Best Netflix shows: 10 fantastic series on Netflix US

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Are you looking for the top Netflix program? You are fortunate. Both newest & finest shows on one of the most well-known streaming service in the world are added to this page every week. So don’t worry dear reader; with the assistance, that episode of decision paralysis will soon come to an end.

The entry for this week is Resident Evil. After several studios attempted & failed to make Capcom’s popular horror video game genre into a profitable film series, Netflix is by far the most recent production company to attempt to produce a genuinely decent live-action version of the series. To learn whether viewers and reviewers agree that it is worthwhile, continue reading.

If horror in overall or Resident Evil doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps one of the remaining choices on our ranking of the top Netflix series would. This weekend, there is likely to be something you want to check out, whether Netflix originals such Stranger Things & Squid Game to licensed program such Seinfeld. Given that Netflix is likely to introduce advertisements to its streaming service, you may as well take advantage of those binge-watching periods without them.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil follows Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) while she seeks for her missing sister Billie (Adeline Rudolph) in the midst of a second zombie apocalypse spanning two timelines: the current day setting of 2036 and flashback sequences taking place in 2022. The pair were split apart during the early stages of the outbreak, which has been brought on by Joy, a new antidepressant from the Umbrella Corporation that includes the T-virus, a man-made mutagenic that transforms people into ravenous zombies. Oh, and turning various living things into terrifying creatures.

The TV advertisements & promos for Resident Evil gave the impression that it may be at least passably good, but neither fans nor critics are really taken with that as well. Many people have complimented Lance Reddick’s portrayal of Albert Wesker & said Resident Evil fans would like the action scenes, Easter eggs, as well as other allusions. Expect it to go from our list of the greatest Netflix shows because of the TV show’s unoriginal premise & several genre clichés, according to some critics. Perhaps one to gorge on this weekend & then completely forget about.

Netflix seasons: 1


The Umbrella Academy

An Umbrella Academy, the Netflix superhero original, is based on the comic novels created by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way & drawn by Gabriel Bá.

Following the birth of 43 children by mothers who exhibited no indications of pregnancy, wealthy Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts 7 of the children and educates them to use their special abilities to rescue the world. After growing apart, the family is brought back together when their father passes away, & they are forced to confront their history and the threat that lies in wait for them in the future.

The Umbrella Academy, starring Elliot Page as well as a remarkable cast, has all the elements of a classic superhero series: it’s flashy, dark, & satisfyingly violent. The show’s nearly two-year suspension due to the epidemic has come to a conclusion with the release of Season 3 on the streaming platform.

Netflix seasons: 3

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders made its sixth and last appearances on Netflix US first after airing over BBC One in the UK.

The Peaky Blinders gang, who ominously monitored the streets there in late 19th & early 20th century, served as inspiration for the fictional Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) & his escapades. Tommy Shelby is the ambitious & clever head of the Shelby family. The series follows the fall & rise of a Shelby family as they negotiate a world that is both changing at domestically & overseas, seeking to avoid regulators while also dealing with major world crises like the 1930s rise of fascism as well as the prohibition era.

After its appearance in the UK, the season finale presently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes that is the same as seasons 2 & 3. As a result, fans can anticipate a thrilling conclusion to one of the finest British program in recent memory. Since a movie instead of a 7th season is rumored to have been in the pre-production stage, Tommy as well as the gang won’t be leaving us quite yet. However, the television series is coming to an end, therefore take advantage of while you could.

Netflix seasons: 6

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a masterful ode to pop society from the 1980s. The plot centers on a tiny village, a bunch of mates, a kidnapped individual, as well as a shady research lab. Spielberg, John Carpenter, & Stephen King are all frequently cited in this narrative so much so that King is used almost exclusively. Anything more might reveal the show’s many turns, which include unsettling humor, superhero-style action, gripping mystery, & devilishly gory horror.

All of Season 4 is currently streaming online. In addition, we referred to Stranger Things 4 as “a massively ambitious venture” that is “full of engrossing, action-packed, & horror-fuelled entries that’s brimming with discoveries aplenty” in our assessment without giving away any major plot points. To see how the latest episode of Stranger Things establishes its fifth & final season, read our explanation of the season 4 part 2 conclusion.

The commencement of season 5’s filming has not yet been announced. Regardless, we think it deserves to be included in our list of the top Netflix series, but we’re certain you’ll agree.

Netflix seasons: 4

Love, Death & Robots

Along with most anthologies, Adult CG animation anthology Romance, Death & Robots features episodes of varying quality, but as a whole, the program has a lot to offer. The series’ concepts range widely from humor to horror to action to drama, with a sinister undertone at its core: what would happen if a house cleaning machine started wanting to murder its owner? What would happen if yoghurt attempted to rule the world? Sometimes even a storyline is as straightforward as a lady fleeing a murderer after experiencing a terrible crime.

If you really can handle all the wonderful & horrible things that are happening to its varied ensemble of people, you’ll breeze through all this entire series in a weekend. If you enjoy animation, Tim Miller, David Fincher, or even all 3, Love, Death & Robots is definitely worth seeing. It also provides some of the finest sci-fi thrills available on Netflix.

This convenient ranking of each & every episodes of Love, Death, & Robots should be at the top of the agenda if you want to compare own opinion of each one to ours. Sincerely, we won’t be shocked if you disagree with us.

Netflix seasons: 3

Bling Empire

Baby, bling is back. Fans of a particular disposition may once again indulge themselves in the universe of Los Angeles’ ultra-wealthy Asians thanks to the release of the season 2 of the popular reality program on Netflix.

For those who are unfamiliar, Bling Empire is indeed a reality TV program that covers a number of affluent Asian social climbers as they take advantage of the opulent lifestyle that is available in one of the greatest prominent cities in the US. All of your queries will be addressed if you see it as a real-life adaptation of the critically successful film Crazy Rich Asians.

In Season 2, celebrities including DJ/former model Kim Lee, Christine Chiu, who co-founded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, guy model Kevin Kreider, & real estate agent Kane Lim take in the peaks & valleys of the Los Angeles scene. Both drama & money will be flowing in plenty.

Well, so Bling Empire is really not typically our idea of fun, but it should be succeeding in some way. At least among critics, the first season of the program has a certified fresh rating of 90% on review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe something to consume this holiday and afterwards put off watching until the season 3, which will undoubtedly air after this year. If you believe it to be among the top Netflix series available. In that case, you might want to keep binge-watching it.

Netflix seasons: 2


Heartstopper is indeed a romantic coming-of-age story that has been regarded as one of the finest Netflix program in recent memory. It is based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novel series of that similar name.

In the movie Heartstopper, Joe Locke plays Charlie Spring, a kind youngster who befriends rugby-obsessed Nick Nelson played by Kit Connor. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take long for two to start falling in love with one another, which forces them to face (& embrace) who they actually are & what they actually want from life & a relationship.

It’s a sympathetic, endearing, relevant, & occasionally tear-jerking story about coming out, friendships, young love, & queerness. Heartstopper appears to live up to the anticipation, based on its 100% guaranteed fresh rating on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes as well as its absurdly high 98 percent acceptance rating among general audiences. There will be a total of 2 more seasons.

Netflix seasons: 1

Russian Doll

The actress of Orange Is the New Black, Natasha Lyonne, plays the wily New Yorker Nadia in this dark comedy. Like Groundhog Day, she keeps dying and replaying her 36th birthday party.

The season 2 of the sitcom premiered on April 20. In it, Nadia & fellow time-traveler Alan (Charlie Barnett) learn that they can move through time rather than being stuck in the past for all eternity living same day over and over.

With its caustic and biting assessment of life and dying, Russian Doll, which examines such an existential subject via a sci-fi perspective, quickly shifts between heartbreaking grief and hilarious comedy. The finest Netflix program to date, it’s a must-watch.

Netflix seasons: 2

Better Call Saul

What happens after the most successful shows in history? Here’s how. Better Call Saul is a masterful prequel to the renowned Breaking Bad, explaining the mysterious past of the outrageously outfitted hustler lawyer Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman & gradually creating characters compelling, surprising, & engaging enough just to sustain its presence with its own right.

8 years before Walter White & Jesse Pinkman, Jimmy’s story of falling into Albuquerque’s drug- & crime-ridden underworld unfolds. Compared to Breaking Bad, this story is sometimes slower & much less action-packed. Better Call Saul season six Part one is currently streaming in its entirety, while Part 2 debuted on July 11. You still have time to binge-watch the entire series before the final episode, which airs on August 15.

Netflix seasons: 6

Human Resources

Human Resources is an edgy & sophisticated show that sheds light on the different species who assist their human hosts in navigating daily life. It comes from the bizarre yet innovative people behind the hit animated series Big Mouth.

As a comedy drama, Human Resources features a variety of races, like Depression Kittens, Shame Wizards, & Hormone Monsters, to mention just a few, who are given to human adults to reflect their emotions. Ironically, it is these same beings that are put to the test in heartwarming and occasionally amusing ways regarding their own humanity & sentiments.

Hugh Jackman, the former X-Men actor, David Thewlis, from Harry Potter, & Aidy Bryant, from Saturday Night Live, all provide their voices to Human Resources, a great program filled with funny gags & thought-provoking observations on human nature. Netflix has renewed the program, along with its brother Big Mouth, for further seasons.

Netflix seasons: 1

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