Best VPNs for 2022: Protect Your Privacy with the Right Service

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you use the internet on a daily basis and have heard of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Even if you don’t use one yourself, odds are good that you know someone who does – or at least knows what they are. In this article, we explain everything from why VPNs are an invaluable tool to protecting your privacy online, to what features and benefits to look for in the best VPN service of 2022!


What’s a VPN?

A VPN is a private network that extends across a public network like the internet. The best VPN provides privacy and anonymity by helping to protect your data. Best VPN services offer different levels of protection depending on what you need and what you’re looking for in a service. Some have fewer restrictions than others, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting into before signing up. In addition, some may be more suitable for P2P or torrenting while others are not. Depending on your needs, you can find a great VPN for just about any use case. One final thing worth mentioning is that many VPN providers don’t allow access to Netflix U.S., but those who do tend to charge quite a bit more money per month (sometimes close to $10) compared to those who don’t work with Netflix U.S. If you plan on streaming content from this region, then this becomes a major consideration. If not, then there are plenty of other considerations as well as prices to weigh out for different VPN providers.


Why Use a VPN ?

A VPN secures your privacy when you’re connected to a public or unsecured WiFi hotspot, securing all of your device’s data and personal information like banking information, passwords, and even health records. Plus, accessing geo-restricted content from abroad is easier as you have access to TV shows that are not available in your country. Furthermore, with a VPN app on your phone, you won’t have to worry about hackers trying to get into your device through social media or the random browser on a machine. So make sure to choose a service that offers military grade encryption and unlimited bandwidth.

Mentioned best VPN services (in alphabetical order): CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, NordVPN

This way you’ll have a secured internet connection no matter where you are. However, in some countries, like China or Vietnam for example, VPN services are blocked. Fortunately that’s not something to worry about because there are plenty of free and paid alternatives you can use on your Android device to bypass geo-restrictions. Some even come pre-installed! If your phone has a built-in program called ‘Express’ or ‘VPN’, they are most likely free and secure.


What is a DNS Leak?

The most common way your identity could be compromised is through a DNS leak. A DNS leak occurs when you’re on a wireless connection, but rather than connecting to a secure wireless network, you instead go straight to the internet. This means your device will send requests over an unsecured channel that anyone within range can intercept.

Your ISP knows which site you visit and with whom you communicate based on what they see as you ping them back and forth in your surfing session. When using a VPN all of this information is encrypted and none of it can be read by ISPs or other people on the same public Wi-Fi connection. They may still know which sites you visited and how long you were there, but not who was there with you or what was said during that time. Both IPVanish and NordVPN offer high-quality services that are easy to use. These are great options if you don’t want to bother with installing third-party software onto your machine, like setting up something like Tor Browser.

All you have to do is install their VPN app onto your computer or mobile device and follow the prompts. You’ll have access to servers around the world and military grade encryption levels so you can feel safe while browsing even on insecure networks.


Is Hola Better Than A Regular VPN?

The bottom line is that while a free VPN service might sound appealing, it’s not always worth it. If you are looking to protect your privacy and still need access to all of the perks of an Internet connection, then getting a paid service might be a better option. As for which service is best? That’s really up to you. You can do your own research, or look at our top five lists to get started.  Remember, every single company in this guide has been fully vetted by us. We have tested them and made sure they’re legit. Once you sign up for one of these services, you will feel confident knowing that they have your back. The best VPN service offers a range of options so that you can choose what best suits your needs. From different pricing plans to software and devices, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when choosing the right VPN for you. No matter what kind of online activity you enjoy doing on a daily basis, there is an excellent provider out there waiting for you!


Which Countries Have Internet Censorship?

Internet censorship exists in countries around the world, and not just in places like North Korea. The United States has been using it to control web access as well. Do you want to be able to browse on your computer without worrying about whether or not someone else is controlling what you’re reading? A Virtual Private Network can make sure that’s what happens. The best way to keep your browsing safe from prying eyes is by finding a service that offers servers in multiple locations and high encryption standards. You’ll want to avoid providers who offer free VPN services because they usually come with lots of strings attached, including invasive advertising. In order to stay anonymous online, there are many choices out there. However, if you’re looking for something simple and worry-free, go with ExpressVPN!


How to Choose A VPN Provider

When choosing a VPN provider, consider factors such as price, data logging practices, protocol availability, and jurisdiction. Price is important because many people will pay a premium to protect their privacy; even if that means only using it a few times a year. Data logging policies are also important because if your VPN Company collects information about your usage habits then they could sell that data to advertisers or other companies without you knowing. The protocols available dictate what types of online activities you can use your VPN service for. The jurisdiction in which the VPN company operates dictates how much protection they can offer you from prying eyes.


Free vs. Paid Options

The first thing to consider is how you want to pay. Free VPNs offer a service that is less reliable and often has very little bandwidth, but they are free. Paid services usually cost a small monthly fee, but they offer significantly better speeds and quality than free versions, making them a much more preferable option. We recommend Cyber Ghost as our top choice since it offers a wide range of high-quality features at an affordable price point. For those who do not have an unlimited data plan on their cell phone, we recommend IPVanish which uses low amounts of data without compromising speed or security. Lastly, PrivateVPN also offers excellent features such as full encryption, strict no logging policy, and servers in over 50 countries around the world. It is one of the few VPN providers that allow torrenting on all servers and does not limit bandwidth. It is ideal for users who need fast upload speeds without any throttling. Their wallet feature lets you store your payment information securely so you don’t have to input your card details every time!

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