Best PC games 2022: the must-play titles you don’t want to miss

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Because there are so many high-quality gaming laptops & PCs available, you can get yourself hands on the finest PC games to come out in the previous ten or so years.

The PS5 as well as Xbox Series X are now on level with PC gaming thanks to this. Playing some of the most popular games is also really simple thanks to cloud services such Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which don’t require a lot of pricey gear or take up space on the hard drive.

Because PC graphics cards offer technological advantages over console graphics cards in some situations, playing video games on a PC can be superior than playing on the most recent consoles. The top PC games can operate at higher framerates as well, providing a fluid gaming experience free of latency and delay. Gaming displays, especially ultra-wide models, may also elevate the PC game experience to a whole new degree of immersion that is only matched by virtual reality.

Whether you have a great PC gaming setup already or are just looking into PC gaming options, we’ve selected the best PC games currently on the market for you to peruse. Although not every title on our list may be the ideal fit for you, you can still be sure that it has something for everyone.

Best new PC games


The protagonist of Silt, a peculiar underwater puzzle-adventure game, is a lone deep diver who is looking for answers in the dark ocean depths. The imaginative game Silt, developed by Spiral Circus Games and published by Fireshine Games, brilliantly captures the emotions of wonder and horror.

Its darkly ambient gameplay has been improved due to its being a single-player game. If you’re looking for a platform puzzler with a more methodical story delivery and mechanics that keep everything seeming fresh until the very end, this game is worth buying.

Silt’s stunning and ominous black and white visuals set it apart from most games in the category. In a subtle yet powerful way, the contrast among light and dark components contributes to the mood.


  1. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the only topic that everyone truly discusses these days, and for good cause. The newest torture simulator by FromSoftware includes all of the characteristics of a Souls-like, but it has been broadened in to open setting with a story created by George R.R. Martin, so you know it doesn’t hold back.

FromSoftware was working on a patch to fix several performance issues with the PC edition of the game. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest games the company has ever released, but not the best, despite these drawbacks.


  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is ageing just like fine wine. It still ranks as one of the most outstanding open world games ever made, fusing Grand Theft V’s incredible depth with Skyrim’s shamelessly vast scale.

Not only is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt one of the best PC games of 2022 and among the best open-world games on the platform, but it’s also astonishing, magnificent, and a time-consuming bore – in a good way. Possibly one of the best video games ever produced.

  1. Ghostrunner

In the this post-apocalyptic dystopian game, extreme violence and rapid action collide. This FPP is intense, thrilling, and you’ll probably lose several times attempting to defeat it. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

You scale the tower using platforms and katanas to cause mayhem in order to get revenge on a harsh tyrant in the game, which is set in the fictional Dharma Tower, which serves as humanity’s final hope. You accomplish this by cutting up your foes, evading shots, and using a variety of special powers to get farther up the corporate ladder. Just playing this sort of game will make you feel out of breath. You’re in after a treat if that game seems like your style.


  1. Dying Light 2

The Dying Light series has managed to keep things fresh in an expansive zombie game with its fast-paced action gameplay and its day cycle, so when zombies go from being slow and plodding to extremely aggressive and far more threatening.

Along with traversing a territory that is 4 times larger than the original game, Dying Light 2 gives you the freedom to make choices that basically change the game’s atmosphere. That could even make some parts of the map accessible, depending on your choice.

  1. Hades

The positive response to Pyre, Transistor, or Bastion helped Supergiant Games establish a name for themselves. Fans of a studio may now add Hades to the pantheon of the company’s outstanding games.

This dungeon crawling roguelike game has a few fresh features in its sleeve. Additionally, dying inside the game doesn’t reset you at the previous checkpoint and you may romance select people for added perks. You may restart after you pass away, but you don’t start again. With each further death, you have the option to enhance your character and weaponry to increase your chances of escape.


  1. god of War

Since 2005, there has been a god of War television series. Although the series has seen numerous instalments over the years, something from 2018 has given it fresh life. This may be because it takes place in a different setting—you are no longer roaming a hellish version of Greece—or because Kratos is now travelling with a friend.

In this formerly Playstation-exclusive game, you take on the role of Kratos, the demigod who defeated almost the whole Greek pantheon inside the previous titles, because he and his son make their way to the mountain’s summit to scatter his late wife’s ashes. The mythological setting is based on Norse mythology. You will undoubtedly have to engage in combat with a variety of monsters and gods along the route as this is a god of War game.


  1. Deathloop

You no longer need to worry how Groundhog Day might seem in a video game. The first-person shooter gets a fun little twist with the some extra strategy in Deathloop, from the creators of the Dishonored video game series.

You take on the role of Colt in this gorgeous game, who is trapped on an island inside a flashback sequence with a competing assassin. You have till the end of the day to kill eight opponents in order to stop the loop; else, you must restart. But as each day starts over, you’ll discover what succeeds and what doesn’t, altering your playstyle and becoming familiar with the surroundings until you discover the most effective approach to end the cycle.


  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

It won’t take you long to discover why Microsoft Flight Sim is a labou of love, beyond its flawless visuals and superb peripheral compatibility. Here, there is a lot of attention to detail as well as a degree of immersion and realism that you won’t find anywhere else.

Such that even if you don’t like flight simulators, you should start using them. However, that also implies that not everyone will enjoy this game. However, if you’re a fan of flight simulators or you enjoy flying, you’ll enjoy the ability to pilot famous cars in even the most stunning yet hazardous environments on earth.


  1. Hitman 3

Another stunning instalment that demonstrates what makes this games so distinctive, Hitman 3 brings the rebooted trilogy to a close. While it doesn’t completely reinvent the gameplay, it does add six new areas and finish the plot that was started in Hitman in 2016. The maps in Hitman 3 will transport you to many locations throughout the world.

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never played Hitman’s gameplay. As Agent 47, your role as a cool-headed hitman with the ability to roam over expansive areas like an English estate while silently and covertly seeking and eliminating targets is presented to you. This edition, along with the previous ones, has the type of replayability you don’t see in other games since you may play the same map numerous times to discover new ways or different plot pathways to wipe out your targets.


  1. Death Stranding

You’re in for a surprise if the mention of Death Stranding caught your eye because of Norman Reedus. The fact that this game has well-known actors like Mads Mikkelsen as well as Léa Seydoux associated with it, however, is not the only reason why it is attracting so much interest.

In order to carry vital goods, you boldly travel through a post-apocalyptic United States as porter Sam Bridges while avoiding terrorists, thieves, and terrifying monsters known as Beached Things. The wonderful plot, which may be similar to the present epidemic, the enjoyable quests, the excellent gameplay, and the stunning music and visuals of this prize action game make it a delight for all of the senses as well.


  1. The Legendary Edition of Mass Effect

Mass Effect Legendary Version is not really a brand-new game in the traditional sense, but it does receive certain upgrades and bonus features that make it one of the most thrilling game series ever worth playing again. For a more smooth experience, there have also been various technical and gameplay upgrades.

This is the ideal opportunity to learn about Commander Shepherd or the huge ME world if you have never done so. In addition to transporting you over several planets and worlds, this epic space story also battles you against a variety of foes.


  1. The second Red Dead Redemption

The newest game from Rockstar Games became popular right away after release. The gripping western Red Dead Redemption 2 follows Arthur Morgan but also his gang as they struggle to live in a made-up Wild West while on the run. The game, however, is an exception.

RDR2 has become one of those videogames that you can easily invest 50+ hrs into with plenty to do, whether it’s wandering in the plot, completing every side mission to its end, or just building a relationship with your horse. Both the gameplay and the visuals are stunning.


  1. Doom: Eternal

Every aspect of Doom (2016)’s remastered version is amplified in Doom Eternal. The game is aggressive, graphically and acoustically overpowering, and it feels precisely as a Doom-inspired fever dream should.

You journey into hell to fight a variety about never demons and regain an overrun earth in this fluid first-person shooter. Depending on the demon you’re battling, replenishing your health occasionally necessitates very literally tearing beasts apart, so you may need to get creative using your weapon selection.


  1. Half-Life: Alyx

Half Life 3 has been awaited for the longest and most intensely of all games. While you’ll have to wait a bit for it, Valve have given us Half-Life: Alyx, which may be the most persuasive argument in favor of purchasing a VR headset.

Five years have passed since Half-Life: Alyx and Half-Life 2. The protagonist’s father has to be rescued, but the mission quickly turns into an attempt to capture a superweapon from alien rulers. This prequel is just a wonderful return to the Half-Life universe that has been well lauded for its excellence, with its engaging puzzles, thoughtful combat, and amazing plot.


  1. Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft’s racing franchise only improves with each new sequel, and in many ways, this spin-off has overtaken the original Forza Motorsport franchise as the best racing PC games available right now. They undoubtedly provide more fun, adding a dash of arcade energy to the gorgeously drawn cars and race tracks we’ve come to expect from Forza.

Forza Horizon 4 without a doubt one of the best PC games currently available. The race is set in the United Kingdom this time around after the franchise’s first 3 entries took the action to America, France, Italy, & Australia. Now, you can travel quickly through sleepy towns, seaside communities, and Edinburgh’s city via miles of dirt roads and back roads.

  1. Nioh 2

Nioh 2 should definitely be the next game you buy if you enjoy the notion of challenging video games such Dark Souls which are so difficult you’ll use up all of your expletives. Like the games from From Software, Nioh 2 awards you for mastering the battle mechanics and exploiting all of its riches, weaponry, and Yokai talents to your advantage.

As you fight foes, you may unlock ever more Yokai abilities. Additionally, you may customize quite a bit for more in-depth gaming. This game’s sequel, which is similarly set in a fictionalized, fantasy version of ancient Japan, is a worthy continuation of the original and will either make you squeal with glee or scream with rage.


  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

When it comes to creating the greatest PC games, From Software is a very well brand in the industry. The creators of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls games have taken PC players through some very difficult yet rewarding gaming environments and to some of the darkest desolate vistas.

You play as the Young Wolf in Sekiro, a shinobi entrusted with saving his young master. The game will transport you to 16th-century Japan, but given that this is From Software, things will quickly turn spooky and paranormal.


  1. Minecraft

With Minecraft, the subsistence sandbox RPG that has been purchased more than 100 times since its debut in 2009, the adage “build it, and that they will come” is more accurate than ever. You may make your own worlds in it using materials you find with in wild, or you can explore ones that have already been made by other gamers online.

You may install modifications in Minecraft to get the most out of your investment, or you can stick with the many tools and blocks that the creator, Mojang, provides. A Supremely Graphics Pack, an extra piece of DLC that adds more authentic lighting effects and texturing to an already fantastic game, will be available to you at some point in 2022.


  1. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

The most recent version of the well-known turn-based strategy game, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, is without a doubt one of the greatest PC games available right now. The sheer variety of available game genres is one of the factors that makes the PC the ideal gaming platform.

Expand your empire throughout the globe and annihilate your adversaries. You can choose to expand your empire by military might, technical dominance, or cultural sway as you go from a little town to a major global player.


  1. First Date Sucker for Love

Even while Lovecraft-inspired dating simulations aren’t for everyone, this tiny independent gem is just that: inspired. Even while many people wouldn’t include it on their list of the top PC games, that’s mainly since they have just not played it yet.

The brief choose-your-own-eldritch-girlfriend title’s seeming simplicity betrays a true knowledge and comprehension of the Lovecraft mythology. The environment around you transforms into a recognizable setting for cosmic terror that every Lovecraft fan will know and enjoy as you court a Cthulhette for a kiss (really).




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