The best iPhone 13 deals: huge savings at Apple, AT&T, and Verizon

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The top iPhone 13 deals for this week are all conveniently listed below. If you want to get this fantastic Apple flagship iPhone at a lower price, we’ve compiled a list of suggested carriers that includes both large and small carriers. In order for you to know precisely how much you’re spending, we’ve broken all of the iPhone 13 bargains you’ll see on this page into price ranges and the different requirements needed to qualify.

Its iPhone 13 has an initial price of $799, the same as the iPhone 12 from the previous year, and is intended to take its position as Apple’s new “standard” flagship product. Just on surface, it seems quite similar to the one from the previous year, with the same attractive “squared-off” edges and blocky design.

The newest Apple A15 Bionic chip, a large processor that is unquestionably the most powerful ever from the Cupertino firm, comes first on the list of inclusions. You’re not just getting an exact clone of iPhone 12 there thanks to the screen, battery, plus a few camera upgrades; rather, it’s a refining of an already excellent gadget with a lot more power.

Having said that, the iPhone 12’s reduced $599 asking price will present a very, very appealing option for anyone looking to save money by skipping a few bells & whistles. The iPhone 13 prices this week are especially attractive if you’re prepared to trade in some of those somewhat older smartphones, so if you currently own an iPhone 12 and 11, it’s absolutely worth the update.


Apple iPhone 13: Get up to $700 at Verizon when you trade it in and get a new unlimited data line

It’s not quite enough to get the smartphone for free, but Verizon’s existing trade rebate of close to $700 with a gain a large line is still a fantastic value in our opinion. With a valid trade-in of an existing handset, you can not only acquire the gadget for $99 here, but new customers who transfer from another carrier will also receive an extra $200.

Total price: $99 (including exchange); monthly price: $2.75 (36 mo)

Apple iPhone 13: Trade-in with new unlimited AT&T plans will save you up to $700.

For it’s own iPhone 13 offerings, AT&T has just lowered its max trade-in rebate from $800 to $700. Value-wise, that’s a little disappointing, however if you decide to use this particular carrier, you may still receive a sizable discount on this gadget.

Total price: $99 (including exchange); monthly price: $2.75 (36 mo)

Apple iPhone 13: Mint Mobile 6-month plan complimentary / with device

Consider switching to prepaid? The best part about Mint Mobile is that it has its very own iPhone 13 deal, which makes it an even better option. When you purchase a smartphone in advance from the carrier, Mint will provide you a free 6-month plan as a small welcome present.

Cost in full: $919 (plan incl.)

Save $100 on activation on an Apple iPhone 13 at Best Buy, and get up to $700 off a second smartphone (on T-Mobile).

Many of the iPhone 13 bargains from Best Buy closely resemble those offered by the major carriers. The current best of the lot, in our opinion, is available on T-Mobile handsets. You can currently activate a handset here on T-Mobile network and receive a tiny but pleasant $100 rebate along with a $700 discount on either a second device, effectively a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

Price of the Apple iPhone 13 (fully unlock) at Apple: $829 $159

Apple will be your only option if you’re seeking for unlocks iPhone 13 bargains. This shop seldom gives price reductions, but it does have a trade-in program with a current maximum savings of $650. Last week’s rate is a little bit scaled back because we’ve seen this shop provide discounts of up to $700 in the past. If you’re going unlocked, it’s still nice and definitely worth taking into account.

Cost in total: $159 (maximum saving)

Apple iPhone 13: $150 Visible Switch gift card

If you just want an unrestricted 5G data subscription but not have to pay big-carrier pricing each month, Visible is a fantastic option. Plans from this prepaid provider start at just $25 a share, which can significantly reduce your monthly expenses. The carrier is now providing a paid iPhone 13 deal that entitles you to a free $150 gift certificate if you move from another carrier if you’re willing to buy a handset.

Cost in full: $799

Deals on the iPhone 13: What You Really need to Know

This new iPhone 13 is now available. It appears to be rather similar to the iPhone 12 at first sight, isn’t it? In fact, the 12-series smartphones from 2020 share the same “squared off” appearance as the newest Apple flagships from 2021. Not only is that, but the most recent iPhone 13 too available for $799 at launch, the same price as the model from the previous year.

The similarities stop there, though. The updated OLED display, which offers up to 28% more peak brightness than the previous model, and the A15 Bionic engine, which Apple claims performs up to 50% quicker than any rival chip, are among the major new features. That’s you, Samsung.

The iPhone 13 also features a completely redesigned diagonal back camera system with just an improved sensor and picture stabilization. A new “Cinematic mode” for video capture, a really clever tiny software package that leverages calculation for automated and simple focus shifting, supports these advancements.

Its iPhone 13’s battery capacity is a minor downgrade, but one that is always appreciated. Not only would it now have a larger capacity, but advancements made possible by the new “smart data” mode allow for more effective utilization all around.

However, the iPhone 13 has some pretty substantial internal changes. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, then new $599 selling cost for such iPhone 12 also offers it a very tempting (and still 5G ready) substitute to this most recent flagship.


How excellent are these offers for the iPhone 13 in reality?

There are several good iPhone 13 bargains available as of mid-2022. But as usual, the largest discounts are typically associated with either costly data plans or exchanging. Unfortunately, this is a reality, especially with regard to discounts on Apple products.

But if you want a quick plan and are prepared to deal with the long choice, big network iPhone 13 bargains are wonderful. Most of these providers, including AT&T and Verizon, will give you a free iPhone 13 in exchange for a respectable older phone. Receiving a $800 phone is not to be sneered at, even if you frequently spend anywhere between $60 and $80 per week for a plan with these carriers (sometimes over $2,000 in total).

It’s definitely ideal to start looking at the top prepaid plans available if you just want to reduce the cost of your plan. Very affordable monthly rates are offered by carriers including Visible, Mint Mobile, or Xfinity Mobile, and some of them even provide new users with tiny iPhone discounts. Another choice is to take the plunge and trade in your old iPhone for a new, unlocked model from Apple.

Should I get an iPhone 13 upgrade?

If you’re trying to decide if it’s worthwhile to update, this year could well be the roughest one thus far. Although the iPhone 13 is a not a significant improvement over the iPhone 12, this year’s upgrade offers are still compelling enough to get even the most hardened Apple supporters to pay attention.

Leaving it out now is absolutely a possibility if you currently get an iPhone 12 you believe you can get by without upgrading for another year. Your gadget still has a sufficient amount of power for 2022, but you’ll just give up a longer battery life & screen. The core design will remain the same. In spite of this, it’s still wise to look into a “free” upgrade if your iPhone 12 qualifies for the lucrative carrier trade-in, especially if you’re determined on keeping with a major carrier and don’t bother renewing your line.

For Apple supporters still utilizing older hardware, just like iPhone 11 or older, we believe that this is where things become less nuanced. This year’s iPhone 13 bargains provide exceptionally amazing trade-in prices on even smartphones showing their age now for these consumers, especially those with unlocked devices. It’s a wonderful time to think about upgrading to something like a 5G flagship because they are so much superior to the options from last year.

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