Covid-19: India logs new 830 cases, lowest single-day tally in over 6 month

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With 830 new infections on Wednesday, the number of Covid-19 cases in India increased to 4,46,45,768; this was the lowest daily increase in 197 days. The number of active cases decreased to 21,607. The Union Health Ministry is the source of these statistics.

One extra fatality brings the total number of viral illness-related fatalities to 5,28,981 according to figures updated at 8 am.

There are 0.05% active infections worldwide right now. According to the administration, the nation’s Covid-19 recovery rate has risen to 98.77%.

Over the past 24 hours, there have been 942 less active Covid-19 instances.

According to the ministry, the daily positivity rate was 0.67 percent and the weekly positivity rate was 1.05 percent.

Research shows that individuals have recovered from Covid-19, with a 1.18 percent case mortality rate.

According to the government, the Covid-19 vaccine has allegedly been given in 219.57 crore doses as a part of the massive immunisation campaign.

On August 7, 2020, more than 20 lakh people participated in India’s Covid-19. On August 23, 30 lakh people, 40 lakh people, and 50 lakh people did so on September 5.

The benchmarks of 60 lakh, 70 lakh, 80 lakh, 90 lakh, and 1 crore were all exceeded on September 28, October 11, October 29, October 30, November 20, and December 19.

On May 4 of last year, three months later, and on January 25 of this year, India reached the depressing milestone of two crore.

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