Osmose Technology: How Does It work? Everything about This Company

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Osmose technologies is a non-governmental and private organization that was established on December 24th, 2019. Registration for Osmose Technologies was completed at the Registrar of Companies in Pune, Maharashtra, under the number 188640, and the company’s Corporate Identification number is U72900PN2019PTC188640. The Osmose technology is not on any official list and operates on its own.

Osmose technology has “Shebang Vaishnava Partaker” and “Prashant Ramachandra Round ale” serving as its directors. The company’s capital share value is permitted to be Rest. 500000, and its paid-up capital is expected to be Rest. 10000.

Osmose technology offers a wide variety of services in the field of information technology, including mobile application development, website design and development, web application development, gaming, and many more. They are the owners of a few of the most popular gaming applications found in the Google Play store. There is a theory floating around the internet that Osmose Technologies could be an elaborate hoax. But, after doing some investigation on the internet and other social media platforms, we were unable to locate any concrete proof to support the assertion that it is a hoax. However, as is typical in these situations, there are evaluations that range from promoting Osmose Technologies as the best in affiliate marketing to those that describe it as the worst.

Osmose Technology Affiliate Program

The affiliate program offered by Osmose Technologies has piqued the curiosity of a great number of potential new Affiliates. Its daily benefit programs are the reason for its immense popularity. They also provide revenue or perks to affiliates depending on the number of direct and indirect affiliates working with them. Almost all of the people who have signed up with Osmose Technologies as affiliates have been paid up to this point, and they have not encountered any problems up to this point. While many people assert that they have a tendency to engage in fraudulent activity in India, we do not have any proof to support this assertion. In addition to this, they guarantee a daily payment of 20 Indian Rupees to each and every affiliate in the Osmose group. In addition to this, an affiliate may bring in money via the generation of leads and through the use of direct marketing techniques.

Osmose Technology is registered at the following address

Location: S.NO. 17/1B and Office No. 4D/E

P.NO. 14, Devgiri Area, Kothrud


Pune – 411038

Maharashtra – India

How does Osmose Technology generate revenue?

Affiliates in the Osmose technology platform provide visitors to Osmose retail websites and Osmose applications in order to earn a commission via the Osmose Affiliate Marketing Program.

Osmose Technologies primarily concentrates its efforts on two principal applications.

  • Shopping site
  • Application for Video Games

The primary method through which Osmose Technologies gets revenue from its Platforms is via

  1. Integrating advertising with their gaming application.
  2. By facilitating the transaction of buying and selling things through the internet.

The Osmose technology affiliate program focuses on driving traffic to their Shopping website in order to generate leads and affiliates.

How does the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program work?

How does the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program work

The Osmose Technology Affiliate Program operates using Level and Direct Marketing Methods as its two primary pillars of operation. It should be noted that the Osmose Affiliate Program is not a fraudulent platform. Affiliates get their payments on a daily basis, and the amount they receive is determined by the total number of affiliates using the site. Throughout the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program, there are a total of seven stages to go through, and the amount of money made at each level is varied.

Every affiliate that is registered on the Osmose Platform receives a daily revenue, regardless of whether or not the affiliate has been added to a level. Every Osmose Promoter who has been registered, may earn a daily income of 20 Rs by being active (like, comment, share) on PikFlick App provided by Osmose Technologies.

What is Level Wise Marketing in Osmose Technology?

  1. After being an Osmose promoter, you will be required to recruit ten direct affiliates, and a daily payment of one rupee will be sent into your account for each direct affiliate recruited (i.e 300 per month)
  2. Your core team consists of these ten Directs, and you will take on the role of team manager.
  3. Each time these 10 affiliates add directs to their team, you will also get Rs 1 as recurring revenue in addition to the direct affiliate. This is due to the fact that you will instantly become the Team Manager for the affiliate.
  4. You are able to manage up to seven tiers of affiliates, and each affiliate that joins at any level adds Rs 1 to your revenue in either a direct or indirect manner.

How to join the Osmose Technology affiliate Program?

The following provides a detailed explanation, in a way that is step-by-step, on how to get started with Osmose Affiliate marketing.

  • You may join Osmose for free; however, in order to become an affiliate of Osmose Technology, you will need to purchase the subscription by paying Rs.1180 per three months. You can join Osmose for free; however, in order to become an affiliate of Osmose Technology, you will need to buy the subscription.
  • When you have subscribed to Osmose Technologies, you will be prompted to provide your banking information and documentation so that future bank transactions are both efficient and secure.
  • Together with your membership, Osmose will present you with a voucher good for shopping on their website worth Rs.1200 every three months, and they will also supply you with an income of Rs.20 per day if you use the PikFlick app.
  • You are permitted to withdraw the money from your bank account after a minimum of 500 rupees has been deposited to the bank account.

Nonetheless, you are still eligible to get Rs. 20 from their supporting apps even if you do not add any affiliates.

The primary reason why they decided to join this firm was because they were able to get an affiliate commission through the link provided, however we cannot verify whether or not this information is genuine. Hence, please do some research on it before joining, and then join at your own discretion and risk? When making an investment, it is imperative that you review all of the documents pertaining to the organization.

How does osmos technology work?

Osmos is a technology that was designed to assist in reducing the amount of time it takes for webpages to load. In order to function, it saves copies of static files in its cache, so removing the need that requests for such files be sent to the server. Because of this, the amount of requests that need to be handled is decreased, which ultimately leads to a website that loads more quickly for its visitors.

Osmose Technology Registration Fees and Business Plans

In spite of the fact that registering with Osmose Technologies is completely free of charge, if you want to participate in its Networking program and make money via it, you will need to pay a registration fee of Rs. 1200. After submitting the required documents and paying the registration price of Rs. 1200, you will be upgraded to the premium plan of Osmose Technologies and given 1,200 points. These 1200 points may be used for the purchase of any item offered for sale on the Osmose Technology website by any anyone who becomes a member of Osmose Technology.

In addition to this, after you have upgraded to the premium plan offered by Osmose Technologies, you will be rewarded with Rs. 20 every day in addition to Rs. 600 in total. It is possible to move this money into your connected bank account, and it is always available for withdrawal.


Thus, you must now have all of the necessary information before entering the Osmose Technologies Networking Program. This information is necessary for you to have. Although Osmose Technology possesses all of the important certificates, including the Legal Certificate that a limited company is required to have in order to make it trustworthy among its members, However, anyone who is interested in investing in Osmose Technology and wants to join its Networking Program ought to be aware that because this is a relatively new company, it is likely that it will soon join the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies. This is something that anyone who is interested in either of these things ought to be aware of.

We are going to come to the conclusion that Osmose Technologies is an excellent and reliable networking firm, and that you should consider investing in it so that you may easily generate money.

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