The Ultimate Guide for Great Realtor Headshots In 2023

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Written By Farman Ullah

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How to Get Great Realtor Headshots

Few individuals prefer getting their headshot taken in front of the camera, but in 2023, using your picture to your advantage can help you stand out in a crowded market. You may learn how to take real estate headshots by following these suggestions. Taking beautiful pictures is simple and may even be natural.

You probably already know that building relationships is what realtors do. The ideal technique to promote for partnerships is to use photos to reveal your face. For anyone who wishes to stand out and be hired, realtor headshots are essential.

Your marketing efforts may be hindered by using obsolete or substandard headshots, and you risk being passed over by your rivals. Make sure your photographs are effective for you and stay away from amateurish errors.

I’ve helped hundreds of real estate agents improve their digital marketing as a photographer, and I’ve put up the definitive guide on getting a beautiful realtor headshot even if you’re not naturally attractive. With these suggestions, you may take the greatest headshots for use in the modern world of digital marketing. Before you have all the information, a professional headshot picture shoot may seem intimidating. For a fantastic shot, read all of these suggestions.

Why You Need Realtor Headshots

It’s How People Find You

You may put a lot of effort into building relationships in person and through word-of-mouth recommendations, but statistics reveal that 99% of Millennials, followed by 90% of Older Boomers and 70% of the Silent Generation, browse online for houses.

It will be more probable that these folks will discover your company the day they need you if you concentrate on your internet presence and headshots.

That First Impression Really Matters

According to studies, your clients form opinions about your likeability, reliability, and competence in less than a tenth of a second, and only long-term connections may modify those opinions.

In the case of your online presence, that initial impression might be worth thousands of dollars for your business. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Your headshots and images are important. This tutorial will assist you in creating the ideal headshot for your business even though you’ve probably seen real estate head pictures that made you shudder.

A professional headshot is a picture that establishes a link to your company right away.


What distinguishes you from your rivals? Is it your skill at haggling or a particular method you employ to save consumers money or time?

It’s probable that when your clients look for realtors, they may compare businesses based on negotiating strategies. Additionally, they could only shortlist those that they can envision themselves working with.

Realtors comprehend this concept more than any other profession, in my experience as a photographer who works with a variety of industries.

How often should a get a real tor headshot?

Here is some advice if you’re unsure of how frequently to have your headshot updated. Any changes to your look should be noted in your image and your headshot should always represent who you are. This is crucial since it fosters credibility with your audience whether you utilize your headshot in promotional materials or on social media.

It’s a good idea to routinely update your photographs if it’s been a year or more since your last headshot or if you use a lot of images for your marketing. In this manner, you’ll be publishing new material and employing images that accurately reflect your unique branding.

Changing your headshot doesn’t have to be unpleasant, so don’t worry. In fact, it could even be enjoyable! Let’s talk if you’re interested in hiring a brand photographer who is knowledgeable about the real estate sector and can help you improve your photographic presence. Despite having a home base in Dallas, Texas, I frequently travel to states like Florida, California, New England, and Nashville.

Check out our gallery if you’re looking for a “real estate headshot photographer near me,” additional samples of our personal branding photography, or both. With this guidance, I hope you can confidently plan your upcoming headshot and enhance your photographic presence.

How Often Should I Get My Headshot Done?

realtor headshot
Get My Headshot Done

You should update your headshot if your appearance changes. You should reflect who you are in your portrait. Aim to keep your headshot topical whether you use it in a brochure or social media. When utilized properly, portrait photography may increase trust.

Consider upgrading your photos if it has been more than a year or two since your previous headshot. You require an update if your face appears on a sign yet you don’t look like that sign.

Additionally, it makes sense to refresh your photographs more frequently if you use a lot of images for your content marketing in order to provide more material.  Nothing compares to using photos of yourself to build your own brand.

With this guidance, I hope you can confidently plan your upcoming headshot and improve your photographic presence.

Please email me or subscribe to my newsletter if you’re interested in hiring a portrait photographer you can rely on and who is familiar with the real estate market. I do go to cities like Denver, Texas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Dallas, but my home is in Dallas, Texas. Now that you have real estate headshot ideas, you may spend less time promoting and acquire a photo that increases your sales.

If you’ve been looking for a “real estate headshot photographer near me,” click here if you’d like to view more samples of our personal branding photography.

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You know every step to take to achieve the headshot you love now that you’ve read the definitive guide to taking fantastic real estate agent headshots in 2023. When you don’t know what to anticipate, getting your Realtor headshots and photos done might be frightening. I’m hoping that this headshot tutorial may allay your concerns about doing your own photos.

When you have the correct material to start with, marketing your business using images may be simple. Aim for portraits that convey a narrative about your company. In the brand-new world of social media, personal branding photography and brand photographs give agents a way to stand out from the competition.

You want to be the company that people think of when they need what you are offering in a world where everyone is clamoring to be heard. A distinctive brand makes it easier to remember you. So that potential clients already know who you are when they want to buy a property and wind up employing you, you want your photographs to benefit both you and your business.


What colors are best for realtor headshots?

The more straightforward, the better when it comes to real estate headshots. Simpleton your backdrop. Inside a studio, a plain background in grey or black is always a wise choice. Going outside for a real estate headshot, meanwhile, might also be effective if you want something less conventional.

What is the perfect headshot?

A recent head and shoulders photo that accurately portrays your appearance should be used. Try to maintain a neutral appearance. The ‘real’ you is what a casting director wants to see, always keep that in mind. Avoid props, caps, distracting backdrops, and accessories, and dress simply.

How do you smile for a headshot?

In fact, it’s ideal to relax your face and temporarily loosen up your grin in between shots. When you grin for too long, it starts to appear forced and artificial. Allow your face to unwind for a while before eliciting a new, fresh smile to maintain the natural appearance of your photograph.

Should I wear makeup in my headshot?

For headshots, your makeup should be natural, unobtrusive, and enhance your features to make you appear more professional. According to makeup artist Bridie Coughlan, headshots and self-tapes should generally seem rather natural. You wish to appear like yourself. You genuinely like to see yourself rather than [the makeup].

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