Breath of the Wild 2: everything we know so far

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The fact that Breath of the Wild 2 is a sequel to the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which debuted on the Nintendo Switch in 2017, is a major factor in this. Anticipation on Breath of the Wild 2 is rather high because it is one of the finest Switch games ever, and there are many excellent Switch titles.

Although Nintendo hasn’t given us many updates on Breath of the Wild 2, we’re expecting for more in the second part of this year. However, 2022 is drawing close. Nintendo declined to participate in the June Summer Game Fest, and it has already made it known that it will not attend Gamescom 2022 coming August.

Date and platforms for the release of Breath of the Wild 2

The release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was previously anticipated at some time in 2022. Nintendo, however, has informed fans that a winter 2023 release is now anticipated.

Eiji Aonuma, the show’s producer, announced it in March 2022 and said:

“I have an update to make about the release date of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s sequel.

We originally said that the target release date for this game was 2022. The release date has been changed to spring 2023 as a result of our decision to extend the development period slightly.”

Nintendo will be able to “make the game’s experience something extraordinary” thanks to the delay.

Details about the plot of BREATH OF THE WILD 2 Rumors and Speculation?

A Italian voice actor who played Daruk in the first game, may have revealed a significant narrative point.

The following section contains spoilers ahead about BOTW & BOTW 2.

Alexander Wand of ResetEra has discovered an interview with Ubaldi, who claims to just have dubbed Daruk in the sequels as well as the Goron cast’s ancestor inside the Zelda-focused Channel on youtube Lega Hyrule.

The inclusion of Daruk in Breath of the Wild 2 seems a little strange given how the first game ended, but the assertions about a historical figure are intriguing. According to some, this would indicate whether Breath of the Wild 2 would incorporate time travel, primarily to the distant past.

Insufficient for the Switch?

Breath of the Wild 2’s most recent gameplay video is stunning. But is it too good for the Nintendo Switch? Breath of the Wild 2 offers a variety of graphical capabilities that the outdated first Nintendo Switch will struggle to support, as per tech experts at Digital Foundry.

According to senior leadership writer John Linneman of Digital Foundry, “This trailer was fascinating because the visual quality appeared fairly good.” I was a little taken aback by how crisp and clear it seems in comparison to the original.

Richard Leadbetter, the technology editor at Digital Foundry, responds, “I agree.” “To put it mildly, the improvement in visual quality over the original title is striking.” Newer BOTW 2 footage has a better quality than just the 900p docked quality of the first film, ranging from 1080p to 720p.

Battaglia responded, “I honestly don’t think it is,” when questioned if BOTW 2 is truly operating on the Switch. Volumetric clouds are quite uncommon for Switch, and these don’t degrade very clearly. Perfect anti-aliasing on camera cuts is also extremely uncommon for just an Xbox Series X / PlayStation 5 game. It may be the following Switch.

Battaglia speculates that the trailer could have produced at a higher quality, although Linneman correctly notes that Nintendo doesn’t do so often. They never do that, Alex, is the problem. I don’t believe they ever truly give their trailers true resolution increases, according to Linneman.

Therefore, is Breath of the Wild 2 evidence that the Switch Pro remains a possibility and a game that spans generations? In general, according to Battaglia, “I typically believe that since they are postponing it now, this is going to be the equivalent of what we witnessed with Breath of the Wild: everything just launches on the old as well as the new, and we witnessed the nice benefits of both the new concerning Switch Pro, Switch 2, Switch EX, or whatever.

Breath of the Wild 2 being the first game on a new Switch device is an exciting possibility, but we won’t know for sure until Nintendo makes an official announcement.

A patent provides mechanics for Breath of the Wild 2

Nintendo recently filed three patents that may provide some insight into the Breath of the Wild 2’s gameplay elements. The three patents have been filed only with World Intellectual Property Organization, as noted by GameReactor (WIPO).

For instance, the first patent states the capability “to undertake a particular action” such as “a shooting action of firing a specified item” whereas a character is falling. A figure falling and through air and their arms spread out is seen in the patent diagram, and Link strikes a startlingly similar stance at about the 25-second mark of the E3 trailer. “A designated item selected based on to an operation input is made to conduct return motion to return to pre recorded locations and orientations, progressively backwards from the time of issuing a start training based just on operation input,” according to a second patent.

There is one more patent left. A situation “in a virtual space with at least one player character as well as a terrain object” is described. The player’s character would essentially be able to navigate through the terrain item above them, it would seem.

Even while it appears like these skills appeared in the video, Nintendo hasn’t verified any of these mechanics, so it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt for the time being.

Those Majora’s Mask and BOTW 2 similarities

For the latest information on forthcoming Nintendo titles, including Breath of the Wild 2 is not an exception, visit Nintendo’s Treehouse. In a recent interview with IGN, Bill Trinen, A Senior Product Brand Manager at Nintendo of America, discussed BOTW 2 and the game’s well-known parallel to the connection between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask for the N64.

“Given what has been presented thus far and the fact that it is a direct sequel, I would say that it is a simple comparison and conclusion to draw at this time. I can see why people might come to that conclusion, yet this is its very own game, and I don’t want to get too far into it.

While Majora’s Mask made extensive use of reusing materials, Trinen wanted to emphasize that this is a real sequel. “I believe it’ll start to become bit more evident where this game sits itself and what keeps it so unique as we start to expose a bit larger portion of the game in the coming weeks to a year or so,” says the developer.

“A way that [BOTW 2] expands upon Breath of the Wild, a game that was already so vast and had so many facets to Link’s skills and gameplay… This really is going to be layered into that quite a bit, in my opinion.

Voice acting miscommunication

An interview with the voice actresses that dubbed Zelda & Revali there In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a Spanish podcast shows how eager fans are for information about Breath of the Wild 2.

Fans speculated that BOTW 2 may be more advanced in development than initially believed after the interview seemed to imply that the voice performers had completed their work on the sequel. This, however, turned out to be untrue. Later, it was made clear that the voice performers were making fun of themselves and that the meaning was lost through translation.

The world of Twilight

The strongest hint that we will see more of the Twili, shadow creatures descended by Hylians who attempted to seize the Triforce for themselves, is the blazing blue hand in the video. The flowing magic may make some people think of the portals that allowed Twili to conquer Hyrule in the 2006 game, while the hand is encased in twisting forms suggestive of Twilight architecture.

We are aware that the BOTW development team first considered the possibility of an extraterrestrial invasion, therefore seeing shadow monsters teleport across the sky may have been their current intention.

Audio with a hint

Reddit member u/ReroFunk (via Inverse) put up a rather compelling hypothesis on Twilight Princess antagonist Zant, a Twili that served Ganondorf as in game, demonstrating exactly how far certain Zelda fans would go. There are several notes in the trailer’s soundtrack that, when played backwards, seem to mimic the music that was played during your last confrontation with Zant, who, despite being vanquished, is certain he’ll return using the might of his “god.”

Additionally, according to u/ReroFunk, the demon ruler Demise could make a comeback in the upcoming Zelda game. Demise, the game’s last boss, turned out to be Ganondorf’s first incarnation.

Is it Zelda’s time to shine?

One of the most popular fan theories circulating centers also on Hyrule princess herself. Some speculate that she could be a recurring character because she is seen in the clip with a functional short hairstyle and is clothed similarly to Link’s personal adventurer’s gear.

Sadly, the developers of Zelda have in the past looked to be disdainful of the concept of a female Link, but we could get to play as Zelda in some parts of this game—or at the very least, watch her take a more active part in the plot.


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