Best TV 2022: our top 10 smart TVs

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The finest TVs of 2022 are the ultimate height of just what smart TV innovation is capable of. They include a ton of powerful features, such as compatibility for HDMI 2.1 & VRR for a large number of most recent gaming PCs & consoles, vivid panels, as well as bright HDR.


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This LG C2 OLED takes back the top place on the list of something like the finest TVs in 2022 despite falling a few points in 2021. That’s because LG upgraded this year’s version in comparison towards the LG C1 OLED in a number of ways.

A newer Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor, which would be intended to provide greater item enhancements & variable tone mappings than just its predecessor, is among the upgrades for 2022. Additionally, you receive “virtual surround sound” as a result of the TV’s up scaling of stereo information into 7.1.2-channel audio. The sound performance is decent for a flat screen TV, and there are a variety of sound modes available, so you’ll be able to locate a sound configuration that meets your needs even though we weren’t impressed by the boasts of virtual surround sound.

The PS5, Xbox Series X, & Xbox Series S are the ideal partners for the C2 OLED because in additional to these upgrades, it brings over the four distinct HDMI 2.1 connectors from of the C1 OLED.

However the LG C2 isn’t perfect. Comparatively to the latest QD-OLED models, off-axis color saturation does somewhat decrease when you travel to the left or right of screen, as well as LG doesn’t handle either IMAX Enhanced or HDR10+ formats.

Although Samsung QN900B, which delivers 8K resolution, as well as the newly improved LG G2 OLED, which has a marginally greater peak brightness, are two better resolution flat screen TVs available at the moment, however for the money, this is the very finest TV you’ll be able to get in 2022.

TCL 6 Series with Mini LED

Many were surprised to see how the TCL 6-Series 2020 QLED (R635) will utilize Mini LED. This is why the high-end 8-Series, which cost a lot of money more than just the incredibly inexpensive 6-Series, received the very same tech only a year earlier.

Due to its restricted brightness & bad movement handling, it’s not really the all-encompassing LED-LCD we had hoped it’d be, but this is still a fantastic deal which we would strongly suggest to almost everyone.

The 6-Series is much more vibrant, brighter, & free of even the slightest indication of haloing and light leakage. In addition to being the first TV featuring THX Certified Game Mode for 1440p/120Hz gaming, it is constructed in a novel way to conceal your cords.

This really is the greatest smart TV (as well as unquestionably the best TCL TV) that we’d suggest for you if you’re purchasing a TV to binge Netflix, stream Hulu, or, well, essentially just appreciate your spectator experience. That’s not precisely the flatscreen TV we’d suggest to next-gen-ready gamers having to look for a flawless partner for the Xbox Series X or PS5 that really can move 4K at 120fps, though.

Vizio H-1 OLED TV

The H1 model of Vizio’s OLED TV from last year is a less expensive option to more expensive displays that LG & Sony have already been making recently. The Vizio OLED is an excellent option for people on a budget because it has many of the same essential features & substantially effective measure to other OLEDs.

Of course, it is important to note right away that the Vizio OLED offers both a number of significant benefits & a few drawbacks as just an OLED panel. With OLED, the additional advantages include outstanding contrast & broader viewing angles, which are features that the majority of people can enjoy. In the previous category, we offer great black levels and a incredibly thin chassis. The drawback is that OLEDs generally don’t have the same level of brightness as LED-LCDs, plus Vizio’s OLED in specific is less bright than most.

The Vizio SmartCast platform, which would be lacking a few essential apps & might be a little laggy after starting, exacerbates the issues with this flat screen TV. We believe that perhaps the Vizio OLED’s up scaling isn’t quite as effective as LG’s or Sony’s up scaling algorithms since we frequently saw a thick grain on HD sources.

After taking everything into account, what’s left is indeed an excellent cost OLED that performs well with 4K HDR video but struggles a little with HD up scaling.

Samsung QN900B

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Some people might think 8K is indeed a bit excessive, however the Samsung QN900B Neo QLED 8K TV is without a doubt performing at a higher level. In a package that really is unsurpassed in terms of style, Samsung’s QN900B Neo QLED 8K TV with Mini LEDs provides breathtaking image quality, amazing color & brilliance, great audio, as well as outstanding blacks.

For those who don’t know, Samsung’s “Quantum” Mini LEDs are 1/40th the diameter of a standard LED, enabling for considerably tighter packing of lots of smaller LEDs, resulting in much more precise dimming zones & nearly identical black levels as OLEDs.

This act of just seeing brilliant regions of the screen artificially flow across into dark spots ought to be significantly decreased or not seen at all since the LEDs are much smaller, which allows them to achieve much greater accuracy and far less blooming. Additionally, the QN900A routinely produces photos that seem better than original source due to its utilization of Samsung’s Multi-Intelligence AI upscaling.

Then why is it ranked third all of the way down? Samsung’s new Smart Hub UI will be available on all of its supermodels within the 2022 TV lineup. A Google TV-inspired home display that’s the focal point of the completely redesigned layout is filled with entertainment suggestions from your different streaming memberships & applications.

Regrettably, the switch to a full-screen jam-packed home menu causes considerable annoyance. You can no longer rapidly shift settings as well as viewing ways on the fly; instead, you must stop what it is you’re playing or watching whenever the home screen appears, just go to a sidebar menu, & then scroll to the bottom to a different options menu to carry out actions that have been previously accessible with a few buttons to press.


If you don’t care about cost & just need the greatest TV you can get at whatever price level, the LG G2 OLED is what really need. Almost each frame from whatever sources you choose to mention looks even more exquisite on the OLED65G2 than it did on just about any LG OLED previously thanks to its increased brightness.

The G2 OLED does have the same “Gallery” design as its GX and G1 forerunners, but it looks entirely different. Instead of a dark frame as well as chamfered edges, there is a clever two-layer influence for which a slim black rear “slab” sits proud of & mildly narrower than a bulkier front tier housing a screen, which is covered in a very attractive as well as opulent looking metallic silver coat.

The connectors on the G2 OLED are of unmatched quality. Particularly, its 4 HDMI ports can all handle the full 48Gbps of data that the HDMI 2.1 specification allows. Hardcore video gamers might therefore connect an Xbox Series X, a PS5, as well as a state-of-the-art PC graphics setup concurrently to experience full-fat 4K at 120Hz, higher refresh rates, & automated low latency modes changing from each of them. That and the fact that you’ll always have a HDMI available to connect a 4K Blu-ray player or streaming device.

The effect of the additional brilliance the heatsink unlocks is immediately apparent to anybody who is experienced with LG’s OLED TVs from the last several years: the additional brightness gives colors greater volume & punch, whether you’re speaking about a highly brilliant, rich tone or a subtle, mild one.

The final outcome is an OLED TV that is so exceptional that this just barely escapes taking the top position on our list due to its cost, which is a bit beyond of the grasp of the typical TV viewer. Nevertheless, cinephiles should certainly invest.

Sony X90J

We have very little doubt that perhaps the newest Sony X90J is among the greatest TVs available for gaming.

It boasts exceptional picture quality partly because of an unique Cognitive XR processor that Sony’s best 2021 TVs are equipped with. This processor allows for superb upscaling & contrast adjustment. The X90J also has Google TV, a revolutionary smart platform that allows for simple setup, broad app compatibility, & indeed the advantages of Google Cast via Android smartphones. Dolby Vision HDR & Dolby Atmos sound are also included.

The X90J boasts 2 full spec HDMI 2.1 connectors for both Xbox Series X & PS5, a 120Hz screen with 4K resolution, & VRR as well as ALLM to greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Simply make sure you go to the image settings & choose “Enhanced format” for your chosen HDMI port in order to take use of its 2.1 specifications.

There still are some unresolved concerns, such as average off-axis vision & difficulties in bright sunlight; for a slight price increase, the X95J model’s abilities will undoubtedly surpass those of the X90J. However, the Sony X90J manages to give excellent performance at a fair price.

Sony A90J

This Sony A90J OLED TV succeeds in becoming an appealing TV selection for hardcore home cinema aficionados by fusing Sony’s superior OLED picture quality with a direct & strong audio system.

The top-tier Cognitive Processor XR from Sony, the Pixel Contrast Booster from Sony (for brighter visual highlights), as well as a newer OLED variant of the X-Motion Clarity function that Sony first created because of its FALD LCD smart TVs are all included in this device.

The 2 subwoofer bass system as well as the Acoustic Auto Tuning system, which can adjust the TV’s audio to your space with only a few fast test pulses, is added to Sony’s standard Acoustic Surface Audio system, which literally “excites” the TV’s display into making sound.

The outcomes are just stunning. Although the new A95K QD-OLED might surpass this set, it is now the finest TV to purchase with in Sony lineup.

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED

Among the first 4K displays to employ the company’s hyped-up Neo QLED panels, which have more light emission diodes every square inch over previous generations, was indeed the Samsung QN90A in 2021. The end effect is a TV that really is brighter than ever before, if that is at all conceivable with Samsung, as well as one which can showcase a rich variety of colors.

All Neo QLED TVs include the more advanced Neo Quantum Processor 4K, that employs a neural network to evaluate pictures for improved HD upscaling & Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ for improved motion handling. This has truly paid off for Samsung’s flagship display.

The minor wobbling of the pedestal base or even the shockingly poor sound quality, which is not appropriate for a premium 4K TV, are 2 looming difficulties this year which we simply cannot ignore. Dolby Vision still isn’t supported, thus HDR10 on Netflix & HDR10+ elsewhere are your only options.

Hisense H8G Quantum

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At individuals who want to buy a smart TV for a reasonable price & receive a lot in return, the Hisense H8G Quantum Series is indeed a fantastic option.

A 65-inch Hisense H8G is an exceptional bargain at around $700 after a significant reduction in price out of its initial RRP. However, you won’t have to settle for a subpar set because the applications are simple to locate & utilize, Google Assistant compatibility is well-implemented, as well as the technical specifications are on par with many more expensive models. Despite a reduction in brightness relative to comparable QLED models, motion is delightfully fluid as well as the display performs well in HD & 4K content.

Overall design of such a set isn’t particularly inspirational, & you won’t receive the same level of better experience as most other items on this list. But the Hisense H8G Quantum Series does provide for the cost.

Samsung the Frame (2021)

The need for our TV sets to integrate into our environment is increasing as TVs get larger and larger. For a number of years, Samsung has already been setting the pace with its The Frame TV sets, however starting in 2021, its range will finally match the very finest that Samsung has had to offer.

This Frame TV for 2021 is a practical as well as a stylish addition to the home, presenting pieces of art when in standby mode & having a customized frame that makes it perfect for wall installation.

This Frame TV from Samsung has a Dual LED lighting system, which combines 2 different color temperatures to extract the finest possible visual from its Quantum Dot filtering array. As we’ve grown to anticipate about QLED technology, customers can anticipate incredibly rich coolers from device. Although OLED panels won’t be affected, the black levels remain deep & convincing, as well as the backlights strong performance ensures that no area of the screen seems washed out due to light leak.

This Frame TV is the ideal 2nd room TV because of its mixture of excellent picture quality & size to fit in with environment where a huge TV screen may otherwise be unattractive, even if it is offered in enormous sizes of such a similar standard.

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