Multibagger stocks: 3 Adani shares give up to 200% return since last Diwali

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Multibagger stocks: Before today’s Muhurat trading, one should have a look at the potential multibagger stocks, celebrate Diwali in 2022, and closely examine the performance of popular shares.

There is some good stock market news for those who like tried-and-true investments. Three of the six Adani Group equities that were issued on Indian markets around last Diwali have increased shareholder wealth by double.

Adani Power, Adani Total Gas, and Adani Enterprises are the Adani group equities that have increased shareholder wealth by a factor of two since Diwali 2021.

Adani Green Energy, Adani Transmission, and Adani Ports are the other three Adani group equities that failed to increase the value of their owners’ investments.

Adani Green Energy and Adani Transmission, two of the three non-multibagger Adani companies, have given their stockholders returns of more than 70% since Diwali 2021. Even Adani Ports shares have increased by over 13% since last Diwali.

Here, we provide information on the return provided by Adani Group Stocks since the previous Diwali:

1] Adani Power: Since last Diwali, shares of this multibagger stock have increased by 220 percent, from 105.40 to 334 per share. The stock has long been rising, and during the past year, it has given its stockholders a return of 200 percent.

This multibagger Adani group stock has increased from from 101 to 334 per share so far this year, generating almost 230 percent in 2022. The stock has been under pressure to record profits over the past month as it has lost close to 9% of its value.

2] Adani Total Gas: Following the end of Muhurat trading on previous Diwali, shares of this multibagger Adani stock closed at Rs. 1433.95 per share on the NSE.

Adani Total Gas is now selling at $327.80 per unit, around a 130% increase over its closure price on Muhurat trading 2021. In the previous six months, this multibagger Adani stock has produced a yield of almost 35%, compared to the YTD return to shareholders of 90%.

3] Adani Enterprises: Since last Diwali, shares of this Adani group stock have increased from 1489.45 to 3309.75 each, a gain of about 120%. This multibagger stock has given its long-term stockholders a YYTD return of more than 90%.

It has delivered its stockholders a return of 45% during the past six months. This indicates that since last Diwali, the Multibagger Adani stock has continued to generate profits for its owners.

4] Adani Green Energy: Since last Diwali, shares of this Adani group have increased from 1200.40 to 2106.90. As a result, since Muhurat trade in 2021, this Adani Group stock has generated a 75% gain.

5] Adani Transmission: Since Muhurat trading in 2021, the share price of this Adani group firm has increased from levels of 1817.50 per piece to levels of 3260 per share, producing a nearly 76% return since the previous Diwali.

6] Adani Ports: This Adani group stock has increased from levels of 713.70 per share to levels of 800.60 per share during Muhurat trading 2021, recording a return of 12% from the previous Diwali.

Since last Diwali, the BSE Sensex has plunged from 60,067.62 to 59,307.15 levels and the NSE Nifty has fallen from 17,916.80 to 17,576.30 levels, offering investors in the market no return. Since last Diwali, all Adani Group equities have provided alpha return to their owners.

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