The All-New Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: A Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the newest addition to the hugely popular Galaxy line of smart phones. It offers consumers many exciting features, including a beautiful screen and high-resolution camera. However, it isn’t perfect – there are some minor flaws that hold it back from perfection. This in-depth review covers everything you need to know about the new phone from design and build quality to battery life and software features, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

Starting Up

As technology continues to advance, it seems like there is a new phone being released every week. This can make it hard to keep up with all the specs and reviews, but I wanted to review one of the latest offerings from Samsung for your consideration, the S21 Ultra.

This device does not disappoint. It has a durable glass screen, which is both shatterproof and scratch resistant. The back of the phone is made out of metal, which provides you with an extra level of protection against any drops or falls that might happen while you are on the go. What’s even better is that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes in six different colors, so you have options when deciding what kind of design works best for you.

As far as performance goes, this phone won’t let you down either. It comes equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM storage so there is plenty of space to store everything you need in life without worrying about running out of space anytime soon.


What can it do?

I love my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and can’t imagine living without it! I use it for everything from shopping to finding out what the weather is going to be like. It’s nice to have a phone that always has power; I used to have battery problems with my old one. I also really enjoy being able to snap some quick photos of my food before I take a bite. I’ve been using this phone for about six months now and would highly recommend it! The picture quality is incredible and there are so many apps available for download. Some people complain about the size of the screen but I think it’s perfect! One of the things I loved most about my old phone was how lightweight it was but the S21 Ultra feels sturdier in my hand.

If you’re looking for a phone that does everything you need it to do, then the S21 Ultra is definitely worth checking out!

However, there are some downsides to having such a powerful phone. The biggest complaint I have is that there’s just too much going on! I’m never able to see all of my icons at once because my screen is so small. Another downside for me is that it doesn’t have expandable memory or a removable battery. If your battery gets low and you don’t have time to recharge, you’ll need to wait until it charges completely before you can use it again.


Camera and Video

As one would expect from a device of this caliber, the camera and video quality is excellent. It features a 13MP rear-facing camera with autofocus and LED flash, as well as a 2MP front facing camera for all your Snap chatting needs. It takes nice, high definition pictures with lots of detail and colors. The videos come out smooth and clear too. The only issue I had was when it came to uploading videos to YouTube. While uploading short clips was no problem, any footage over ten minutes ended up with YouTube telling me it couldn’t be uploaded.

In conclusion, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has taken my expectations and blown them out of the water. With its sleek design and strong performance, there’s not much more you could ask for in a phone! My only qualm would be that at $999 CDN, it can get pretty pricey. Overall though, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is an amazing device that deserves five stars out of five! If you’re looking for a brand new, flagship Android smart phone then the S21 Ultra should definitely be on your list. Not only does it have a very good camera, but it also performs well, doesn’t lag even when multiple apps are running in the background and offers 4G LTE speeds.

When compared to other devices like the iPhone 6S Plus or LG G4, however, the S21 Ultra still falls slightly behind (mostly due to price). Regardless of how you feel about price though, I don’t think anyone will regret picking up this phone if they want something stylish yet powerful.


Speed and Storage

In my S21 Ultra review, I want to talk about what is the most important thing – speed and storage. This review of the all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will explain in more detail how this phone handles. We know that the fastest way to access your memory on your device is with an SD card, and while some users may take a hit in terms of battery life, it’s worth it for those who are looking for more storage on their phone. The S21 Ultra has 64GB of built-in storage and a microSD slot to expand that if needed. So far, I haven’t found any issues with reading or writing speeds when using apps or games from either the internal storage or external microSD card slots. When downloading large files like music or videos, the S21 Ultra was able to get it done quickly and efficiently.

When transferring data between devices, such as moving pictures off my camera onto my phone, the process took significantly less time than doing so with other phones I’ve used. My S21 Ultra review showed me just how fast this new smart phone is. There is no question that there is plenty of room for multimedia content on the S21 Ultra without worry of losing out on much speed. The only downside might be that you’re sacrificing a little bit of battery life.

The model I tested came with 64GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card. The SD card slot was no problem at all, with reading and writing speeds being very good. Moving large files around didn’t give me any concerns, either. This S21 Ultra review was based on my time using the phone.

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Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

Samsung has seen significant success in the smart phone market over the last few years, and it looks like they’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon. The all-new Galaxy S21 Ultra features an updated design, new internal hardware, and a much better battery life than its predecessor. Here’s our full review on whether or not you should buy this phone.

The new design for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is among one of the first things that you’ll notice about this phone when you take it out of the box. It’s made with a shiny aluminum body, which feels sleek to the touch. The home button can also be found on the front of the device (just below the display), so if you’re used to having your fingerprint scanner on the back, then there will be some adjustment time needed before getting used to this change. On top of that, there are no buttons anywhere else on the device – which makes for one less thing to worry about when trying to use your phone. For example, volume controls and power buttons have been replaced by gestures at the bottom of the screen; these gestures work well and make operating your phone much easier.

You’ll also find two speakers on either side of the home button at the bottom of the screen; these speakers provide clear sound that you can easily hear without needing to turn up the volume too high. These speakers offer deep bass as well as higher frequencies without any distortion whatsoever, which is great for watching movies or listening to music. The only downside is that these speakers don’t get very loud, so they may not be ideal for use in areas where there’s a lot of background noise. That being said, I never found myself needing to plug my headphones into my phone during my testing because the speaker quality was more than enough for me.

As for what specs are under the hood, you’ll find a 2.5GHz octa-core processor along with 6GB of RAM; this combination provides extremely fast performance for everything from opening apps to playing games without any lag whatsoever.

Along with that, you’ll also get 128GB of storage space which means you won’t have to worry about running out of space anytime soon. However, this storage space cannot be expanded any further. Furthermore, it comes with Android 8.1 Oreo installed right out of the box, so you won’t need to worry about waiting for an update before using your device. And finally, there’s a 3300mAh battery inside of the Galaxy S21 Ultra which will keep the device powered throughout the day without issue; in fact, I was able to get almost two days worth of usage from a single charge! This, combined with the large battery capacity, is definitely something to consider when looking for a new phone.

Ultimately, it really depends on what you’re looking for in your next smart phone purchase. If you want a device that runs smoothly without any lags and is easy to operate with gestures instead of buttons, then the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could be the perfect fit for you.

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