Rohit Zinjurke (TikTok Star) Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Salary & Net Worth

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Gujarat-born Rohit Zinjurke, a well-known social media personality, is 27 years old. He comes from a middle-class household and worked hard to accomplish what he set out to do. He began his career by posting videos on TikTok. After becoming well-known there, he moved on to YouTube and continued doing so until TikTok was outlawed in India in 2020. In addition to TikTok and YouTube, Rohit Zinjurke has a sizable following on Instagram. In his social media, he publishes articles on fashion and leisure. His daily life vlogs are posted on YouTube.

Physical Appearance, Height & Weight

Rohit Zinjurke stands at a height of 5′ 7″ and weighs 65 kg. He has black hair and eyes. He has tattoos on both of his arms and a strong build.

Rohit Zinjurke Age, Birthday & Birthplace

In 2022, he will be 27 years old. On April 9, 1995, Rohit Zinjurke was born to a Gujarati family in Surat. He presently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with his family.

Rohit Zinjurke Family

On social media, he never acknowledged his father. In several of his films, he can be seen living at home with his sister and mother. Rohini Zinjurke is the name of his sister.

Rohit Zinjurke Girlfriend, Wife & Affair

He is not yet married, he is not dating anybody, and there is no information available about any previous relationships. His best friend is a girl named Nita Shilimkar, and the two of them can be seen in practically all of his YouTube videos.

Biography & Career

  • He was a well-known TikTok star before TikTok was shut down, at which point he began uploading videos to YouTube and Instagram.
  • Working for the Desi Music Factory is Rohit Zinjurke.
  • He has come from a very impoverished background and is now successful in life because he works extremely hard.
  • Though he was born in Surat, Gujarat, he currently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Rohit has a highly successful YouTube channel with close to 3 million subscribers where he posts vlogs about his daily life and travels.

Some Facts about Rohit Zinjurke

  • You can observe Rohit Zinjurke’s passion for horses in his travel-related YouTube videos.
  • Nita is his best friend, yet a lot of people view him as dating her.
  • On Instagram, Rohit has more than 9.3 million followers, and he has more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers.
  • He assists many individuals since he is a compassionate person.
  • Rohit Zinjurke enjoys riding bikes, and he purchased his dream KTM.
  • He also skydived in Dubai from a height of 13000 feet.

Salary & Net Worth

His annual revenue from YouTube is reportedly between $10.8K and $ 173.4K, according to Social Blade. In addition to this, he earns money from cooperation, modeling, brand sponsorship, and advertising.

Rohit Zinjurke Girlfriend

Those who were curious about Rohit Zinjurke’s girlfriend may find out more information here. Rohit Zinjurke is reportedly single and hasn’t revealed any details about his partner just yet. The closest buddy of Rohit Zinjurke is Nita Shilimkar.

Rohit Zinjurke Personal Life

Rohit Zinjurke (TikTok Star) Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Salary & Net Worth

Yet, Nita Shilimkar is rumored to be Rohit Zinjurke’s girlfriend. Whatever the case, no significant pronouncement has been made. He made an appearance in the album single “Goli Maar De,” which was presented by Anshul Garg and featured prominent TikTok artist Nita Shilimka. People frequently look for Rohit Zinjurke’s wife, although he is single and doesn’t have any partners.

Rohit Zinjurke Income

Rohit Zinjurke’s estimated net worth as of 2021 is greater than 1 crore Indian rupees. He gains from his sponsorships on social media, YouTube Adsense, and music videos. He now works for Desi Music Factory.

Unknown Facts About Rohit Zinjurke

  • Rohit Zinjurke will turn 21 in 2021, and he was born on April 9th.
  • He is well-known for the moniker Reaction Boy.
  • first performance by Rohit Zinjurke in the music video for “Goli Maar De” with girlfriend Nita Shilimkar
  • While he has more than 7.6 million followers on Instagram, his account is still not verified.
  • Rohit Zinjurke made his online debut on the TikTok app, where he currently has 15.5 million followers.
  • He allegedly has a connection with Nita Shilimkar, a popular TikTok user.
  • Rohit has 1.6 million YouTube followers and has won both silver and gold medals on the platform.
  • Rohit has worked with several well-known actors and personalities, including Riyaz Aly, Siddharth Malhotra, Nisha Gur again, Tony Kakkar, and Neha Kakkar.


In social media, Rohit Zinjurke is well-known as a responsible guy with a sizable fan base. Here are a few facts about him; let us know what you think in the comments section.

Please let me know if you discover any inaccurate information about him so that we can fix it after conducting further research.

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