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Welcome to Lahore’s top spa, where you may have a unique experience and relaxing treatments. Indigo offers the finest spa services in Lahore.

With the help of our specialised spa services, you may revitalise your spirit and achieve inner serenity. You could feel your muscles unwind in the sauna and steam room.

We use cleansing and exfoliation procedures to put you in a profound state of relaxation. In our renowned body massages and face treatments, we employ pure essential oils and anti-aging ingredients.

We cordially encourage you to take use of our spa’s services while you are a guest at Indigo on the fourth level. Our excellent spa is built to offer the greatest services and peace of mind to our esteemed clientele.

Our Lahore spa provides massages that may relieve tiredness, persistent physical ailments, and stress from the workplace. They can also help you maintain your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

We are proud to offer the greatest massages and be one of Lahore’s top massage places. Since travelling can be tiring, we offer a range of stress-relieving services, including massages.

You can choose the option you want from the options we provide. You may thoroughly unwind, recharge, and store your feeling of wellbeing with the aid of our spa routines.

We value your comfort and tranquilly greatly. The benefits of a massage extend beyond self-care. We provide a variety of massages, all of which are good for your health.

You can heal from migraines brought on by stress and worry with the aid of our massages. You might be able to recover from stress- and worry-induced headaches with the aid of our massages.

We offer free access to our Lahore massage facility to visitors, and our treatments are effective.


The greatest massage spa in Lahore is offered by us utilising organic materials and essential oils. You’ll notice that your skin is smoother after using our services.


Based on the type of skin you have, we provide customised treatments, facials, and massages for you. You may rely on us as your Lahore spa.


You can get assistance from our experts with your issues. You can reach us by phone or email using the details on our website.


At our spa in Gulberg Lahore, we periodically provide deals and packages so that we may give our clients the finest care possible.


Anytime you get in touch with us, our team will be happy to help. Additionally, we might create services just for you.


We are without a doubt Lahore’s top massage shop. While offering you tranquil and relaxing spa services, we uphold a professional atmosphere.


In Indigo’s Sauna & Steam room, pamper yourself or a special someone with a day of spa services. Our products offer the peak of premium retreat thanks to their meticulous production and delivery.

It can enhance your body’s cleansing process, increase metabolism, aid in getting to sleep, and support cardiovascular health. The sauna and steam facilities on the fourth floor are popular with visitors to the indigo hotel in Gulberg because of their positive effects on physical health.

There are several advantages of heat treatment for the health of your brain as well. It has the power to halt the progression of multiple sclerosis, reduce plaque development, and encourage the synthesis of neurotrophic factors that are deficient in the brain.

Additionally, enhanced cognitive stimulation has been associated to utilising saunas. Heat treatment promotes development and has several advantages for your brain.

It has the capacity to delay the onset of multiple sclerosis, reduce plaque development, and encourage the synthesis of neurotrophic substances generated from the brain.

Additionally connected to higher levels of cognitive stimulation is sauna use. We have amazing deals for our contemporary sauna rooms and reasonably priced steam rooms.

The furniture is arranged to promote peace and relaxation. Towels, bathrobes, and steam rooms are all provided. Indigo’s Spa Center need to be included to your list of accessible steam rooms and contemporary saunas in the area.

Visit us and take advantage of our services. You might enhance both your physical and mental wellness by using saunas. Additionally, it aids in skin cleansing and illness prevention.

It also makes it simpler to sleep longer and deeper. In addition to promoting activity and calorie burning, the sauna also improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, clears congestion, and reduces discomfort. Come visit us to use the sauna and steam room.


The Indigo Hotel has a spa facility with a salt room on the fourth floor. Most people are ignorant of the fantastic benefits salt rooms may have for you, therefore we constructed one to better care after you and offer the best services.

Your skin and lungs both benefit from it. We have incorporated a salt room treatment to show our dedication to health, awareness, and welfare.

The most significant benefit of a salt room is its capacity to cure skin disorders like psoriasis and acne. Indigo has salt beds for the treatment of skin disorders.

In the salt chamber, socks are OK but shoes are not. Food, drinks, and cell phones are all forbidden. But to keep hydrated, you should always carry a bottle of water.

When a Gulberg client searches online for a nearby salt room or salt spa, we come up. We encourage our clients’ yoga and meditation routines in the salt room.

Come relax, meditate, and take deep breaths in our salt room. We provide seasonal discounts and bundles to keep our customers amused. At the wellness centre, we provide a wide range of services for one-time and ongoing costs.

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