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Think about one thing before reading our Apple Watch SE review: what do you genuinely desire in a smartwatch?

Since Apple Watch SE is just the high-value wristwatch with all the finest watchOS features at a low price, it is an underestimated hit in the taking if it is simply “an Apple Watch.” Heck, for certain people, it could even be the top smartwatch available.

Despite several noticeable benefits and a list price with only $279 / £269 / AU$429, it is unable to overcome the issues that still exist in Apple’s smartwatch line.

In addition to Apple Watch 6, it’s also a “bigger” Apple Watch, with a larger display and sizes of 40mm and 44mm, as opposed to the Apple Watch 3, that is available for purchase and has a smaller screen but is 38mm and 42mm in size.

The clarity and resolution of the display are also well known. OLED technology makes it crystal clear, bright, and simple to use in any setting. This one is Apple so at finest.

To keep costs down, Apple has removed the always-on display, so much as with prior Watches, you’ll need to elevate your wrist to check the time, what your workout are going, following a map you’re using, or pretty much anything.

Even while it helps to save money and battery, that is not the best option for a watch.

Since many of the Apple SE’s functions are scaled-down copies of those found on the iPhone, the Apple Watch excels once it comes to fitness. The number of activities that can be monitored in the built-in Workout app is continuously expanding, and third-party programmes like Strava also function effectively on the Watch, albeit rather spartanly.

These flawless experiences is what will draw Apple Watch customers, even if this can be done anywhere in the Apple Watch line. Add in such an Apple Music membership and a piece of AirPods, and you’ll leave the home without the phone and go jogging with a richness of music.

However, Apple has some ground to make up in terms of battery life. In 2020, having a wristwatch that lasts barely a day and half is unacceptable, especially when Apple included sleep monitoring to the Watch SE.

Although the battery life of Apple Watch series is impressive versus the rest of market (and owing to the absence of the ever display or an efficient processor at the core, the best we’ve seen from Apple), it is sadly insufficient.

You would have to choose whether to alter your charging habits throughout order to take use of the functionality or just not utilise it very much if sleep monitoring weren’t so straightforward.

But as long you can live even without always-on display, we highly suggest this model if you desire a new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch SE cost and availability

Whether you choose choose the GPS-only or cellular variant of the Apple Watch SE, as well as whether you choose the straightforward Solo Loop or Sport band or the more opulent Braided Solo Loop band, will affect the pricing.

The Solo Loop prototypes that were given to us were regrettably a touch too big on our wrists. Nevertheless, there was something lot more enjoyable about putting them on as opposed to fumbling with a buckle.

After going on sale in major markets across the world on September 18, 2020, new Apple Watch SE is now accessible at the Apple Store and online.


Prices for Solo Loop and Sport Band for the Apple Watch SE


Country    40mm GPS   40mm GPS+LTE    44mm GPS  44mm GPS+LTE

US                $279              $329                    $309           $359

UK                £269             £319                     £299            £349

Australia   AU$429       AU$499                  AU$479       AU$549


Prices for the Apple Watch SE – Braided Solo Loop

Country        40mm GPS   40mm GPS+LTE    44mm GPS      44mm GPS+LTE

US                    $329              $379                      $359                $409

UK                    £319              £369                       £349               £399

Australia       AU$499          AU$569                  AU$549          AU$619

A significant upgrade

Your initial query may be: What will the Apple Watch SE truly replace? Although it lacks the Watch 5’s always-on display, this Apple Watch 4.5 has greater power than Watch 4 and would likely be referred to as such if those two models were still available.

The primary change is to the processor within; given that this is not a problem with said Watch SE, we anticipate strong battery life from any of this gadget. We discovered that the Apple Watch 5’s battery life significantly increased when the everytime display was switched off.

The Watch SE’s decibel metre does a decent job of warning you when the ambient noise level is too high. The sleep monitoring, which nowadays is available on every Watch that can run the latest WatchOS 7, is nevertheless helpful even though it lacks several features of specialised sleep monitors, such as the ability to measure the duration of deep, restorative sleep.

According to Apple, the continuously running altimeter is handy for showing you your elevation during a run to the closest foot, however in edge experiments with both the Apple Watch 6, we discovered that the height ascended and fell varied by 10-15 metres over a two-mile run.

The bigger display on the 40mm and 44mm sizes, made possible by reduced bezel, makes this a gadget that will be actually useful for the elderly.

Purchasing apple Watch SE for those who do not use an iPhone is a very simple proposition with the future Family Setup function for the Watch series, which allows you to set an Apple wearable to somebody else using your iPhone.

Design for Apple Watch SE

Nobody will be surprised by the Apple Watch SE’s look because it is identical to every previous Apple Watch model released after its Apple Watch 4 to 2018.

The Digital Crown, which rolls comfortably under some other finger when you use it to navigate through some kind of list just on Watch face, is housed in the same curved shape that gracefully folds through into OLED display .

You may utilize the power/multitasking button, which is located below that, to switch between recently-opened applications and return to the one you were previously using.

Its heart rate monitor, which has the bright green LEDs which check the pulse on a daily basis and protrude slightly outward but aren’t felt on the wrist in typical use, is located on the underneath of the Watch SE.

The Solo Loop, a brand-new kind of band, will debut in 2020 and looks like a pretty cool addition. You can put your Watch SE on and take it off without repeatedly buckling and unbuckling it because of the silicone loop that extends over your hand.

Fortunately, there are many alternative bands available, so you can always find one that suits you. However, they are expensive and sometimes difficult to put on and take off; we hope Apple would develop a design that makes it simpler to switch straps.

Contrary to the Smartwatch 6, new Apple Watch SE doesn’t come in any flashy new color options. Cook’s Crew has obviously decided to stick with the red hue of the flagship Band to persuade customers to pay a little more money if they’d like the option that looks the best on their wrist.

Apple Watch SE’s screen

The Apple Watch SE uses the exact identical OLED display technology as the entire Watch line, dating all the way back to the original model. Because it comes in 40mm but also 44mm sizes, as we noted above, it is larger than Apple Watch 3, which is a very important factor in choosing the Watch SE so over Watch 3.

The main feature of the Watch SE that those who adored this same idea of an always display of a Watch 5 as well as Watch 6 are missing is it. The SE utilizes a same lower temp polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) new tech as the Apple Watches to the always-on display, which is intriguing, but disappointingly, it doesn’t appear that Apple will make this technology available in the future:

But as time goes on and Apple gets its act together and releases a Watch which lasts up to four days on even a single charge, we’re beginning to believe that you don’t actually need the always-on display.

It doesn’t feel like much of a burden to flick our wrist to check the clock or a notice up to that moment.

In short, I prefer the Watch SE’s lack of an always-on display because to its longer battery life & cost savings. The Watch 6’s outdoor brightness is equivalent to that of the Watch 7, so there is no problem attempting to read the time when the sun is blinding you. It also doesn’t shine brightly at night or when you’re in a dark environment and have forgotten to activate Theater Mode.

Fitness Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE’s fitness features are probably the main factor in your decision to purchase this gadget. Since the original Watch was released in 2015, Apple has been working diligently to transform its wearable into effective health and wellness tools, and with each version, it gets better at it.

The Watch SE’s main features include on-board sleep tracking, 5 ATM water resistant (meaning you can swim with for this device below to 50 meters), GPS, and Glonass (additional satellites the Watch SE can watch to further increase position accuracy).

The Workouts app now includes Dance and Cooldown in in addition to running, strolling, cycling, yoga, and more, giving you new options to measure your health with the release of watchOS 7. With these additional options, your calorie burn will be more precise and you’ll be able to see when you’ve reached your fitness rings.

It may sound straightforward; however the Watch can recognize your typical movement patterns. At the end of the day, you’ll receive a notice outlining what the Watch SE believes you should do to reach your movement targets. These recommendations may not always be the best ones for example, telling someone to go for walk at 11 p.m. isn’t really helpful—but they can motivate you to move more at certain times.

It’s clearly not flawless; we achieved our “move” objective while driving, and as we were finishing this assessment, we learned that we had achieved our “stand” target while seated. Overall though, it steers you in the correct way.

However, the Apple Watch SE’s finer-grained fitness features are obviously not intended for folks who wish to advance their fitness. Running still focuses more on convenience than performance; for instance, as there is no GPS lock there at beginning of the run, the reading might occasionally be slightly off.

It makes it clear that if users truly want to make increasing your running and cycling objectives a focus, you could be best off with a more specialized fitness gadget. However, it is more error-prone when service gets poor in wooded and built-up regions.

The inclusion of Apple’s new Fitness Plus program, to which you may pay to gain access to hundreds of videos to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives, will be one of the primary advantages of the Watch SE.

Guess it depends on whatever the pre-recorded coach instructs you to do, your heart rate or other statistics from your Watch will dynamically change on whichever phone and TV screen you are using, it be an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

WatchOS 7 for Apple Watch SE

One of the main advantages of both the Apple Watch seems to be the built-in music. If you have an Apple Songs membership, you can save music for offline listening or stream this over LTE if you have the Watch with LTE capability.

Sleep monitoring

The Apple Watch SE’s ability to track sleep is a useful function. Yes, most Watches with in range will get it with the upgrading to watchOS 7, but the SE’s longer-lasting battery is advantageous in this situation.

The battery life isn’t beneficial enough to stop being unpleasant, but we were able to get it until the morning with ease so that we could record the sleep monitoring. What you necessitate is a watch which can track your sleep for several days and just sometimes need a top-up of an hour when you’re sitting at a desk.

Washing hands

Apple insists that the Covid epidemic was not the reason for the addition of this function, although it is incredibly coincidence that it did so at the same time that the pandemic spread over the globe.

Initially, we believed that this function was unnecessary, took too long to activate, and failed to recognize when we had truly washed our hands.

But as we learned to wash more forcefully to ensure that our efforts were felt, we quickly discovered that we were getting better about washing for the appropriate amount of time and force.


Simply bringing your watch up to your lips will activate Siri, and it generally worked fairly well. In a nutshell, Siri is fantastic when it works but frequently inconsistent in its performance. There were a few instances when it wouldn’t fire or couldn’t connect to the internet.

Additionally, there were annoying instances where the Watch mistakenly assumed we had spoken the ‘Hey Siri’ command. The notion of operating your smart home using your wrist follows. You may either touch a button on the display or, more easily, ask Siri to operate your smart home on your behalf.

Apple Watch SE battery Health

Reviewing your Apple Watch SE battery power is simple: it lasts longer than you may anticipate if you followed Apple’s advice. Although the manufacturer claims a “all-day” battery life of about 18 hours, you’ll actually get far more than that.

We experienced 24-36 hours of usage on a fully charged battery during our testing, and that was with jogging almost every day and activating the GPS for anywhere between 45 minutes and two hours. This was made possible by Watch SE display off for the majority of the time.

We discovered that now the Watch SE always had exceptional battery life comparable to other Apple Watch models—better than the Watch 5 on launch owing to the display, once again, and efficiency upgrades in the os. This was true even though the Watch SE included the outdated S5 processor.

The Watch 6’s sophisticated blood oxygen and heart rate tracking, which may use a lot of battery life, are also absent from the SE.

As we’ve already indicated, if you intend to track sleep, a battery life of 24 hours might be problematic. It should take about two and half hours to fully charge the Watch SE from empty, though we clocked it closer to two. If you do not wish to charge your SE overnight, that’s a difficult time window to find during the day.

That means you’ll need to “spot-charge” your Watch sometimes to keep it charged. If you don’t have a schedule it makes it simple if you to accomplish that at the exact time every day, you’ll rapidly find that you require to charge it night every so often days, which means you’ll lose that sleep data.

Do you need to get an Apple Watch SE?


Get it if…


You want to spend less money on an Apple Watch

Regardless of how much you value an always-on display, the Watch SE offers many of the added service of the Watch 6 at a reduced price.

Blood oxygen is not important to you

One of the important features of the Watch 6 is the ability to monitor how well that respiratory system is functioning, but many individuals will be able could live without it because it’s more of a feature for peace of mind than a need.

You desire a long battery life

Although the Apple is not now market leader in this regard, the Watch SE’s battery life is the best we’ve seen, due to a more contemporary processor and the absence of the even more display.


If… don’t purchase it


You desire the newest and finest

The Watch SE is technically 1.5 generations old because it is a combination of the Watch 4 / Watch 5. This is not for you if you insist on having every modern convenience.

You seek the least expensive Apple Watch

But Apple Watch 3 is that, and it’s still available. Even though it lacks always display and uses a smaller display, it still features a lot of the most helpful Watch Features.

You enjoy a sly look

Even while the always-on screen drains batteries, it does make it simpler to immediately view the time, which is beneficial for a watch, in our opinion.



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