How to Become a Home Inspector

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For prospective purchasers, house inspectors conduct inspections to check the operation and safety of the residences. Often, being a home inspector entails finishing a training course, obtaining a state licence, and accumulating work experience. You may decide whether you want to consider a career in this profession by learning about the demands and expectations of this position.

We describe how to become a house inspector in this post and offer extra information about this profession, such as the responsibilities, competencies, and typical income.

What does a home inspector do?

When a house is up for sale or a customer asks a property inspection, a home inspector checks it for serious problems. Before a buyer purchases a piece of real estate, its safety and functionality are examined during the inspection process. To learn about any issues with a property so they may bring them up during price negotiations, a prospective buyer hires a home inspector.

One of your duties as a home inspector may be to assess and record the house’s full functionality. A house inspector’s regular responsibilities include the following:

  • Examining every aspect of a home, including the foundation, plumbing, drainage, interior, exterior, electrical system, and heating and cooling systems
  • Verifying the safety of the water in the house for consumption
  • Assessing the air quality, mound, fungus, and other allergens in the house as well as other sections of the house for personal safety
  • Ensuring that every component of the home is in working order and maintaining a record of all repairs and maintenance
  • Provide thorough information about property inspections to buyers and realtors
  • Providing prospective homeowners with advice on resolving any concerns

Pass Your State’s Home Inspection Licensing Exam

how to become a home inspector
Pass Your State’s Home Inspection Licensing Exam

It might be challenging to learn the procedures for turning into a home inspector because they vary so much from state to state in terms of standards and procedure. Although it is not a requirement in all jurisdictions, passing a test is the next step in many of them before you can become a home inspector.

The National Home Inspection Exam is a four-hour test with 200 multiple-choice questions that is used in the majority of states. 500 is the passing mark on a “scale scored” test that ranges from 200 to 800. Depending on the state, the price ranges from $200 to $300.

You can move on to the next phase if your state does not need an exam; if it does, you must take your test through either PSI/AMP or Pearson VUE. Both are national suppliers of exams specific to the real estate sector, which are often given online at testing facilities close to the candidate’s location.

You must establish an account to access the scheduling portal if you plan to register to take your home inspection test on either website. From there, you may book a test location close to you and pay your charge online with a credit card or debit card. Visit the National Home Inspection Examination website for additional details about testing in your state.

It is not simple to pass the National Home Inspector Exam; the average pass rate is only 55%. Consider using an exam preparation programmer like CompuCram to receive the greatest preparation and ensure that you can pass on your first try. Flashcards, interactive study games, practice examinations, and a readiness indicator are all included in CompuCram’s $99 package. Furthermore, they provide a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the exam.

How to become a home inspector

The steps you can take to become a certified home inspector are as follows:

 Understand the state requirements

The first step on your quest to become a home inspector is to learn about and get familiar with your state’s standards and licences. Home inspection training and licencing standards vary by state. Many need that you complete coursework in house inspection and pass a test, while some may also demand that you complete on-the-job training. To ensure that you can satisfy these criteria, verify the regulations listed by your native state online.

Complete a training program

Although not all states need formal schooling, you can enroll in a training programmer to be ready for your profession if you’re new to the industry and have no prior experience in building, plumbing, roofing, or electrical. You may study the fundamentals of house inspection through these programmers. If you want to start your own home inspection company, you may also enroll in business management training. Make sure you enroll in classes that cover important aspects of house inspections, such as:

  • Facilities and systems
  • Varieties of dwellings
  • Home inspection ethics and standards
  • Construction
  • Consumer assistance
  • Business administration

Home inspector skills

You may excel in your career as a house inspector by utilizing a mix of hard and soft abilities. Throughout your training and professional experience, you may put these abilities to use and refine them. The following are crucial abilities for a house inspector:


During your inspector training programmer and practical practice, you might develop technical skills. This involves having a working knowledge of the systems and elements of a home, such as the electrical system and the heating and cooling system. In order to analyses properties and correctly comprehend property diagrams, you also utilize solid engineering and building abilities.

Attention to detail

You may employ attention to detail to be attentive and thorough in your inspection process as a house inspector. This ability can aid in problem-solving and the creation of thorough inspection reports. Your inspection contributes to the new homeowners’ safety.

Customer service

For first-time buyers, purchasing a new home may be highly difficult and perplexing. By answering all of their questions and swiftly resolving problems, you may make their experience as a house inspector better. Additionally, having excellent customer service abilities might help you get in and keep your clientele.

Business management

Business management skills are crucial if you decide to establish your own home inspection company so that you can manage your added duties. You may accomplish administrative activities, adhere to corporate rules, handle tax records, and carry out other jobs with the aid of these abilities. If you hire others, having business management abilities may also help you show successful leadership.

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Find home inspection/scheduling software

how to become home inspector
Find home inspection/scheduling software

There are choices available, so why make them up? We advise Spector. More significantly, more than 6,000 house inspectors agree with this as well. Since of the quicker report writing, first-rate client service, and effective automation of repetitive operations, our users adore our software since it helps them earn money and saves them time. We provide a free trial as well as thousands of free report templates, including those for 4-Point and wind mitigation, which you’ll probably need in Florida. Even a year’s worth of the software might be included with a unique website. It’s the industry’s finest offer.

How long should all this take?

If you aren’t working, you could possibly finish the course in one or two weeks online, but you shouldn’t rush.

After that, you can arrange for a proctor to oversee your test. Even before you pass the test, you can begin the fingerprint and background check at any moment. The same is true of your company licence and tax data.

Florida DBPR makes no mention of how long it takes to perform a background check, although 3-5 days appears to be the industry norm.

Overall, it appears fairly possible to obtain a licence in a month or less. Getting your firm licenced and ready to conduct business might take more time.


Because each state in the U.S. has different standards, learning how to become a home inspector might be complex. But you can succeed as a home inspector if you research your state’s standards, finish your education, and pick the correct professional path.


What license do you need to be a home inspector in Iowa?

In Iowa, there is no formal qualification needed to work as a house inspector. Nevertheless, consumers and businesses like hiring house inspectors with professional training. Your knowledge, expertise, and commitment to the trade are demonstrated by your certification. There isn’t a better approach to launch your budding career.

How much does it cost to become a home inspector in NJ?

You may both enroll in our programmer for $3,495.00 if you bring a “buddy” with you. The cost includes the 1080 page handbook, 40 hours of field training, and 140 hours of classroom instruction.

Do you need a degree to be a home inspector in Florida?

A 120-hour home inspection course is required for anyone applying for a Florida home inspector licence. Florida home inspectors make an average income of $86,835 as of March 2022 ($58,035 in basic pay plus $28,800 in commission). Students have a choice of four state-approved examinations.

What is the role of a field inspector?

A field inspector compiles data and provides property value appraisals of homes, businesses, and vehicles. Your responsibilities as a field inspector include visually inspecting a property, taking pictures, gathering information, and compiling a report with an estimated property worth based on your findings.

What is the skill of quality inspector?

A quality inspector has to have strong problem-solving skills, outstanding written communication skills, and keen attention to detail. They must also learn the quality standards for each product on the production line and be able to act quickly.

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