The Gray Man, Indian Predator, F3 lead OTT releases in India – July 22 weekend

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This week’s selection from the weekly list of recent Indian films available on Ott services is diverse. A humorous Telugu web series about a detective named Agent Anand Santosh is available. Ghar Waapasi is a Hindi online series that emphasizes family, work, and enjoyment. Speaking of entertainment, our weekly list also includes the Telugu film F3: Fun & Frustration. The film has already become quite popular in theatres. This will be available for concurrent viewing on multiple systems.

And there is Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi, a docuseries about a violent serial murderer who caused quite a sensation in New Delhi a few years ago. Patham Valavu, a moving cop narrative in Malayalam, brings an end to our selection.

Since it happens, The Gray Man, an English film as from makers of the Marvel series and starring, among many others, India’s very own Dhanush, is the subject of the most talk around this week’s premieres. Since English-language films are not included in our weekly roundup, we have a separate article about Dhanush’s success in Hollywood.

There are a couple additional fresh releases this week in addition to these. They are the Telugu web series Parampara Season 2, the Tamil new show Meme Boys (SonyLiv), the Kannada film Physics Teacher (Voot), as well as the Kannada film Nodi Swamy Ivanu Irode (Disney Plus Hotstar).

Agent Anand Santosh

It is unusual to see people who’ve become social networking influencers cast in films or web series since producers also want to capitalize on the hype that they surely generate on respective platforms. This phenomenon has been seen in Tamil (Kollywood). Tollywood has now joined the bandwagon as well. The online series Agent Anand Santosh marks the OTT debut of social networking celebrity & Bigg Boss Telugu 5 finalist Shanmukh Jaswanth Kandregula.

The narrative is around a young person who desires to become a detective. He joins a private detective firm with his sidekick. The main focus of the narrative is how he resolves an abduction case involving a sizable gang. In addition to making the script function, a lot of humour and entertaining components are used.

Weekly ten episode series Agent Anand Santosh.

Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi

Synopsis: In the past, Netflix produced two famous Indian docuseries. Definitely spine-chilling was the first, House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths. The complete family of 11, including the family dog, was discovered hanging on the balcony on what are now remembered as the Burari deaths. Crime Stories: India Detectives, the 2nd, followed the Bengaluru cops as they worked to investigate 4 terrible crimes.

Currently available for streaming, Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi is a three episode docuseries about a crazy serial murderer who killed individuals, severed their heads, & even dumped the bodies outside the entrance of Tihar jail in Delhi. He left a message for something like the police among the bodies that made fun of them as well dared them to apprehend him if they could. It’s not clear whodunit in Indian Predator. The mystery revolves not around the murderer but more about his actions and intentions. These police officers’ cat-and-mouse chase with the killer is highlighted in the program. The Butcher of Delhi includes testimonies by journalists, forensic specialists, & police inspectors. The show explains how well the police first lacked the skills necessary to solve a case of such a magnitude but gradually developed & caught the offender. The show also looks at the social & psychological influences that led the offender to carry out his or her horrible deeds.

F3: Fun & Frustration

Synopsis: Not every movie can be watched concurrently on multiple platforms. But starting on July 22, F3: Fun & Frustration would be available both on SonyLiv & Netflix. The same leads are included in this follow-up to the 2019 smash hit F2: Fun & Frustration. Unreservedly a mass masala comedy, it ignored logic & cinematic sensibility in favor of laughter and levity. F3 is no exception & performed admirably during its theatrical release. If F2 focused on the discontent of married men, its sequel concentrates on money. Essentially, it is a ridiculous comedy. Either you enjoy it or you don’t.

Ghar Waapsi

This is really a lighthearted family drama, a genre that is sadly slowly disappearing from public eyes since most online programs are either blatantly youth-centric or investigative mysteries. The middle-aged family drama, which was once extremely popular on Doordarshan & helped millions around the world form their sensibilities, is becoming dated.

Ghar Waapasi is just one among the fortunate outliers, though. This is a lighthearted comedy that is based on real-life events. It centers on an Indore family whose head guy returns from Bengaluru upon losing his job. He keeps his members of the family from knowing the truth. The plot is focused on the numerous amusing circumstances that surround this. However, it also examines the notion of how erratic startup employees’ lives may be. The six-part television series ought to be lovable & entertaining.

Patham Valavu

Synopsis: A few years back, Padmakumar, the director, drew everybody’s attention with intriguing police thriller Joseph. Since there is natural enthusiasm when he returns with some other police investigation tale. His method has the drawback that he infuses a cop narrative with a lot of internal feelings. That was evident in Joseph. The previous theatrical release of Patham Valavu is nothing like that.

A police officer is anticipating the arrival of his first kid. But since it occurs, he has to start looking for a criminal who has escaped after already being freed from prison on parole before he really gets to hold his newborn child for the first time. This elusive criminal, who does have a history, is eventually apprehended by the cop. Before being sent back to prison, he needs to kill one further individual in retaliation. His past adds interest. What then does the officer do? That really is the main subject of the movie. Suraj Venjaramoodu is also fantastic as a criminal seeking retribution. But he is, constantly.

Previous Week’s Recommendations


Jitu Bhaiya, who appeared in seasons 1 & 2 of the Kota Factory, has returned as a magician. Jitendra Kumar, who also performed well in Panchayat, is currently employed by 2 firms in Jaadugar. He is indeed a magician, but in addition to helping a local football club reach the championship game, he must perform his magic on the girl he loves. However, he actually has the complete opposite of Messi’s soccer abilities. So how can he support his team in winning while also winning his woman love’s affection?

According to the teaser, the plot appears to be a classic feel-good sports tale about the underdog. However, the humor as well as the unpretentious small town attitude ought to be a huge bonus. The type of movie anybody would desire on a weekend is one with humor as well as some exciting sports action.

Janhit Mein Jaari

Synopsis: This Hindi movie is another one that adheres to the present pattern of being set in a strange village with eccentric characters. The movie’s idea is engaging & intriguing. A girl, who wants money, obtains employment as just a salesgirl in the story. But in that little village where women are supposed to be conservative, it must be to sell condoms. She should also start a conversation about protected sex. It is humorous & pertinent here to times in which we live. The film’s strong box office performance was largely due to its witty & lighthearted screenplay.


On the surface, this appears being a love tale between 2 students, complete with the typical college antics, conflicts, as well as a farewell party that alters their lives. They consummate the love in a moment of rage, which really is obviously undesirable to their separate families. The two must leave their house as a result, but a helpful instructor assists them. They have to gain their families’ love once more. The situations in the tale, according to the director, had been influenced by his time in college. Essentially, it is a movie about emotional growth boys & girls change when they enter their teenage years & early 20s and develop into men & ladies, respectively.

Comicstaan Season 3

The search is on for India’s future top stand-up comic. The season 3 has a brand-new roster of stand-up comedians, four judges, plus mentorship who would also advise the candidates on various comedic subgenres. The 3rd season of the show features a fresh structure. Professional comedians served as both judges & mentors throughout seasons 1 & 2. This season, the competition program will also have 4 judges & 7 devoted mentors to help the contestants, nevertheless. The 4 judges for the competition would be stand-up comedians Zakir Khan, Sumukhi Suresh, Neeti Palta, & Kenny Sebastian. There are 7 mentors: Rahul Subramanian, Sapan Verma, Rohan Joshi, Prashasti Singh, Kannan Gill, Aadar Malik, & Anuradha Menon. The 3rd season will indeed be hosted by Abish Matthews, who also served as host for the prior 2. As the co-host, Kusha Kapila will be present with him.

Veetla Vishesham

Synopsis: With in short time that RJ Balaji has been a filmmaker, he has essentially perfected a technique that he thinks suits his on-screen image. LKG & Mookuthi Amman, his 2 consecutive films, was likewise middle-class family comedies. Additionally, Veetla Vishesham wears the very same fit. Naturally though, the narrative is different. It is an official adaptation of the hilarious Hindi smash movie Badhaai Ho from 2018, which dealt well with serious topic of old-age pregnancy in a lighthearted manner. The same premise is used in this film as well, with some regional flavour added. The part of Ayushmann Khurrana as from Hindi film is reprised by RJ Balaji. Even if Urvashi & Sathyaraj even as elderly parents come out as a little hammy, it works for the Tamil audience that enjoys over-the-top entertainment.


Synopsis: Unapologetically an action entertainment, Vikram is today regarded as Kamal Haasan’s most successful commercial success. However, it would not really fit the category for which Kamal is renowned. The performer Kamal had voluntarily allowed himself to be molded mostly by sensibilities of the filmmaker Lokesh Kanagaraj, who was considerably younger. For a long time, Vikram which also featured the incredibly brilliant Fahadh Faasil as well as the Tamil stars Vijay Sethupathi & Surya (in a cameo)—was the buzz of the town. The movie has been examined in detail much like a lab specimen would be. No film in recent memory has generated quite so much expectation & lived up to it. The action extravaganza is also somewhat reminiscent of Kamal’s film of the similar name from the 1980s. This movie also references Lokesh’s earlier blockbuster, Kaidhi.

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