Newegg Shuffle loophole discovered by 11-year-old who bought an RTX 3090 GPU

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Right present, a number of procedures are in place across different stores that make it challenging to purchase illusive graphics cards. The Newegg Shuffle has prevented hundreds of customers from making purchases, but one clever 11-year-old Florida youngster discovered a flaw that allowed him to skip any lines and put one EVGA FTW3 RTX GeForce 3090 right to his cart.

That Newegg Shuffle was for many people in the US one of the finest opportunities to without having to contend with bots and scalpers, receive fresh visuals.

The problem was that shuffling itself stopped you from just checking in and buying the GPU; rather, it asked you to enroll for a lottery-like system in which you store your chosen items, with winners having the opportunity to buy them during the buying window.

Random chance

Although the lottery was immediately expanded to cover other gear having the same problems, the Newegg Shuffle method was first developed to assist prevent PS5 consoles away from scalpers who were currently buying available stock and afterwards reselling internet at a greatly inflated price so make a profit.

Given the large number of participants in the Newegg Shuffle—PCMag reports an average of 100,000 individuals entering each raffle—it is not surprising that the majority of those who join are unsuccessful. Its Newegg ‘Build a PC’ function, which enables you to virtually assemble a choice of components that create a bespoke gaming desktop PC.

You may utilize the smartphone app to add one GPU to the basket and continue to checkout even if the Newegg website appeared to be very safe. Even if the cards were labeled as “out of stock,” the bug ignored that fact.

After using the Shuffle method and learning about the flaw in Newegg’s system, the boy’s father, Ricardo Santana Sr., told PCMag that the resisted the urge to take advantage of the flaw because they wanted other individuals to have a chance of actually getting some equipment:

“I considered buying more, but I didn’t want to abuse the situation and I wanted to give others a chance. I believe that Newegg is emphasizing selling customized builds with inventory they have towards the Shuffle. I’m not sure if people are actually succeeding at the Shuffle, because I attempted it so many times and never succeeded.”

Opinion: Let folks just enjoy themselves.

Although at first I wondered why on earth an 11-year-old boy would need an RTX 3090, I have to say that I am happy for them. There was no animosity between the family and Newegg because they were acknowledged for spotting the error. Before the workaround was resolved, a few more purchases were made, hopefully by players rather than someone looking to make a profit.

According to Santana Sr., PCMag The notion “it’s horrible that we must go to this length to be able to purchase these cards” has been driving PC gamers and developers crazy for months. Nobody knows when we will begin to reap the rewards of the collapsing crypto mining sector, but recent news on plummeting crypto currencies implies that we might start in seeing GPUs here on shelves at an accessible price and with some inventory to go around.

For the time being, I’ll take these positive tales as they arise amid the barrage of dismal news about hardware shortages, and I’ll only hope that one day we will each have a comparable level of success.


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