iPhone 14: here’s everything we know so far

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The IPHONE 14 may represent the tiniest change Apple has offered in a long time, but still the IPHONE 14 Pro may be the largest since rumors suggest the Pro versions will get an amazing makeover.

We’ve heard rumors of four additional IPHONE 14 types, with the Pro & Pro Max models said to include Always-On Displays, higher-resolution cameras on the back, newly designed frontal camera cut-outs, as well as other additional features. Although this information is not official, it has received a lot of confirmation of what leakers anticipate, so proceed with caution.

We have a pretty clear idea of the shape the IPHONE 14 range may take, as well as the rumors are just really beginning to take shape now that we’re probably just a few couple of weeks away from experiencing these smartphones for the initial time.

According to the speculations, the IPHONE 14 Pro & IPHONE 14 Pro Max will have whole new designs, the IPHONE 14 Max will be a brand new model, as well as considerable camera improvements.

Everything that we’ve learned so far regarding the IPHONE 14 is detailed below, along with information on the probable pricing & release date.

Additionally, as soon as we receive any additional information about the next IPHONE, we’ll update this post. So be sure to come back again soon, as rumors are coming in remarkably fast right now.

Everything you need to know about IPHONE 14

  1. Release date for the IPHONE 14 is unknown; however September 13 has been mentioned as a potential date for the announcement event. A week following the debut, its release is anticipated.
  2. The cost of the IPHONE 14 is uncertain, but as a point of comparison, the starting price of the IPHONE 13 was $799 (or £779 or AU$1,349). Prices for the subsequent models could be comparable.
  3. Design: The IPHONE 14’s appearance will generally resemble that of the IPHONE 13’s, although the Pro & Pro Max models may include a punch-hole camera in place of the notch. A large-screen IPHONE 14 Max might possibly replace the IPHONE 14 small.
  4. Display: The IPHONE 14 & IPHONE 14 Pro may feature 6.1-inch (or 6.06-inch) OLED screens with a resolution of 1170 x 2532, whereas the IPHONE 14 Max & IPHONE 14 Pro Max may have 6.7-inch (or 6.68-inch) OLED displays with a resolution of 1284 x 2778. The Pro versions should have a 120Hz refresh rate, whereas the other models should have a 60Hz frame rate.
  5. Camera: The primary 48MP camera just on IPHONE 14 Pro & Pro Max is possible. Other details are unknown, although it’s expected that all IPHONE 14 models aside from the base model, which has only two rear lenses will include a triple-lens camera.
  6. Specifications: The A16 Bionic chipset is anticipated to power each IPHONE 14 models; however the Pro versions may also have 8GB of RAM & up to 2TB of storage. The IPHONE 14 & 14 Max may still use the A15 Bionic, according to certain speculations.
  7. Battery: It has been suggested that as smartphones develop bigger to accommodate their longer battery life, battery capacity may rise. Another leak listed potential particular capacities, all of which were increased except for the IPHONE 14 Pro Max.

IPHONE 14 Release Date

Since Apple often releases new devices at roughly the same point every year, generally at a special event, we were capable of arriving at a fairly accurate estimate at this prior to the IPHONE 14 official release speculations began to circulate.

On Sept 14, 2021, the IPHONE 13 was introduced, & on September 24, it began to ship. Apple often releases new versions on the 1st or 2nd Tuesday in September, that would have been between September 6 or September 13. Although we probably won’t be seeing the IPHONE 14 upon these precise days in 2022, it really would imply between September 6 or September 13.

In fact, according to one leaker, the launching will occur on September 13; if this is true, the release date will most certainly be prior to the end of September.

Nevertheless, delays are a possibility. Since trial manufacturing seemed to have begun as well as the engineering approval stage appeared to have begun, manufacturing appeared to be proceeding as planned for a considerable amount of time.

However, ever since, we’ve learned that lockdowns in China reportedly slowed down production, with at minimum one IPHONE 14 model – thought to have been the IPHONE 14 Max – reportedly falling 3 weeks beyond schedule.

The problem was allegedly under management as of May, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst. However, as of July, we’re hearing from a different source claiming Apple is still “far behind” on panel manufacturing for something like the IPHONE 14 Max, so prospects aren’t looking fantastic for just that model.

IPHONE 14 Price

One rumor about the IPHONE 14’s pricing revealed four new models, including a Max but not a Mini.

The IPHONE 14 Max would reportedly cost $100 greater than the basic model’s $799 starting price (the IPHONE 13 begins at $799, £779, or AU$1,349). Comparable information suggests that perhaps the IPHONE 14 would start off at a similar pricing as such IPHONE 13.

According to reports, the beginning prices of the IPHONE 14 Pro & Pro Max would indeed be $1,099 and $1,199, correspondingly. This would indicate that each device will cost $100 over its predecessor.

iPhone 14 here's everything we know so far-1

IPHONE 14 Design

The largest leak about the IPHONE 14’s design contains unauthorized renderings of the IPHONE 14 Pro Max.

Instead of a notch, it has a punch-hole camera. The Face Recognition elements are apparently located below the display. The lenses rest practically flat just on back eliminates any camera hump, which was reportedly made possible by reducing the phone larger.


The IPHONE 13 Pro Max seems to have titanium sides rather than stainless steel, a semi-glossy glass back, plus spherical volume controls. Additionally, a triple-lens camera as well as a Lightning port is still present.

Although the source claimed that they’ve seen a rose gold device, the colors displayed above are really not official. It’s also important to note that such a design is believed to only pertain to the Pro versions; the IPHONE 14 will probably still feature a notch. At this time, it’s unclear which, if some, of the additional design elements shown here will be included in the regular models.

Given that this information originates from Jon Prosser, an insider with a chequered past, & considering that the IPHONE 14 Pro series would still include a notch, as well as maybe a punch-hole, we really would have definitely proceed with extreme caution.

But Prosser is often correct, & ever since then, the notch will indeed be substituted with a punch-hole camera, according to Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo, & more lately, The Elec (2 leakers with a stellar track reputation for Apple intelligence).

However, they assert that the camera cut-out would be pill-shaped, implying that it could be larger than ordinary punch-hole cameras. Other leaker has weighed in to state the same thing as well.

For the IPHONE 14 Pro & IPHONE 14 Pro Max, Ross Young, a supply-chain specialist in the field of smartphone screens, predicts that Apple would use a “hole + pill” design. A leaked schematics cut out supports the hypothesis that this will result in a pill-shaped cutout and a tiny hole that will continue to be visible.

Several sources have already confirmed this, including leaked CAD renderings, albeit they do not depict the tweaks to the back camera that you will see higher up.

As per leaked schematics, the IPHONE 14 Pro & Pro Max may potentially feature a little larger camera bump than for the IPHONE 13 Pro series. This, it is said, results from the adoption of a brand-new 48MP sensor.

Despite this, Gurman has indicated that the IPHONE 14 range would have “a hole-punch-sized notch,” although it’s unclear from this statement whether he implies a little notch or a true punch-hole, so Apple is still some ambiguity regarding the design.

We’ve read somewhere that the frame of the Pro versions could be made of a titanium alloy. It would probably be more durable than the components used in current versions, as well as according to this source, an IPHONE 14 Max would replace the IPHONE 14 small.

IPHONE 14 Display

iPhone 14 here's everything we know so far-2

There’s going to be two 6.1-inch IPHONE 14 variants (a normal model as well as a Pro type), according to renowned leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, and 2 6.7-inch models (a Pro Max & a Max).

Ross Young has also provided us with more thorough screen specifications. Young asserts that the 6.06-inch 1170 x 2532 OLED display on the IPHONE 14 will feature a refresh rate of 60Hz as well as a pixel density of 460. Similar display specifications are expected for the IPHONE 14 Pro, but also with a 120Hz variable frame rate.

Secondly, a 6.68-inch 1284 x 2778 OLED display with a 120Hz display rate & 458 pixels per inch is claimed to be included on the IPHONE 14 Pro Max. According to reports, there will also be a IPHONE 14 Max with essentially the same display specifications but a 60Hz frame rate.

The 2 less expensive versions will reportedly be limited to 60Hz panels, much as the existing range, according to a different source. However, more subsequently, it was reported that Apple is still debating whether to use a 120Hz display in the IPHONE 14 Max.

It is now apparent from this leaked picture of 4 cases that there shall be 2 small phones & 2 bigger handsets, but still no micro model, for the IPHONE 14 series.

All four of the IPHONE 14 versions may feature 120Hz displays, according to a leak. Although this leak is pretty old & contradicts the one before, this allegation has also been raised more lately, therefore we’re not sure exactly what’s going on.

A patent for a method that might strengthen the IPHONE screen without adding any thickness is also available. That would be good feature, but don’t bank on seeing this since patents frequently don’t result in anything.

IPHONE 14 Camera

iPhone 14 here's everything we know so far-3

This IPHONE 14 Pro Max has a triple-lens camera, as well as a different source apparently points to this phone (as well as the IPHONE 14 Pro & IPHONE 14 Max) featuring a triple-lens camera. In contrast, it seems that the IPHONE 14 would continue to use 2 lenses.

So, despite the fact that lenses & sensors may be different, it doesn’t appear to be a significant difference as from IPHONE 13 ranges.

The IPHONE 14 Pro & Pro Max would reportedly each feature a 48MP primary camera, compared to the current versions’ 12MP, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a strong reputation for accurate Apple information. He has reportedly reaffirmed this much more lately especially in December 2021, so he appears to be pretty confident about this. It would also purportedly be able to capture 8K video.

Additionally, a second analyst has concurred with Kuo in indicating that they anticipate both Pro versions to have 48MP cameras in 2022. Although it is not verification, this does support Kuo’s initial assertion.

Additionally, there are reports that a periscope camera is currently in the pipeline, & we’ve even obtained a patent to support these assertions. The majority of reports, however also, indicate that this will likely launch mostly on IPHONE 15 or later & is farther away.

Another area where the IPHONE 14 range of phones might be upgraded is the front camera. Several reports suggest that autofocus will be included. Additionally, it may include new lens components as well as a different aperture, according to what we’ve learned.

IPHONE 14 Features

The IPHONE 14 series will include a new processor, perhaps termed the A16 or the A16 Bionic, which is one item we can practically certain. This could be manufactured using a 4nm technology, according to Ross Young, suggesting that it would provide a significant improvement above the 5nm A15 Bionic in the IPHONE 13 price range.

As per DigiTimes, the method may even be scaled down near 3nm.

However, more lately, we’ve learned that a 5nm process may be employed once again since TSMC, the firm that makes the chipset, is reportedly having trouble switching to a 3nm process. We have now experienced this number of times.

Additionally, it has been reported that this chipset may only be available for the IPHONE 14 Pro & IPHONE 14 Pro Max, leaving the standard devices with the A15 Bionic. According to the exact same source, every current model should have 6GB of RAM.

Several sources have already brought out the divide in chipsets, with just one noting that it may be due to Apple’s increased concentration on new Mac chipsets at the expense of IPHONE chip manufacture.

According to another report, the IPHONE 14 Pro & IPHONE 14 Pro Max would also have 8GB of RAM. The highest RAM we have currently shown on an IPHONE is 6GB. Though it has been reported elsewhere that each & every variant would feature 6GB of RAM, an enhancement for the more affordable models but not available for the Pro handsets.

The Pro versions, however, may still get an update even if all models do receive 6GB of RAM, since one source suggests that the IPHONE 14 Pro & Pro Max will have speedier & greater energy performance LPDDR5 RAM.

In terms of capacity, the IPHONE 13 Pro models raised the highest internal memory you could purchase from 512MB to 1TB, however we’ve heard that the IPHONE 14 Pro phones will have to double that one again – together all way to 2TB.

The IPHONE 14 may also feature under-display Touch ID, according to some sources, but Mark Gurman, a reliable source of Apple information, has stated that while organization may have tested this, it is currently fully committed to Face ID. As a result, it seems likely that something like this probably wouldn’t happen, & if it does, it will probably work in conjunction with Face ID instead of using place of it.

Under-display Fingerprint Scanner won’t be implemented, according to a different source, making this situation very improbable.

A move from a Lightning connector to USB-C is another reported but improbable feature. Although just 1 source has so far indicated that Apple is thinking about doing this on the IPHONE 14 Pro & IPHONE 14 Pro Max, we are doubtful.

The IPHONE 14 line will undoubtedly support 5G, and a patent implies it may also contain a new version of 3D Touch that uses haptic feedback to enhance engagements more natural. However, just as with other patents, we would not really expect anything to come of this one.

Additionally, there is speculation that Apple may transition from such a physical SIM card to an electronic SIM. It indeed exists in the IPHONE 13 series, but it works with a physical one rather than in place of it. Even said, Apple will presumably continue to sell models including both types if it decides to make all IPHONE 14 models eSIM-only.

IPHONE 14 Battery

A source claims that the batteries will be bigger in the forthcoming models, while another claims that the devices will be heavier, which may allow for a bigger battery. It thus seems that there may be advancements in this area.

More precisely, a leaker has stated that perhaps the IPHONE 14, IPHONE 14 Pro, IPHONE 14 Max, & IPHONE 14 Pro Max might also feature batteries with capacities of 3,279mAh, 3,200mAh, 4,325mAh, & 4,323mAh, respectively.

With the exception of the Pro Max, all of them could be improvements; nevertheless, we might treat this leak with just a grain of salt more since the source has questioned it.

According to another patent, when it finally happens to charge, customers may utilize a MagSafe charger instead of the Lightning connector, while early unauthorized renderings noticeably indicate the Lightning connector intact.

Although we’d be astonished if Apple did remove the Lightning connector from the IPHONE 14, a recent EU proposal may indicate that its time has come to an end.

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