PS5 restock updates: where to buy a PlayStation 5 console today

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So far this week, just few PS5 restocks have gone available. Despite the fact that consoles haven’t been spotted in the US in quite some time, you may still seek an invitation to next PS5 refill at Amazon US. Sign up to be notified when the console becomes available for purchase. Meanwhile, PS5 availability in the UK arrives & goes in waves. Game, Scan, and select Argos outlets are the most recent merchants to get stock.

The supply condition seems far from ideal, but it’s the greatest we’ve witnessed since last year, when purchasing the PS5 was almost impossible. We’ve been tracking PS5 restocks since console’s release in Nov 2020, giving us a good sense of where to get one at any given time.

Our goal is to provide you with one of the latest up-to-date PS5 resupply information as well as a constantly updated list of shops with information on when they could have the consoles available right here.

The most up-to-date information about PS5 restocks may be found here.

  • Register for just an invitation to the upcoming Amazon PS5 replenishment in the United States.
  • .At the United States, keep an eye out for PS5 stock in other retailers on a daily basis.
  • UK: Argos has launched a regional stock drop; check your address for details.
  • In the United Kingdom, a few additional outlets have PS5 systems in stock.

Obtain an invitation toward the next PS5 replenishment on Amazon (US).

In the United States, Amazon has entirely modified how it manages PS5 restocks. You may now seek an invitation to purchase the PS5 system when it becomes available. You’ll get up to 72 hours to use your special invite once it’s in stock, but you won’t be guaranteed a console, so you’ll have to act quickly. Another difference is that you don’t need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to seek an invitation.

Target: fresh supply arrives in certain stores each morning – check back frequently.

Target is currently selling the PS5 in a different way. Instead of a huge resupply every several weeks, the PS5 will now be available for purchase at certain retailers every morning. As a result, predicting availability is tricky, so your best bet would be to monitor each morning to see if the console is still available for purchase.

Some Argos locations have PS5 consoles and packages.

Argos currently has the PS5 and also Horizon Forbidden West packages in stock. Because availability is constrained and varies by location, go to the shop page . select your postcode to check whether stock is available for pickup or if a console can be shipped.

Limitations of the game PS5 packages are still available.

Currently, Game has a limited amount of standard PS5 bundles in stock. For £519.98, you can get Horizon Zero Dawn with a copy of the game, but you can also buy extras like an additional DualSense controller or other games like Gran Turismo 7 & Marvel ‘s Spider: Miles Morales. There are also several PS5 covers that allow you to alter the appearance of your system.

Scan: £703.99 for a Ratchet & Clank package with extra accessories.

Scan has released another another PS5 bundle, this time with a lot of content but a high price tag. You’ll get a PS5 system, a copy of such Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, an additional DualSense controller, and a 1TB WD Black SN850 SSD to store all of your games this time around.

PS5 packages are now available in the BT Shop for current customers.

If you’re a current BT subscriber, sign in to your account and look for an access code under the ‘Your Offers’ area that will allow you to purchase a PS5 from the BT Shop. There are currently a few PS5 packages available including Horizon Forbidden West and additional accessories.

In the United States, we see consoles once per month at major retailers, but they still sell out in minutes at places like Amazon and Walmart, both of which recently held restocks.


Nonetheless, here are all the US retailers who stock PS5 and Digital Version consoles on a routine basis. We’ll keep updating this list as early as we learn of an upcoming restock, including the declared time and date, so you can be as ready as possible.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version (Amazon) (Latest restocks: 26th May)

One or two months, PS5 stock appears on Amazon, but it quickly disappears from the digital shelves. To overcome this, it has changed the way it manages PS5 restocks in the United States. You may now request an invite to purchase the PS5 system when it becomes available. You’ll have 72 hours to use your exclusive invite once it’s in stock, but you won’t be guaranteed a console. To seek an invite, you no longer need to have an account of Amazon Prime.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | Walmart (Latest restocks: 2nd June)

Every 4-6 weeks, Walmart restocks the PlayStation 5. Events are usually held between Tuesday and Thursday and are announced in advance on the retail site and in daily emails. However, there is one caveat. Only paid Walmart+ members can get the PS5, that also costs $12.95 for every month or $98 over a year.


PS5 & PS5 Digital Version are the best buys (Latest restocks: 7th June)

Previously, only Totaltech Members had access to Best Buy’s PS5 restock events. That changed, however, when the company’s latest set of consoles went up for sale. Everyone, including recent Horizon Forbidden West bundles, can now purchase the console.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version target (Latest restocks: April 15th April)

Every few weeks, Goal used to grab a PS5 restock, but they’ve since switched to a fresh model. Instead of a massive retailer-wide event, the PS5 will now be available to purchase from a few local stores each morning. As a result, it’s difficult for us to provide you with reliable information about console availability; your best bet is to check in each morning to see if any consoles are available in your area.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | GameStop (Latest restocks: 28th May)

GameStop alternates between selling the PS5 online and through in-store restocking events. It almost always only sells huge bunles that include some of the most recent PS5 games as well as the most sought-after accessories. If you buy from here, you can consider paying anywhere from $600 to $1000. You’ll also require a PowerUp Reward system Pro membership.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | PlayStation Direct (Latest restock was on 26th May.)

During each restock cycle, Sony’s official PlayStation Immediate store is generally the first to sell consoles. However, in order to purchase one, you must first register your information in order to start receiving an exclusive email invitation to each restock event. These are held once a month on average. If there are any consoles left after the invite phase, a public sale is usually held.


The PS5 is currently in stock many weeks in the United Kingdom. Depending on the shop, the amount of consoles in stock, and the quality of packages on sale, it can last from a few hours or days. Check out the fast links below for the most up-to-date information on stores in the UK that have PS5 restocks.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version (Amazon) (Latest restock:  15th June)

Although there is no set schedule, Amazon in the UK tends to replenish the PS5 every 4-6 weeks. Customers with Amazon Prime have preferential access, much like in the United States. During this early timeframe, the console normally sells in a matter of a few minutes, therefore getting one of those as a non-member is now difficult.

Horizon Bundle | PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition (Latest restock:  15th June)

Department store on the internet approximately once a month, Very holds a PS5 refill and generally has availability for the majority of the day. Each time, 2-5 bundles including some of the most recent PS5 titles and top-rated accessories are available to purchase. A combo of Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, and an additional DualSense controller has just been offered as an option. When the PS5 is out of stock, Very pulls its PS5 sites offline, so if the links above don’t function, it’s because the system is out of stock.

PS5 Digital Version | PS5 Game (In stock now)

In the UK, Game is a reasonably consistent supplier of PS5 restocks, with one every two weeks or so. Stock is also available for a few more days. That’s because it only sells bundles, although there are generally a lot of them. There are simple ones with only one PS5 game, including such Horizon Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7, which sell out quickly. The more bizarre alternatives are easier to come by, but they cost considerably more and sometimes include undesired knickknacks like hats and t-shirts.

PS5 Verion PS5 Digital Edition | Currys (The most recent replenishment was in June.)

Currys employed an invitation system to distribute PS5 consoles for a long period. It now offers a few packages to its web shop every two months or so when the PS5 is restocked. These are often high-priced choices that come with a slew of extra games and peripherals, like PS5 SSDs, steering wheels, and wireless headphones.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | PlayStation Direct (Latest restock:  16th June)

In the United Kingdom, Sony’s authorized PlayStation Direct store just debuted and has begun hosting PS5 refill events. However, you must register your information and be fortunate enough to receive an exclusive email invitation to purchase one. These occur at least once per month on average. If any consoles remain after the early access period, they will be offered in a public sale on a first-come, first-served system until the PS5 is completely sold out.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | Argos (In stock now)

It’s difficult to keep track of PS5 restocks at Argos because the shop distributes consoles to various regions at various times, so certain parts of the UK and Ireland may have availability while others may not. Our best advise is to just check at each replenishment, which happens roughly once a month, to see whether the PS5 is still available to purchase in your region.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | Smyths Toys (Latest restock:  10th June)

When the PS5 is offered at Smyths Toys, it is usually exclusively available for Click and Collect. Individual stores only have a limited amount of consoles, so you’ll have to act quickly to get one before they’re all gone. The chances aren’t huge, but restocks appear to occur early in the morning on weekends here, so keep an eye out if weekdays are troublesome.

PS5 is the place to shop(Latest restock:  28th My)

The PS5 is rarely in stock at ShopTo, and it is generally only available in bundles. Horizon Forbidden West was included in every choice in the last batch, but you could also add an additional controllers or Lego Star Wars to the mix. Make sure you just order one PS5 system, since ShopTo has threatened to cancel order and charge you a £20 administration fee if you buy more than one. Adhere to a console if you don’t want to face their fury.

PS5 at the BT Shop (In stock now)

The PS5 is available through BT’s own BT Shop. You must, however, be a current BT subscriber in order to purchase one. Whenever the console is ready, go into ones BT account and look for an option to receive an access code under the ‘Your Offers’ area. When a PS5 console or bundle becomes available, enter this code on the BT Shop’s PS5 shop page.

PS5: EE (Latest restock:  13th June)

Like BT, a PS5 is only available to EE customers. If the PS5 is in stock, anyone with an EE subscription – or who signs up as a separate client – may add it to their plan. You just pay a portion of the fee up front then pay the remainder over next eleven months on top of the existing monthly payment.


PS5 & PS5 Digital Version (Amazon)

When additional PS5 stock becomes available, it will most likely be at Amazon, so you’ll need to be first in line. Because Amazon is such a large online shop, it seems to just have stock more frequently than others, so we’ll leave this link up in case additional consoles become available shortly.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version target

Target’s PS5 landing page displays the most recent stock changes. It now indicates that limited supply will be released shortly and that customers should check back for exact release dates. It’s also worth mentioning that the business will only offer PS5 stock online; it would not be available to buy in-store.

PS5&| PS5 Digital Version | EB Games

EB Games was not only one of the first stores to sell out, but it also took a large amount of pre-orders for the consoles in 2021. However, the PS5 hasn’t been seen in a while, so stay tuned for further information.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | The Gamesmen

All future PS5 restocks will be announced via The Gamesmen’s social media outlets. We’ll post any new information here as soon as we find it, but for more immediate information, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to their email newsletter.


PS5 & PS5 Digital Version (Amazon)

Though it doesn’t appear like Amazon Canada restricts PS5 sales to Premium subscribers, it has been a long period of time since the system was available for purchase. We recommend keeping a watch on that product details in case it’s modified with any information concerning special instant access for Amazon Prime subscribers, since this has previously assisted in determining resupply dates in other locations.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version | Walmart: PS5

A PS5 replenishment landing page on Walmart’s website provides constant updates just on console’s accessibility. It frequently indicates that now the PS5 is unavailable, but it directs you to Walmart Canada’s Twitter account for the most up-to-date information.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Version are the best buys.

In addition to checking online, Best Buy recommends checking local retailers for PS5 console availability. The console shop sites are occasionally updated with a ‘Coming Soon’ banner, but this does not provide a clear or exact indicator about when the PS5 would be ready for purchase. To prevent losing out, simply keep checking in on a regular basis.

PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition | GameStop

At the moment, GameStop only sells the PS5 or PS5 Digital Version as parts of a package, and these are constantly changing. What is our recommendation? Keep checking back for details on until the next round of PS5 packages will be ready to purchase, as well as what will be included in each one.

Although PS5 restocks are becoming more often, and purchasing the PS5 has gotten easier, it might be a difficult and frustrating process. We’ve answered several of the biggest commonly asked questions concerning PS5 restocks below to help you be as prepared as possible. In order to offer you the greatest chance of getting a PS5, we’ve also included our top advice based on over a year of PS5 console searching.



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