The best free video editing software in 2022 for your PC and Mac

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Anyone can get benefit from free video editing software such as beginner & experienced editors, as well as aspiring filmmakers, whom want top-notch tools without recurring monthly fees or one-time purchases of perpetual licenses. The majority of the top also include free, watermark-free video editing tools, which is perfect for YouTube content producers.

Even though they don’t have every pro-level function, our best free video editors all enable you cut, trim, & splice film without having to go through complicated steps. Everything you require for the creative workstations is one of the greatest video editing PCs or laptops the budget will allow.

Finding the alternative that ideally fits your demands, nevertheless, might be difficult given the abundance of free downloading possibilities. Others choose free video editing software for just a low-end PC while other people desire the finest free software for video editing for novices. Locating one that has an easy-to-use interface may be difficult as well. The greatest tools must, after all, match the specific flow and enable the creative method, whether they are free or not.

With a variety of users, skillsets, & requirements in mind, we tested & assessed the top free video editing programs for PCs & Macs while considering user-friendliness, supplemental capabilities, & efficiency into account. You’ll have quite enough money saved from one of them to purchase an Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2, 2022) quicker than you originally anticipate.

1. DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve is hard to top also as greatest free video editing program altogether. It’s not only packed with a ton of capabilities, including top-notch video editing abilities, a potent node-based special affects system, comprehensive colour correction options, plus pro-level audio facilities, but it is also totally free. You did read it correctly. There aren’t any restrictions.

In review, which received 4.5 stars, they praised the greatest video editor for professionals & individuals who are concerned regarding editing as “Extraordinarily strong, often updated, & best of all, free. It discredits a lot of rival software. The only drawback is that an interface with so much power is complicated. However, if you’re intense about video processing, individuals shouldn’t really be intimidated by this.”

Resolve Studio, which is more capable, is also available for purchase; a permanent licence costs $295 and comes with free updates going forward. Among the greatest Adobe after Effect options for creators is the software’s own VFX program, Fusion.

What then prevents everyone from utilising it? It’s a fairly complicated type of software; therefore it can scare anyone who are just starting out in this field. But you must most certainly give this program a try if you’re passionate regarding video editing. Most certainly, you won’t hate it.

2. Lightworks

Another of the greatest free video editing programs is Lightworks, yet it has a bit of a history. You may well see how pleased they are because of the numerous expert feature films which have edited using it by visiting their site.

But only the Pro edition can do this. You have the same layout with the free option, but there are fewer tools available. a review made note of it, stating that “Lightworks is an excellent free video editor featuring various capabilities to suit many casual video editors, however if you’d like more sophisticated features, you’ll have to pay for it.

Though the majority of the pro functions are truly intended for commercial customers, do not let that discourage you; even whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or amateur, you will enjoy using it to get the hang of things.

The improved relevant help windows successfully walk you via your preliminary actions, as well as everything is rather straightforward.

Only one significant drawback of the free edition is that you cannot save your final work in resolutions higher than 720p. We could accept 4K being a professional function, but 1080p? Really?

3. HitFilm

The best free video editing program from HitFilm is robust, expert, & cross-platform. There are several membership levels that provide you with more advanced tools as well as a sizable media collection.

However, you may become used to ignoring the many red “upgrade” icons scattered across the user interface & just focus on making your films.

You’ll enjoy all the training available within one of the top free video editor applications if you’re fresh to using video editing software. Current customers will still be able to access the majority of their familiar tools, although via a redesigned user interface.

The lack of fresh functions, or at minimum an absence of new features that just don’t attempt to persuade you to pay towards any of the membership levels, is the only drawback we can detect with the most recent version (2022.1).

The strong elements that are currently in place, however, may still be used to make straightforward or spectacular films for free. That is an incredible bargain right there. Just think about the fact that HitFilm requires a laptop with a little amount of power plus one of the most modern operating systems, whether it be Windows or Mac.

4. Shotcut

Another of the top open-source, crossplatform free video editing programs is Shotcut.

Users often get what users pay for when it comes to the finest free video editing software, and several of these programs might left a great deal to be desired. Nevertheless, Shotcut defies that pattern. Yes, there are a handful of minor bugs & poor design choices, but that would be true of all softwares, paid or unpaid.

Shotcut may not wow anyone with a stunning UI, but whatever you require to edit a straightforward movie is available to you, according to our assessment of the program after using it.

Shotcut is a highly capable & reliable video editing program as it exists right now. Additionally, it has a tone of features, such as time remapping, indicators, & extensive keyframing.

The user interface is rather adaptable, letting you shift portions about & even transform these into float windows. In other words, it will attempt to best to support your preferred working style. Giving this a try since you’re looking for a best free video editor.

5. Apple iMovie

For those who had little to no experience in video editing, Apple iMovie for Mac utilized to be a fantastic free video editor program. However, the set of features which made this possible has been essentially unchanged for years, a fact that has turned into its largest drawback: it has been considerably too lengthy since iMovie had a significant upgrade.

Of course, you will still be able to edit any films using its slick, user-friendly ui. Additionally, since it works with Final Cut Pro & iMovie for iOS, anyone can easily edit on the phone & move smoothly to the Mac. Although it’s a strong selling point, is it sufficient?

Whether you’re interested in the craft, you could do a lot worse than to utilize the free video editing software available to everyone Mac users. However, you may also improve.

  1. Adobe Premier Rush

Since you’re looking for the greatest free video editing software available for Android, iOS, Pc, or Mac, Adobe Premiere Rush is a fascinating & practical tool.

Anyone can make & share as much videos as they want with the free Premiere Rush starting plan, but you’re only able to use the included features. Behind one paid Creative Cloud membership are premium capabilities that cannot be accessed.

Utilizing Premiere Rush is a slick, excellent process, as you would anticipate from Adobe, since industry-standard Premiere Pro had evolved to set the benchmark for contemporary video editors. In our practical evaluation, we highlighted the video software “has a beautiful, tidy layout and basic editing tools. An engaging clipper that is ideal for creating quick films for social networks.”

So name alone gives away Adobe Premiere Rush’s key selling point. The video editing program is created to work on several platforms: begin on such an iPhone, proceed on a PC, finish on Android, & polish on a Mac.

You can effortlessly switch between devices since everything is kept online This provides excellent versatility as well as a productive workflow.

If you subscribe to the total experience, you’ll discover a decent selection of tools, including time remapping, headers, overlays, plus transition. Users won’t be far from it if you imagine it as Adobe’s response to Apple’s iMovie.

Additional features to free users are something that we’d like to explore. We can’t, however, grumble. It’s straightforward to use, seems to have a clear price structure, which is easy to navigate. The program is only sometimes hampered by an unusual problem that prevented us from picking other clip to make any changes to it because it refuse to be deselected for certain reason. Even though it was annoying, reloading the app cured it, & we only came across it twice when testing the program.

7. Canva Video

Canva Video is indeed a free video editing tool that cuts clips together quickly & is perfect for marketing departments, startups, & online influencers. You shouldn’t anticipate Hollywood-caliber editing features, functionality, & fx here since it isn’t a fully featured free video editor such as DaVinci Resolve or Lightworks. For now, you could only convert videos to MP4 & GIF.

Canva Video excels in assisting new users (or those who are in a hurry) in producing polished, easily shareable short movies & social networking assets. The user interface closely resembles that of the company’s well-known graphic design tool, which works by drag, drop, & resizing pre-built, customisable objects into the canvas. The design and functionality of editing software will be recognisable to you if you’ve even just looked at it over the last 20 years.

The free video editing tool won’t please seasoned editors or people who need Premiere Pro’s or Final Cut’s industry-standard features. Even when using a Pro or Enterprise membership, it is much too basic to provide such outcomes. However it ranks among the finest as a fast & dirty tool for making graphic content & cartoons for the social networking sites.

8. Adobe Express Video Editor

Canva Video and Adobe Express are both free web video editors that are made using the same (or nearly the same) material. Although it operates quite similarly to its competitor, it isn’t nearly as smooth.

Do not let the Adobe name fool you; this is not a replacement for Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements, or perhaps even Premiere Rush, a portable video editor. Similar to Canva’s free video editing program, it works best for assembling brief, straightforward footage for social networking sites or making slideshow slideshows.

This free video editing product, that is exclusively accessible online & can be utilised in the solely design-focused Adobe Express mobile apps, receives high marks on this front.

We discovered that the free video editor is excellent for amateurs & pros that really are short on time as well as require quick access to visual information. The cloud-based program’s very user-friendly layout & Adobe’s enhanced user interaction makes it exceedingly simple to alter your film, add titles, soundtrack, or even voiceover narrating.

Though we sometimes considered the procedure cumbersome in an effort to streamline & clarify, uploading & editing movies really makes a mockery of the label “Express.”

To make the movies stand out on screens, the free edition also includes a wonderful collection of stock photos, audio samples, & graphics. Anyone may access a larger collection of Adobe Stock assets if they decide to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud Express membership.

How to choose your own favourite free video editing program

There are various important things to think about. What type of video are you planning to create, & for whom? Fast home video editing for TV viewing & editing for Netflix or theatrical release are two very different things.

You must take into account the exporting formats the program must support, its quality of the output (HD, 4K, or 8K?) as well as the software can provide the special elements you want. If you want to collaborate, the app must work alongside the other people’s applications as well.

You must also be taken into account. Are you knowledgeable, or might a more straightforward tool that guides you throughout the entire procedure step by step be more useful? Do you require full control on every pixel, or will you prefer to delegate the majority of the job towards the computer? How resilient to change does the app must be?

Keep in mind that almost all, if not for all, free video editing programs have restrictions, but not all premium editors are prohibitively costly. Consider if a free choice is better to you or if you’d rather pay a little extra for a bit more capability.

Also keep in mind that you will want it to accomplish more the more you can accomplish. Can the software you’ve picked expand with your creativity?

How we evaluate free video editing programs

Even while free video editing programs might not be as comprehensive as premium programs, a number of the finest programs still include a ton of useful functions. Therefore, we examine free video editing software outside its most fundamental & popular capabilities.

Obviously, we should begin by examining its ui to evaluate how simple (or complex) it is for both novice and seasoned users to utilise & navigate. Even professionals want a smooth, unhindered workflow in order to concentrate more heavily on the artistic process.

We evaluate the tools it offers, putting the key ones towards the test it against found in commercial video editors such as Premiere Pro plus looking at the effects & filters it offers. We also keep track of the number that are accessible without charge & how much are restricted by a paywall. Bloatware is often packaged with free software, so we always ensure to highlight it in our reviews if it does.

Lastly, we examine its export capabilities, including how quickly a video is exported and the number of video formats is supported.

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