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As B2B buyers increasingly turn to online shopping for its speed, ease, and convenience, almost half of B2B expenses (49%) occur online. Additionally, a staggering 68% of B2B buyers anticipate an increase in their reliance on digital sales channels in the coming years. With projections indicating that online purchases will account for 57% of all B2B transactions within the next 5 years, it is clear that companies that have not yet implemented digital commerce transformation are missing out on a significant opportunity.

To stay ahead of the curve and cater to the changing demands of B2B buyers, your business needs an agile and flexible e-commerce platform. However, it’s crucial to note that not all available solutions meet the specific needs of the B2B sector. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution to these challenges: ONe B2B. Our platform is tailored to help you establish strong business relationships and achieve success in online sales.

1/ Two-Step Access

Previously, B2B platforms were limited to exclusive clientele who required login credentials to access them. However, with the emergence of sophisticated systems like ONe, the landscape has evolved. Presently, ONe provides a two-tier access model, making B2B platforms accessible to a wider audience.

Looking to develop your D2C sales and sell directly to customers without intermediaries? Look no further than our two-tier platform! Our platform features a publicly accessible product catalog with catalog prices and the option for customers to make purchases. Plus, our functional e-commerce system is designed specifically for business customers, giving them access to a full range of products with individually adjusted prices, delivery costs, and additional product data. And unlike closed platforms, our two-tier system is fully indexed and positioned by Google for maximum visibility. Start optimizing your sales strategy today with our powerful and flexible platform!

2/ Easy Operation and Compliance with UX trends

As B2B e-commerce continues to evolve, user experience and design requirements become more critical than ever. Businesses demand interfaces that are intuitive and user-friendly, yet require no training to use. At ONe, we understand this need and offer a fully functional e-commerce solution that works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. Our platform is built with PWA technology, ensuring that online stores are easy to use for smartphone users.

In addition to functionality, visual appeal is becoming increasingly important to business customers. Our B2B platform, implemented for the brand Fale Loki Koki, resembles a luxury online cosmetics store, providing an elegant and visually stunning experience. ONe offers ready-made solutions that align with industry UX trends while allowing for customizable graphic design. Upgrade your B2B e-commerce strategy today with ONe’s cutting-edge platform!

3/ Customer Segmentation & Personalized Offering

3/ Customer Segmentation & Personalized Offering

Establishing and maintaining strong relationships has always been a crucial aspect of business. It serves as a foundation for securing discounted deals, creating bespoke price lists, and extending better terms to customers. Therefore, for B2B platforms, it’s imperative to offer flexible discounting options and customize sales policies to cater to the specific needs of customer segments or individual customers.

However, modern B2B platforms must go beyond this and provide advanced customer segmentation and personalization capabilities. The ONe B2B e-commerce system not only empowers businesses to create tailored product offerings but also allows them to craft targeted marketing messages, design promotional scenarios, and customize delivery terms for specific groups of wholesale customers, such as high-volume buyers.

4/ Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Although up-selling and cross-selling techniques are commonly associated with B2C e-commerce stores that leverage recommendation systems, ONe B2B platform also provides this feature. With the ability to prioritize product display in search results and prompts, businesses can take advantage of product bundling and showcasing related items. Such functions can facilitate the sale of high-margin products, increase the value of a customer’s shopping cart, and help move non-moving inventory.

Furthermore, ONe’s up-selling and cross-selling capabilities are particularly beneficial for B2B businesses as they can enhance the shopping experience for customers, encouraging them to make more significant purchases. By highlighting complementary products, businesses can build stronger customer relationships, and potentially increase customer loyalty.

5/ Expanded Product Presentation

When it comes to presenting products, catering to the needs of business customers differs from that of retail consumers. Unlike consumers, business customers do not rely on visual appeal and seldom make impulse purchases. Therefore, it is imperative to provide accurate and current product information. With the ONe platform, businesses can seamlessly integrate with external PIM systems such as Erogonode, ETIM-Mapper, Pimcore, or Akeneo, which serve as the backbone of product information management.

Incorporating this component into your e-commerce infrastructure enables the creation of an autonomous data repository. This, in turn, allows for the dissemination of information to multiple online stores, partners, and subcontractors. Even if you opt to migrate to a new platform or launch an additional sales channel, you can effortlessly continue the distribution of data collected by the PIM system.

6/ Payment Methods Tailored to Business Customers

Efficient and secure payment options are essential for business customers, just like they are for retail shoppers. B2B platforms should prioritize offering a convenient payment system that caters to both buyers and sellers. The key to quick order processing is the prompt identification and linking of payments to orders.

According to recent surveys, 75% of business customers prefer to pay using a credit card, while nearly 70% opt for deferred payments or trade credit. To meet the evolving needs of B2B customers, it’s crucial to integrate a reliable online payment system such as ONe, which also provides the flexibility of prepayment and cash on delivery. As mobile usage among B2B customers is on the rise, platforms should also consider mobile-friendly payment options.

7/ Merchant Panel & Building Business Relationships

7/ Merchant Panel & Building Business Relationships

The ONe platform stands out from its competitors, thanks to its highly sophisticated merchant panel. Designed to optimize sales, this backend system provides an array of advanced features that surpass traditional user accounts found in B2C stores. The merchant panel serves as the central hub for sales and customer service staff, empowering them to manage customer relationships and streamline operations.

To enhance sales and improve customer support, a comprehensive merchant panel should offer the following features:

To optimize sales and improve customer service, a high-quality merchant panel should offer a range of advanced features, including easy access to crucial documents and complete order history (both online and offline). Additionally, it should enable staff to place orders on behalf of customers and provide quick access to key customer information, such as order previews and shopping carts, allowing staff to respond promptly, for instance, by offering discounts to boost sales.

Other critical functionalities that a robust merchant panel should include are an online quoting function and timely notifications and alerts for significant events. These features streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales, making the ONe platform a preferred choice for businesses.

Streamlining sales processes and optimizing team performance are crucial for any successful business. The ONe platform offers a powerful feature that allows sales directors to assign tasks to their team members quickly. By utilizing this function, businesses can enhance their productivity and plan workflows effectively.

Assigning tasks to sales personnel is just one of many useful features that ONe provides to help manage processes efficiently. With the platform’s cutting-edge tools and functionalities, businesses can gain a competitive edge and take their sales operations to the next level.

8/ Multiple Shopping Carts

The ONe platform offers a powerful feature that enables businesses to create multiple shopping carts when placing orders, providing greater flexibility and customization options. This functionality is particularly beneficial for contractors who need to plan purchases for several subsidiaries or departments. With multiple carts, businesses can optimize purchase planning, customize deliveries, and streamline operations.

The ability to create multiple shopping carts is just one of many advanced features that ONe provides to help businesses enhance their purchasing processes. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools, the platform is an ideal solution for businesses seeking to optimize their workflows and boost productivity.

9/ Optimizing Logistics

The delivery and tracking of online orders continue to pose challenges for many B2B buyers, with over 40% struggling in this area in 2021. To address this issue, the ONe e-commerce platform offers a range of advanced features, including support for multiple warehouses. This functionality allows businesses to present a selected range of products and available warehouses, delivery methods, and logistics services tailored to specific customer segments. Additionally, customers can split their carts into in-stock and out-of-stock products, making it easier to manage delivery schedules.

Another common challenge for businesses is defining shipping methods and costs for non-standard sized products. The ONe platform provides a practical solution to this problem by marking the product as available on RFP and then agreeing on all the delivery details.

With its cutting-edge tools and functionalities, ONe is the preferred choice for businesses seeking to optimize their delivery and tracking processes and streamline operations.

10/ Advanced Search Tool

Finding the right products quickly and conveniently is crucial for B2B customers, which is why the ONe e-commerce platform offers a powerful search tool tailored to their specific needs. Unlike B2C customers, who typically search for products based on color, size, style, or price, B2B customers use product names, ID numbers, manufacturer IDs, EAN/GTI parameters, and categories. To make the search process even more efficient, ONe offers advanced features such as synonym searching, contextual search, and a prompt function.

The platform’s advanced search functionality is just one of the many tools available to businesses looking to streamline their procurement processes and boost productivity. With ONe, businesses can enjoy a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet their specific needs and help them achieve their goals.

11/ Capacity to Grow

The ONe B2B platform is built on the powerful architecture of Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing it to scale effortlessly with growing business volumes. As sales increase and new markets are targeted, the platform’s computing power and capacity automatically adjust to handle the increased load.

This flexibility not only provides a solid foundation for expanding the platform’s customer base, but also enables the development of custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of even the most demanding businesses. Additionally, the platform’s agile server performance ensures that it can handle sudden traffic spikes during promotional events like Black Friday.

By leveraging the power and scalability of AWS, ONe provides a reliable, high-performance platform that can support businesses of all sizes as they grow and succeed.


Expanding your business to the global B2B e-commerce market, estimated to reach $18.97 trillion by 2028, can seem daunting, but scalable B2B e-commerce platforms like ONe can make this transition smoother. With ONe, you can implement an e-commerce solution quickly and seamlessly through SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, which offers flexible use of pre-built modules. The platform is developed in consultation with commerce practitioners, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses.

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