Top 4 Prank Text Services to Get Revenge (SPAM Phone Anonymously)

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Sometimes all you want is someone back. It’s possible that they pulled a joke on you, and you’re now seeking a method to get even. Nothing is more private than a person’s cell phone. Ever misplaced your phone? We are certain that utter terror was the first emotion you experienced. Imagine now flipping the script and having your target despise their phone to the point that they would want to toss it away. These SMS prank services will perform precisely that for you. That resembles winning in Polskie casino online a lot. You too encounter the intriguing feelings that these services offer.

It’s hilarious how users can target their pals and bombard them with texts from arbitrary phone numbers using this “evil prank.” The best aspect is that no one can block them, meaning that to halt the assault, your target would need to ban more than 100 phone numbers. For up to 24 hours, you may essentially bombard someone’s phone with messages or calls. When you need to remain anonymous, this prank is ideal since the recipient will never know who sent it! Although you may submit your unique message if you wish, we think the standard text messages they send are far funnier. is another variation of this practical joke. Similar to the last prank, this one lets you send amusing photographs and “text bombs” that include funny things like delivering an infinite stream of cat pictures to a target’s phone as well as text messages. One of the jokes is “endless cat spam,” while another is a hilarious variation on a popular joke called “Fake Craigslist Phone Prank.” With the use of this hoax, you may look to have put your target’s phone number on Craigslist by sending them hundreds of messages. See them scrambling to locate the posters that include their phone number. (Hint: Since it doesn’t exist, they won’t discover it.) Our economics PhDs at can help you with your superior statistics assignments., the one-stop shop for anybody in need of a prank fix, is next in line. You’ll never run out of fresh ways to laugh, from hoax phone calls and texts to street pranks that cause people to “forget their shoes.” Also, on social media, someone is always prepared with a statement that may be quoted or new content each day. is the fourth and final joke in our top 4 list. In terms of how you can trick your target, this website is a little bit safer. This website enables you to transmit several “facts” about various animals, such as cats, dogs, and commonplace items. Just choose the data you want to transmit and the number of subscriptions you want to provide your target, then sit back and watch them struggle.

Anda sells personalized diaries and notebooks with prank-revenge themes. It’ll be a suitable present for your promotion requirements.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this collection. Use these websites the next time you want to phone a pal for a prank call. We believe you will adore them!

What is Telemarketing and why are they known as spam calls?

The practice of generating leads, closing deals, or acquiring marketing information over the phone is known as telemarketing. Small companies may profit greatly from telemarketing since it offers many of the same advantages of direct consumer interaction as human selling while taking up less time and money.

Telemarketing is useful when a small business’s clients are in hard-to-reach places or when several prospects need to be reached to identify one interested in making a purchase.

But why are these calls referred to as spam? This is so because the majority of these calls are unwanted, which means that the recipients haven’t given their consent to receive them.

Because such regulation frequently relies on the place where the calls are being made to or made, it is unclear if such calls are legal or not. Moreover, if the numbers are chosen at random, some laws can be “bypassed”.

Spam Phone Number Revenge

Top 4 Prank Text Services to Get Revenge (SPAM Phone Anonymously)

A spam phone number revenge is when you want to bombard someone’s phone with texts and calls to exact revenge and ruin their day. While getting your phone added to a telemarketers list is annoying for most people, the intent behind this is different from carrying out a spam phone number revenge. While telemarketers may operate in a legal grey area, this is not the case with spam phone number revenge.

Let’s simply pretend that you wish to sign someone up for spam calls and texts as a practical joke. Proceed with caution as vengeance using a spam phone number may quickly spiral out of hand and result in the number being permanently destroyed by calls and texts that are spam.

Although many of these services are anonymous, using them to sign someone up for spam texts is not encouraged in any way. Keep in mind that if you get caught—which can happen in several different ways—you will be charged with the false use of technology or misuse of electronic equipment, among other charges. As a result, it is advised that you avoid using such methods.

Post Ads Online by Using the Victim’s Phone Number:

This is another technique that plenty of individuals employ to quickly swamp their phones with spam calls. When you create a profile on a social media site, post advertisements for items that appear to be a deal, and then make your phone number public so that others may call them anytime they see the advertising, your number will receive a lot of these calls.

If you place an ad on a website such as a Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, Oodle, Geebo,, or Locanto with something at a sale with an absurdly low price, or if you place an ad with a trendy service or product that many people want or are looking for at the moment, you should start receiving numerous calls from many different people in no time.

Online surveys, forms, and free trial registration:

The main difference between receiving spam and receiving a telemarketing call is that spam may originate from a dubious source. By posting your phone number on sexual websites, gambling offers, fortunate gift vouchers, and occasionally showing an interest in charity, you may put your number in the hands of the individuals who will contact you. You may use the number to sign up for random freebies such as contests, free trials, occasional trips, cruises, promotions, and other giveaways. The number would be available right away to telemarketers.

Although it might be costly, using a firm that specialized in spam calls can be the quickest and easiest method to sign someone up for spam calls. It’s crucial to remember that giving your phone number to telemarketers will cause you to get spam calls endlessly. It’s also a bad idea to share someone else’s phone information with these individuals since their phones will be inundated with calls and messages from them. As a result, it is preferable to visit spam websites instead; although it is a short-term fix, it will function for the time being.

Can You Sell Your Phone Number?

Yes, you may sell your phone number if it is memorable. Certain businesses and businessmen will pay for memorable phone numbers, so if that number is yours, you might get paid. After that, the service provider will give your number to the business and provide you with a new one.

Your phone number can be used to access your bank accounts and social media accounts, so be careful when selling it because it might be a scam. There are many other ways that people ask you for your phone number, so just keep your guard up and don’t make a decision that you will regret. You can sell your memorable phone number on websites like number barn and vanity-tel.


Giving the other person’s or the victim’s phone number to telemarketers and prank sites to spam their phones with texts and calls is not one the good ones, but many people do this to their friends. There are many other unique and creative ideas in people’s heads when it comes to playing pranks on their friends and close ones.

Giving your friend’s phone number to telemarketers is also not a good idea, as they are notorious and renowned for making spam calls to people constantly and are hated for this reason throughout the world. They’re also good at convincing people to spend money on things they don’t need, which is why we recommend you stay far away from such services.

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