Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s ‘best phone’ status is about to get three major challenges

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This Galaxy S22 Ultra review demonstrates how well Samsung understands the needs of power users. The finest feature of the Galaxy Note is now included with this new beast, along with a so many of additional improvements.

There are many things to adore, if you’re a lover of photography and require a smartphone that can compete with a DSLR, a regular note-taker who appreciates the design of a S Pen stylus, as well as somebody who spends much time playing computer games or streaming content.

It’s wonderful that there are competitors to sway ones interest because the device’s high price can turn some individuals off. Three more are set to come in the coming days that could lure you off from Galaxy.

In order for you to understand what to anticipate, we’ll walk you through each of these 3 phones with in sequence that they will be released.

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

This Monday morning, 9th May, ZTE’s Axon 40 series will make its debut, and a representative of the Ultra family is rumored to be joining them.

Based to one source, this phone is enormous and has greater than a passing similarity to the S22 Ultra, but it has an in-display front camera, making the screen seem to be intact.

With 3 64MP back cameras, 1Terabytes of space, 16 GB ram, and even a 6.8-inch large 2K screen, it is claimed to be outstanding in a number of ways.

Since many ZTE Axon mobiles are released beyond the company’s home market of China, we’ll really have to wait and see if this one does as well.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's 'best phone' status is about to get three major challenges-1

Sony Xperia 1 IV

Sony has stated that something will arrive on May 11; might it be the Sony Xperia one IV? Sony’s flagship smartphones are frequently incredibly powerful – and quite pricey.

The Sony Xperia line of smartphones is intended for creative people. Sony’s engineers devised the camera lenses & sensor, and the added features allow you to use the phone as a second viewfinder when taking pictures.

Additionally, they frequently have processing power on par with Samsung devices, and their 4K screens win them the prize for high-resolution displays.

Although we don’t yet know what Sony has in store for the Xperia IV, if we notice any noteworthy upgrades, the new device may surpass the Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's 'best phone' status is about to get three major challenges-2

Honor Magic 4 Pro

Honor will be releasing the week’s biggest launch on 12th May. This Honor Magic Iv series, of which we have previously seen 1 member, is truly being released on a global scale.

The Honor Magic Iv Pro is the subject here, and because it partially launched earlier this year, people already know quite a lot about it. The 6.81-inch 120Hz display, a strong Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 CPU, and a striking design are all expected to be included.

In theory, the cameras appear to be its strongest point. A 50MP primary, 50MP ultra-wide, & 64MP zoom trio is located on the back, while a 12MP camera with a 3-dimensional Time-of-Flight sensor is included for selfies.

This might be a strong challenger for our title of “best phones,” but we’ll need to wait and see how well it works in real life.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's 'best phone' status is about to get three major challenges-3

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