Google Pixel 6 Pro: The Prodigal Son of the Google Phone Lineup

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Google’s Pixel 6 Pro smartphone was years in the making, but it has finally arrived after many delays and false starts. The most anticipated Google phone since the launch of the first Pixel nearly three years ago, many wondered if this new iteration would be able to live up to expectations set by its illustrious predecessors. The answer? A resounding yes! Read on to find out why.


The google pixel lineup is a hit or misses. It hasn’t made many major design changes over the years, and in recent months, they have lost traction in the race to create competitive smartphones. However, with its newest release-the pixel 6 pro-it’s clear that google wants to win back some ground as a leader in mobile phones. Although it has plenty of competition from companies like apple and samsung, it still stands as one of the more popular phone lines for people who want a near flawless device. The pixel 6 pro runs on android 9 pie out of the box. With this system software update, you get all sorts of new features and interface updates (like digital wellbeing) that make navigating your smartphone easier than ever before. Not only does this new update give you granular control over how often you check your notifications, but it also offers screen time tracking features so you can see how much time you’re spending on your phone every day.


– Camera is really nice and performs well in low light

– Price is reasonable, this phone is much cheaper than an iphone and it includes way more !

-Pixelsense and lens are what make this phone a pro, also you can squeeze to turn off your screen when using certain apps or scrolling so you don’t have to put up with that annoying screen freeze when scrolling on your screen. -The design is sleek but it’s not too slippery which is a bonus for most people who do not want their phones to slide out of their hands. -The only con I found was that there are no cases available yet because they just came out last week. -Other cons include: can be slow at times if having a lot of apps open, battery life isn’t amazing either.

– Pixel 6 Pro seems like it could easily become my new favorite phone.


Before reviewing the Google Pixel 6 Pro, I must note that there are definitely some cons that come with this phone. Firstly, it’s very difficult to get screen protectors for this device. A lot of companies simply don’t make them in order to avoid competition with other big brands like Apple and Samsung. Second, it’s a little on the heavy side, but this is only because there is a larger battery than in most devices. Third, it has a glass back which can be easily broken if dropped. Finally, there aren’t any USB-C headphones included with the Pixel 6 Pro; instead you have to buy these separately. So what do we think about the Pixel 6 Pro? It would be better if it had an all-glass design so that it could take advantage of wireless charging, but overall this is a good device. If you’re looking for a dependable phone with great software updates and awesome cameras, then look no further!


To be brutally honest, I do not have the technical knowledge to understand what makes the Pixel 6 pro camera so much better than that of its predecessors. While my rationale may be flawed, my take on this is that other brands, like Apple and Samsung, have made it more difficult for Google to differentiate its phones in a competitive landscape. As such, Pixel 6 pro has to stand out with its camera which it does. It also offers plenty of storage space (128GB) and an AMOLED display which are just two features that make this phone stand out from the pack. Google went back to the drawing board and designed a pixel 6 pro camera that can compete with some of the best cameras out there. Google added many small details that make this phone stand out from others including 128 GB of storage space, and an AMOLED display. Google Pixel 6 pro is without a doubt one of the best Google phones ever created.


The Pixel 6 Pro is a great phone. It is speedy, has a gorgeous screen, and has many of the features that Android fans have been asking for. What it lacks in physical features, it makes up for with software features. Those with Pixel 5 phones might be wary to switch over due to the lack of external hardware features like headphone jacks or dual cameras. I was one of those people at first, but after using the Pixel 6 Pro I can say that I am happy with my purchase.

If you are an iPhone user looking to upgrade, then this phone would not be your best choice as its main selling point is its cutting-edge software features. That being said, if you want a fast-paced Android device then this phone will suit your needs nicely. Its interface is clean and easy to use, making it perfect for both power users and beginners alike. The price tag is steep but if you buy directly from Google then you get a lot more bangs for your buck than on other sites like Amazon. Overall, the Pixel 6 Pro isn’t quite what I had hoped for but still worth checking out.

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Google Pixel 6 pro offers a great bang for your buck. It features amazing hardware, including new liquid graphics display, attractive design and decent camera to boot. Though it lacks in price, with it going on sale often enough, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. So if you’re looking for a budget priced phone with all the bells and whistles or just want to experience Android as Google intended it to be, I would recommend picking up a Pixel phone today!

Reviewed by Ahmed Yasin – Founder & CEO, Tech Geek Help Desk Google Pixel 6 Pro Review Pros: Great performance for price Interesting display Decent camera Cons: Design isn’t special Average battery life No Headphone jack

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