The Best VR Games to Play Right Now

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If you haven’t yet tried virtual reality, you really should! You may have heard that VR games are not quite there yet, but the time to buy into virtual reality gaming is now, before it becomes fully commercialized and therefore more expensive. With that in mind, here are the best VR games to play right now!



Walk up walls. Fumble around in the dark. Peer over cliff edges with nothing but a railing stopping you from dropping off into the abyss. You can’t do any of these things in real life, so it’s only fitting that they should be possible in VR games too. These are the top virtual reality experiences out there and we’re adding more all the time!

What makes a game one of the best VR games? Well, besides fun game play or an interesting story, it also needs to showcase what makes VR different from playing on other platforms. It needs to make you feel like you’re actually somewhere else and trick your brain into thinking that fact is true when your eyes tell you otherwise.



In Holo point, you have an archery-type bow that you must use to take out geometric-shaped enemies. You’ll take them down by deflecting their shots back at them or by hitting them with arrows. The action takes place in a clean, futuristic setting with wide-open spaces where the only opponent is the bad guy that needs shooting. The developers are still working on content updates and additional game modes, but even in its current state it’s one of the best VR games available for mobile headsets.  -Best VR games: top virtual reality experiences to play right now


Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality

Coming from the mad minds at Rick and Morty, Virtual Rick-ality is the perfect introduction for people who are new to VR. You won’t be saving the world from evil or hunting down Santa Claus here – but you will enjoy poking, prodding, dismantling and rebuilding as a dog. If you’re ready for some crazy missions with a bit of silliness mixed in then this is one top virtual reality experience worth trying out. And if you’re looking for something different then check out Brass Tactics. The game brings real-time strategy battles into a virtual space where players control armies across three dimensions. It’s sort of like chess on steroids with all the tactics and strategy you’d expect in an RTS game all while being able to see your units in battle up close.

You can even create impromptu defenses by summoning walls, creating explosive bombs and more. Not only that but there’s also over 20 multiplayer maps to play on too so it never gets boring. There are plenty of other games worth checking out too, including Beat Saber and Tilt Brush so make sure you do some research before choosing which VR game is best for you!


Audio Shield

Today we’re going to talk about the best VR games, those best of the best. For your enjoyment, we’ve collected together a short list that’ll show you some of the most exciting virtual reality experiences for you to play right now. You can try out Audio Shield and see what it’s like to block sound waves with your shield. With one simple move you’ll be able to feel the rush of saving Earth from an alien invasion. If space is more your thing, give Galactic Hot Dogs a go! Throw some delicious franks into deep space and they’ll keep orbiting until they hit something else or explode. There are lots of different ways to control the game and make the experience more realistic – try them all!


Galak-Z : The Void – Episode 1

One of the coolest things about Galak-Z: The Void – Episode 1 is how you can use your head to look around. You can turn your neck and crane your head in all directions and it will mimic the movements on-screen. No need for some clunky control pad. You just want to be immersed in this game so you feel like a badass, sci-fi hero. It’s one of the most satisfying games we’ve played this year.


Fantastic Contraption

There are some killer virtual reality games out there, but none of them have really captured the attention of gamers like Fantastic Contraption. It’s also one of the simplest games, so you can probably play it in one sitting without worrying about it being over before you know it. And trust me: I’ve played a lot of virtual reality games and this is my absolute favorite by far. You’re given various materials that allow you to build contraptions for various challenges, which in turn earn you points that let you unlock more tools. You’re limited only by your imagination – or lack thereof – and even when the game ends (which doesn’t happen often), it never feels like an empty victory because of how much fun it was just figuring out what to do next. – Once you get past the difficult initial stages, Fantastic Contraption becomes an addictive game with loads of replay value.

– Best VR games will be hard to come by until virtual reality becomes more main stream, but Fantastic Contraption shows off its potential beautifully.


Rec Room

When Rec Room came out, it felt like the perfect game for people just starting their virtual reality journey. The interface was easy to use and the in-game chat was lively, though with a small player base. You can walk around freely without worrying about bumping into furniture or getting dizzy from going too fast (which happens a lot with other games). Most importantly, Rec Rooms feels good on the eyes–there are no long lines of code or spells before you enter an alternate world where you have unlimited power. While it may not be as realistic as some other games, this immersive multiplayer experience is one of the best VR games out there.

First time gamers may find themselves at home here, while hardcore gamers will appreciate how uncluttered and user-friendly the game is.

Each room has its own set of different challenges that teach you skills such as throwing discs and saving poor chickens from meat monsters.


Beat Saber

Have you heard of Beat Saber? Combining the immersive qualities of virtual reality with the addictive challenge of Guitar Hero, it’s a truly unique VR experience. You’ll find yourself getting lost in its immersive world and competing against other players in fast-paced, high energy musical battles. The game’s soundtrack is phenomenal, but many players have also discovered its non-game play elements are just as enjoyable. You can create your own music levels and share them with others or download the levels created by others to experience. There are even special effects that let you see your hands while playing, or teleport around levels without any danger of actually walking through furniture! Best VR games and top virtual reality experiences to play right now.


Superhot VR

Superhot, the unique first-person shooter game where time only moves when you do , made its VR debut in 2017. Superhot comes with one of the most innovative control schemes ever seen in a video game. To move forward and interact with objects in the world around you, you need to start stepping right, then left, and then right again. It’s an intuitive control scheme that always feels natural. The VR game play is just as intense as the non-VR version; it offers one of the best full body workout games out there. Even after playing for hours on end, your arms will be tired from all the quick movements required to dodge bullets and make split second decisions. Plus, when it comes to making a difficult decision or setting up traps, the slow motion effect can give you some time to think things through before any movement.

This hyper realistic adrenaline fueled virtual reality experience has been designed to simulate what we experience in everyday life: excitement levels rising high as we wait for something really exciting or awful to happen.




Space Pirate Trainer

From the first wave of virtual reality headsets hitting the market, Space Pirate Trainer is one of the best VR games out there. This game is a battle against an army of space pirate robots who will do anything in their power to destroy you and your precious cache of space gold. It’s up to you as a cybernetic pirate flying around with laser pistols in each hand and also possessing a shield for protection. Stay alive for as long as possible, upgrading guns and shields for that epic score.


Batman: Arkham VR

Challenge your wits as Batman in a brand new Arkham adventure. In this story you will face Gotham’s toughest villains and have to deal with them using a wide variety of gadgets that might seem strange at first but become a lot more helpful as you delve deeper into the game. This is one of the best VR games currently on the market because it delivers an amazing experience that makes you feel like the caped crusader himself. The attention to detail is impeccable, not only are you looking through his eyes but also feeling like his movements which make the experience even more immersive. The challenges get increasingly difficult so if you’re up for some challenge this would be perfect for you!


Resident Evil 4 VR

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Resident Evil 4 is a good video game. A really good video game. So good, that Capcom has seen fit to release it in full virtual reality glory. That’s right: the reimagining of the 2004 PS2 classic is playable not just in 2D, but 360 degrees as well for PlayStation 4 owners and finally PC players can enjoy it too. The changes are surprisingly minimal – with only some graphical enhancements in areas and what seem like higher quality models (oddly though, there’s no voice acting) – but they’re still significant enough to make this one of the best VR games available at the moment.

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