Can’t afford an Xbox Series X? You won’t need one when the Xbox Streaming Stick launches

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In the upcoming one year, Microsoft intends to deliver the Xbox Streaming Stick that will enable users to live stream Xbox Game Pass titles to the TV without having purchased a console.

As per Tom Warren of The Verge & Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat, Microsoft is preparing to deliver the Xbox Streaming Stick with in upcoming year as a component of its Xbox Everywhere initiative. The program aims to broaden the appeal of Microsoft’s gaming offerings and bring the Xbox Cloud Gaming framework to new hardware.

According to Grubb, the streaming stick would allow you to stream movies, TV shows, as well as the Xbox Game Pass library of games. It may really resemble the spherical Roku puck more closely. Additionally, according to Grubb, Samsung TV customers won’t even need a streaming stick since Microsoft and Samsung have collaborated to create special Xbox Cloud Gaming software for just the TV Company.

During E3 2021, the Xbox Streaming Stick made its debut. Microsoft claimed to be working on native Xbox Game Pass software for smart TVs that might enable cloud-based Xbox game streaming without the need to purchase a pricey Xbox Series X or a more affordable Xbox Series S.

Microsoft is “also creating independent streaming hardware that you can put into a TV or monitor, so if you’ve a fast internet connectivity, you could stream the Xbox experience,” corporate vice president Liz Hamren stated at the very same occasion.

Ever since, there haven’t been any fresh specifics on the suspected device, but according to Warren, there will be plenty more information regarding Xbox anywhere & that all the new gear it requires in the months to come.

But it’s wise to exercise caution. Back in November 2020, Phil Spencer made reference to the Xbox TV app & stated that he anticipated its release within a year. It would be wise to keep your assumptions in check because that obviously didn’t happen. This time, though, it appears Microsoft is getting ready for a big unveiling because the Xbox Everywhere project was mentioned.

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Game changer: Xbox Streaming Stick

The radicalness of an Xbox Streaming Stick cannot be overstated. It would provide you an entirely different way to get games and something that doesn’t require payment out on a costly console as a cheap dongle that enables you to stream Xbox Game Pass titles right to the TV. Purchase the stick, locate an HDMI port on your TV, sign up for Xbox Game Pass, & you’re ready to play. Comparatively speaking, it has a far lower entrance barrier than with the present console-focused procedure.

There are several causes for optimism as well. Similar TV streaming gadgets, like the Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chrome cast, are reasonably priced. Low upfront costs are used by makers to entice customers, and they hope to recoup their costs through membership fees.

Microsoft will try to promote the gadget to customers who want to play Xbox games however can’t afford a pricey Xbox Series X or the relatively reasonably priced Series S. Existing Xbox users may not be happy with the concept of a streaming stick that provides them nothing new. Naturally, this does not eliminate the requirement to purchase extra hardware accessories, including an Xbox controller, in order to play the games.

It’s remarkable, though, that Microsoft plans to introduce the Xbox Streaming Stick within the next one year. The technology giant will try to increase sales of its 2020-only Xbox systems before offering them a less expensive substitute. However, as Phil Spencer made very clear when the stick was first announced, Microsoft does not believe that conventional console hardware plus cloud gaming are incompatible.

Consoles & personal computers still have their place, & they always would, according to Spencer. We will indeed be able to give a rich gameplay experience to anybody with an Internet connection, and on the least costly and capable devices, devices that people already have.

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