Starfield Concept Art Reveals Possible Alien and Fallout Connections

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Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG and the first new game in their Elder Scrolls series since 2011’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, was announced at E3 2018. After that initial announcement, not much information about Starfield has emerged. Until now, that is! Recently released concept art has revealed some interesting connections to both Alien and Fallout. Here’s what we know so far!

What Bethesda’s Starfield Could be About

We can glean a lot from the new Starfield concept art that was just revealed. It gives off a big Fallout vibe with its dark, empty wastelands, but also shows many similarities to the world of Ridley Scott’s Alien. If this is what Bethesda is going for, we’re all in for one hell of a ride!

The Starfield concept art is likely very early on in development, so there’s a chance that we’ll see dramatic changes as time goes on. For now though, it looks like we’ll be getting a sci-fi game with shades of both Fallout and big Alien. If you’ve been itching to play an open-world game set in space, then look no further! In contrast to games such as Mass Effect, where exploration happens in small spaceships and installations, the expanses of space are almost endless. Who knows? Maybe there will be epic space battles reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica or even FTL: Faster Than Light. We’re sure that if we get anything close to either of those two concepts, we won’t want to stop playing. With the release date still being years away, Bethesda has plenty of time to come up with something amazing.

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The Game play of Starfield

Fallout vibes come from the idea of maintaining a space station. Big Alien is the inclusion of an alien faction that has connections to earth. A possible storyline for Starfield includes colonists who had been living on Earth, but were forced to escape due to some catastrophe like nuclear war or disease.

The Void mentioned in Bethesda’s description could be a reference to outer space, which would allow players to explore planetary bodies like Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, while they search for other survivors who might have found refuge there. The player can also return back to Earth if they want by taking their ship through one of the wormholes scattered throughout the universe. There are rumors that this game will include ground-based combat as well, something we know very little about because there hasn’t been much revealed about it yet. If big Alien is true then the game will likely take place in close proximity to Earth rather than at a distance out in space. Although these two universes are separate, the game may connect them somehow. They may use alternate dimensions as a means of travel between planets and solar systems. One such dimension is called The Void where all life ends up after death and where your soul goes after you die

The Game play of 1st Person Shooters

1st Person Shooters are a type of video game, usually a shooter game. The player typically sees the action through the eyes of one person in a 3D world. This genre got its start with Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, and was then followed by Doom in 1993. In recent years, the genre has expanded to include many other titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall 2, Halo 5: Guardians, Destiny 2, Titanfall 2 and many others. 2nd Person POV

I’m looking forward to playing Starfield because I have been waiting for a new open-world sci-fi space exploration adventure. There’s not much known about Starfield, but we do know that it is Bethesda’s next big project after finishing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR. Starfield will be similar to these games and it is set in an infinite universe that you explore without boundaries. There is no release date yet but we can expect this game at some point next year. Other than that, we know very little about the story or gameplay. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

The Gameplay of Survival Games

Survival games, a genre of game that has seen an influx in popularity recently, is best defined as the act of surviving in a hostile environment, be it natural or man-made. The most popular survival games are usually open-world sandbox environments where players can explore freely while scavenging for supplies to survive. Players must balance their exploration with their need to find food, water, weapons, and shelter. Death comes swiftly in these games; one wrong turn, one unlucky moment can result in death. Some examples include: DayZ (2013), Rust (2013), Ark: Survival Evolved (2015), H1Z1: King of the Hill (2016), and Conan Exiles (2017). Starfield seems to follow this premise, judging by the screenshots we’ve been given thus far. However, there are some key differences between Starfield and your typical survival game: no zombies! We don’t know what our enemies will look like just yet, but we do know they won’t be shambling corpses from beyond the grave. Another thing that sets Starfield apart from other survival games is its emphasis on freeform game play—meaning you can play however you want!

What We Can Learn From the Hype behind Fallout 76 and Anthem

What is clear from the two games is that there are a lot of people out there who want to explore a new world, but they don’t want it to be the same as what they’ve seen before. The hype behind both of these games is largely fueled by the desire to play something new.

The big question that remains is whether or not we’ll get more than just an exploration game in either of these titles. Starfield will have combat and crafting elements, but will its focus remain exploring a new world? And if so, does that make it different enough for players to find value in playing? It’s hard to say right now given how little information has been released about this project. But, based on the concept art alone (which looks like a mix between Fallout 76 and Alien), it seems likely that exploration won’t be all there is to do in this game. We can see some hints of spaceships in the sky which suggests that players might at least have some form of defense against enemies. From the comments left on Bethesda’s blog post, one fan said: There is no Fallout vibe here, sorry. Others seem excited to visit another world but wish it had more ties with previous games in the series.

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