HBO Max Free Trial: Is There One Available in 2022?

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HBO Max Free Trial

If you’re looking to watch HBO shows, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the new streaming service, HBO Max . However, if you haven’t yet signed up for the HBO Max free trial, then your options are limited at least for now. In this article, we’ll break down the various ways that you can get started with the HBO Max free trial, or at least get access to some HBO shows without signing up right away. You might find that it’s not as challenging as you thought!


Why you might want HBO Max

Some cable channels have struggled to compete with the prevalence of streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu. HBO Max is a streaming service that features programming from HBO and other sources. The new streaming service can be accessed on multiple devices (TV, computers, and mobile phones), so users will never miss their favorite show. Users who want to give it a try can sign up for the free trial and cancel within the first five days to avoid being charged for an extended subscription period. Will there be a way to get the HBO Max free trial in 2022? Unfortunately, at this time its unclear if there will be any plans for a free trial or not. If you’re interested in signing up, keep checking back here and we’ll let you know what happens! You may be wondering why you should take advantage of the HBO Max free trial.

One reason is that it comes with no obligations. Once you sign up, you can change your mind and cancel your account without being penalized; just make sure to do so before the fifth day.


How to get an HBO Max free trial today

It’s hard to know how long you’ll be able to sign up for an HBO Max free trial since the service won’t launch until 2020. You can try asking them on Twitter, where they might post a link to register for a free trial. Otherwise, you may have to wait another year and just read about it for now. The service will not launch until 2020 so it is hard to say if there will be one available before that time. If not, then hopefully the company will announce when their trials will start at some point during their unveiling of the new platform. Maybe they’ll offer trials or people who sign up early get something like an HBO gift card. All we know is HBO Max free trial are coming but we don’t know when yet! It’s anyone guess whether or not there will be a free trial available in 2022.

Some speculate that HBO Max may release a trailer with more information including this important detail (maybe not). Others believe that since the launch date has been announced and available for many months now, the next time a trailer is released, it should include info about free trials. Hopefully those who have had enough waiting around will receive more information from HBO soon (available in 2022?).


Where can I watch the 2020 Winter Olympics with a MAX subscription?

To watch the 2020 Winter Olympics on HBO Max, you’ll need to wait for it to become available in 2022. However, if you want to catch some of the Winter Olympics highlights before then, HBO Max offers a ‘Winter Sports Tonight’ highlights show that airs Mondays at 8pm EST. The ‘Winter Sports Tonight’ will also air every day leading up to the Olympics with four segments that offer a peak into Olympic events coming soon. For example, Tuesday’s episode includes interviews with ice skating champions Katerina Witt and Kurt Browning. It should be noted that this show is not an alternative to watching the games live, but rather as a preview ahead of time. So if you’re looking for an alternative way to keep up with all the winter sports action or just happen to have another subscription already, there are plenty of ways to follow your favorite athletes.

You can sign up for NBC Gold for $5/month or CBS All Access for $6/month or even follow various athletes on their social media channels. – HBO Max free trial: HBO Max has announced plans to provide subscribers with a 30-day free trial period beginning September 9th, so you could get the chance to try out HBO Max for yourself! – If you decide after the 30 days are up that HBO MAX isn’t right for you, cancelling is easy and straightforward.


Can I cancel my MAX subscription when the free trial ends?

Yes, you can cancel your MAX subscription when the free trial ends. HBO Max offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You may be billed right away for the first month’s rate or you may be billed a few days before your next monthly billing date. The day of your cancellation is counted as one of those days and so if you want to make sure that HBO Max will not charge your account, we recommend cancelling at least two business days before your account’s next monthly billing date. You can also change the due date on an existing plan during this time period. To do so, please go to the My Account page and click Update my Plan. If you have questions about HBO Max free trial or need any assistance with your HBO Max subscription, please contact HBO customer service at 1-866-965-3262 (Monday – Friday from 9am – 10pm EST).


How many devices can I stream on with an HBO MAX account?

Currently, HBO MAX only has a single-stream offering, which limits the number of simultaneous streams to one. Additionally, you cannot use an HBO MAX account to stream on multiple devices at the same time. HBO MAX has also released support for streaming on Roku and Apple TV using AirPlay and Chrome cast with Google cast coming soon. What if I’m not sure about HBO Max or want to try it out before committing to a full year? We can sign up for HBO Max free trial where we can watch all content available on HBO MAX including many new releases as well as full seasons of returning series such as Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies.


What if I already have an Amazon Prime or Hulu account, do I need another subscription too?

Yes, you will need to sign up for HBO Max before the trial ends. For the free trial, you can sign up and then cancel the subscription if you find that it’s not a good fit for your life. If you’re wondering whether you can share your Prime or Hulu account with a friend or family member, the answer is no. In order to be eligible for the free trial, you’ll need an HBO Max account.

What do I get when I subscribe?: The standard $9.99 per month plan offers access to all content on the platform without ads, as well as 4K resolution streaming of TV series, movies and documentaries across all devices. HBO Max also has $14.99 per month plans which offer HBO Cinemax benefits as well, but come with ad-breaks throughout programming. HBO Max free trial users who take advantage of the lower monthly price will have to watch out for ads though.


What are some other ways to watch Game of Thrones without cable TV?

There are a number of ways to watch Game of Thrones without cable TV that you can use while you wait for HBO Max to release. You can download the HBO Go app and watch through your cable provider, subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu and pay $14.99/month (this also includes limited live TV), or download iTunes and purchase episodes for $2.99 each. HBO is not releasing HBO Max free trial, but they do have a new HBO Now package coming out which will cost $14.99/month with access to all content on HBO and Cinemax including movies, shows, documentaries, and specials.

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Conclusion – Start a 30-day FREE Trial Today!

But, as of yet, there is no way to sign up for HBO Max. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get access to a free trial, just not now. HBO offers a 30-day free trial for customers who have never subscribed to the network before. As well as those who want to subscribe but don’t want to commit for the long term. It’s worth mentioning that, if you’re an Amazon Prime member with an annual membership, then the network is included with your purchase.

So far, there has been no official word on when or how we will be able to subscribe to HBO Max. However, it seems like they are following the same business model that Netflix did when it first came out – free trial periods only available to new subscribers and some with annual memberships. HBO also operates this way for HBO Now, which is their own standalone streaming service. If HBO Max follows suit, then 2020 would be the earliest date where any kind of HBO Max free trial could be possible.

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