9 new anime series you should be watching in 2021

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New anime will be released in 2021. A variety of fresh experiences are waiting to be explored, and several popular series have already started their 2nd seasons. Here on list, you’ll discover the next anime, if you’re searching for the next big thing in a show you’ve previously watched or thinking whether currently is the right moment to start watching that series you’ve heard so much about. for a long.

All 9 of these anime series started airing early this year; a few have finished, whereas others are still airing. In any case, you may view them right now. You should not have a great problem locating any program wherever you are, but keep in mind that perhaps the streaming options listed below only apply to the US.


The love tale in Horimiya is delightfully ordinary. The initials of the protagonists, Hori & Miyamura, are combined to form the title. Izumi Miyamura is a timid, somewhat uncomfortable high school student who conceals his multiple tattoos & piercings while still at school to convey him via his body art. Kyouko Hori has a personal secret: she uses her free time caring for her little brother as well as the family because her mother works full time.

Despite having extremely distinct characteristics, Izumi & Kyouko become friends & ultimately love each other. However, unlike numerous other anime, romance isn’t the main aim in this one. Rather, Horimiya is a lighthearted but sometimes reflective programme on the problems that youths encounter, such like feeling misinterpreted, experiencing bullying, or want to be attractive & very well liked. Try Horimiya if you appreciate character studies.

Mushoku Tensei:Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

There are numerous isekai anime available that it might be difficult to identify individuals who have any identifying characteristics. Typically, the plot involves a young person being taken to a fantastical realm where he transforms into a hero. In fact, Mushoku Tensei, or Jobless Reincarnation—whose subtitle is “I Will Consider Trying If I Go to a Different World” manages to give the concept an intriguing twist.

When a 34-year-old geek is killed in a car accident and reborn in a fantasy realm, he keeps his own thoughts but begins life as a newborn. As he gets older, he makes the decision to do his finest with his new life, contrasting his previous life on Earth, when he lived as a loner without a career or friends.

Of course, this isn’t exactly ground-breaking. There are still lots of fanservice and other typical isekai elements. However, given how oversaturated particular genre is, having a character start from square one provides a lot for immersion & offers a variety of approaches to the cliche of the “modern person in a mediaeval environment.”

Wonder Egg Priority

The pleasant oddity of a Satoshi Kon animation such as Paprika is there in Wonder Egg Priority. You’re instantly welcomed into a universe of recollections & dreams here. Ai Ohto has never previously been outgoing, but after the suicide of her closest friend Koito Nagase, she decides to live a reclusive life for good. She encounters a being in a dream who informs her that just by aiding someone else in overcoming their nightmares, she may bring Koito back to life.

It’s both a character piece and a surreal journey through an oddly beautiful environment. Even if it’s unclear whether Ai will be able to successfully win back her buddy or whether she can recover from her personal trauma, you simply know that something exciting is about to happen.

SK 8 the Infinity

The lack of a skateboarding anime up until now has been shocking, however SK8 changes that. Additionally, this isn’t simply any sporting anime; it’s as slick & wild as skating itself. It centers on the “S,” a covert skateboarding competition held in an abandoned mine that draws a colorful cast of individuals, including high school students Reki & Langa.

All in SK8 works together well; it has excellent animation, an upbeat music, & endearing people with terrific chemistry. It’s a program that, as Netflix’s most recent smash hit Great Pretender, thoroughly embraces its own quirkiness.

Yuru Camp Season 2

Even while camping isn’t for everybody, Rin Shima thinks it’s really the nicest thing ever, particularly when she’s alone herself. However, Nadeshiko, Aoi, & Chiaki have just entered her existence; the former has never gone outdoor activities before, while the latter has even gone to the extent of start a camping after-school club. This isn’t a show about something like a girl learning to be sociable, in our opinion; rather, it’s 4 distinct people’s interpretations of one interest.

Yuru Camp that translates as Laid-Back Camp effectively conveys what causes camping so alluring to its heroes without using words: a sight of Mount Fuji; finding a campsite; seclusion & quiet. If you’re seeking for a soothing watch, Yuru Camp wonderfully captures the mood of a peaceful getaway.

Kemono Jihen

Think of a program with a plot identical to that of Tokyo Ghoul, but far less heartbreaking. That is Kemono Jihen that means “Monster Incidents” in English. When occult investigator Inugami is dispatched to the Japanese village, he encounters a youngster named Dorotabo who is despised for his peculiar behavior & foul odor. Dorotabo isn’t really human, & neither is Inugami, thus this is not his responsibility. Collectively, they start to unravel enigmatic cases involving curses, evil spirits, & ghosts.

Jujutsu Kaisen is an example of a paranormal horror animation that has never truly lost any of its appeal, but Kemono Jihen isn’t simply about taking on the monster of the moment. It tells the story of a young kid developing his initial social interactions & has stunningly gorgeous environment graphics & music to match.

Cells at work! Season 2

The many bodily functions are depicted by little humans in the game Cells At Work!, which is actually simply a clever notion that carries on giving. We watch as a set of cell protagonists go about their daily activities, which may be compared to a typical day at a Amazon fulfillment centre. This is an pleasant, enjoyable, & unchallenging anime that serves as a true slice of reality.

Re: Zero season 2

Several isekai anime have a similar structure: a failure that changes his life and becomes a cherished hero. An approach that is more grounded in reality is provided by Re:Zero. Subaru, the main character, thinks he has been sent to another planet since he is extraordinary & meant to serve as a hero, even though he is everything but. Since resolving the time-loop riddle at the centre of Re:Zero may need Subaru to become a genuine hero, he must discover how to do it.

The second season resumes where the first left off, with Subaru evolving from a really obnoxious, conceited kid to a caring adult. Re:Zero really was continues to be an unsettlingly heartbreaking & eerie program, & it is this complexity that sets it apart from other isekai.

The Promised Neverland season 2

The Promised Neverland’s first season focused on a collection of orphans having discovered that the purported safe place was everything but. It was actually a mansion containing unsettling secrets. The kids are now living in the outer world, which is still a mystery place, during season 2.

It’s hard to give a true flavor with this anime without giving too much away, but while centering on a collection of young protagonist, it exhibits a lot of complexity in the way the characters handle the information they learn. The very initial season of The Promised Neverland, which ranks among the finest contemporary shonen anime, is better than season 2. However, if you haven’t seen The Promised Neverland yet, it’s well worth a watch.

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