Is GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X Actually Worth Buying Again?

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What’s up, guys and gals! I’ve been hearing about this crazy game called GTA 5 for quite some time, but I was kind of hesitant to buy it because it was just so darn expensive! But, I heard that the new version of the game coming out on PS5 and Xbox Series X, so it looks like this might be the last chance to play what may be the greatest video game of all time! Do you think it’s actually worth buying again? Let me know in the comments below!


What are the benefits of playing GTA 5 on current generation consoles

Playing the most recent console will bring you up to date with all of the new technology and give you more opportunities to customize your game play experience. For example, you can take advantage of Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s enhanced graphics options like HDR, making games like Grand Theft Auto V even more stunning. It is worth noting that when GTA 5 was released in 2013, it was a groundbreaking game and created a massive impact in the gaming industry. However, there have been many other big releases since then that make GTA 5 seem old. Plus, playing GTA 5 on Xbox Series X means waiting for updates from Microsoft. If this doesn’t bother you or if you don’t care about having the latest features, then by all means go ahead and play! But be aware that some fans are concerned with how quickly Sony has turned around after releasing the PS4 Pro.

The company just announced its upcoming next-generation console, dubbed PS5 (code name Neo). The hardware specs have not been announced yet but people are speculating what could be offered such as an 8K resolution (assuming 4K TVs are still available) or 16K gaming monitor compatibility.

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How well does it run?

Playing on Xbox Series X is a whole new experience. Gone are the days of the game running at 30 frames per second! This game runs flawlessly, even at 60 frames per second. The Xbox One S is nowhere near capable of running this game as well as you would want it to. Plus, Rockstar finally ported the game over to high-resolution which looks great on an HD screen. I guarantee that when they release GTA 6 in 4K next year that you won’t regret buying this version again! If you have the money to spend on a PS5 or Xbox series XI then buy this version while you still can. But if you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly (or if you already own a current gen console) then wait until they release another remastered edition.


Is it fun?

Overall, it’s still a great game. I mean, you can’t deny the skill of someone to create something that most kids today are playing. Sure there are glitches here and there but overall it’s pretty fun for what it is. Plus, the graphics are really good. Some things have changed since then like the driving which took some getting used to at first but now feels natural. In my opinion, yes it’s worth buying again if you haven’t already played it. Especially because the upcoming PS5 release in 2020 will have an exclusive expansion pack with different weapons, gameplay mechanics, vehicles and even some new locations. If you’re interested in seeing how they would make this even better I highly recommend preordering a copy. The only downside is that we won’t be able to play online anymore when the servers are shut down so make sure you do everything offline before then. We’ve put together a list of games similar to GTA 5 on our blog for those who love shooters.


Will there be glitches?

For those of us who don’t want to jump into GTA 6 right now, it doesn’t get any better than playing GTA 5 again. Even if you’re not up for getting the new systems just yet, they’re worth it just to play the GTA that started it all. Plus, if you have a PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll be able to transfer your old save files over so that you can take a deep dive in Liberty City without skipping a beat! Rockstar Games is making sure this is a seamless transition with no glitches whatsoever. So what are you waiting for? The time to buy GTA 5 again is finally here, and there’s never been a better time to explore everything Los Santos has to offer. You won’t regret it! They did an amazing job with GTA 5 and made it even more immersive! I personally recommend buying the PS5 because their graphics are way better than their competition, but if graphics aren’t as important to you then definitely go with Xbox One series X.

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Why do we think you should buy it again when you already have it

When GTA 5 first released, it was the hottest game of the year. Of course, we already know that 2019 will be another year full of new games coming out, but don’t let that stop you from buying GTA5 again. Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available to purchase for PlayStation 5 consoles, or any new Xbox devices set to release this holiday season. The game looks amazing, with graphics so much better than they were back when it was originally released in 2013. There are also several different modes to enjoy like a heist mode where you can team up with other players online to try and steal millions of dollars worth of cars, jewellery, artworks and more. In addition there are added bonus missions where you can play as a superhero or super villain which offers a different perspective on the game.

There’s also a newly added update called Tiny Racers which lets player’s race cars through obstacle courses. You’ll find these throughout Los Santos, although it seems each one has its own theme. For example, one racetrack might focus on turning corners quickly while another might offer more speed. What do you think about this remake? Is GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X actually worth buying again? Why do we think you should buy it again when you already have it? The graphics are way better than they used to be and if you buy the newest edition there’s even an extra story mission where you can play as a superhero. We recommend getting all your friends together to buy GTA5 because why not have an adventure together?

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