is not very noteworthy. However, the gameplay, which allows you to use the force to destroy objects, activate Darth Vader’s controls both physically and electronically, and swing a lightsaber around, makes for a really valuable and pleasurable experience.

Dizziness is a major problem with many VR games, although it largely affects games that need you to move around using an analogue stick. Vader Immortal, but from the other hand, allows you to travel by choosing a location and teleporting somewhere, with a very brief fade-to-black to signify the journey. As a result, motion sickness is minimised to an absolute minimum.

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