Best Hi Tea in Lahore

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Lamessa took a risky first step into the restaurant industry, starting a history of providing customers with authentic, nourishing cuisine in a welcoming environment at a cheap price, as well as the greatest hot tea in Lahore and a renowned, never-ending variety of supper buffet.

The area offers our customers an opulent yet cosy atmosphere in which to savour premium meals and sweets. There is always something going on and something to sip at our restaurant, which is located on the first level of the Indigo Hotel.

A place to meet up with friends for delectable meals, refreshing drinks, or informal happy hours. Whether you’re with family or friends, Lamessa is the greatest venue in Lahore for Hi Tea, brunch, and buffet.


The Lamessa Restaurant is renowned for delivering the greatest hot tea together with delicious dishes in a welcoming environment. You may have a meal or a quick snack in our relaxed lounge while enjoying complimentary margaritas.

The menu offers delectable substantial meals and daily specials that are appropriate for the entire family. We provide a broad variety of cuisines including traditional favourites. Our chef makes all of our meals from scratch and meticulously puts them together.


Some of the greatest hot tea in Lahore is waiting to be served to you by our Chef and his staff. We are sure you’ll like the food on the menu at our Lamessa restaurant.

This is a highly creative setting and where we offer vivacious, vivacious, and delicious hi tea. Along with sandwiches, scones, pastries, and other delicious foods, we also provide tea and coffee.

We also have a number of additional areas on our menu. We provide soup, breaded chicken wings, a variety of sandwiches, and more. For dessert, we offer French pastries, custard pudding, and many other items.

This is the most well-known brand of hi tea in Lahore and the place where people choose to go.


We provide a distinctive location for indoor eating in Gulberg, Lahore. Visit us today and savour a lassi, chana bhujya, paratha, nehari, or sausage. Fresh fruit or anything from our menu. Enjoy a refreshing beverage of your choice while examining the fruit juice.

Lamessa works hard to satisfy our clients and provide them a wonderful experience. We provide background music on occasion. Cereal, an omelette or fried egg, pancakes, waffles, toast, coffee, or tea are among options we provide.

Please drop by and say hello; we look forward to seeing you. It provides a classy dining experience while preserving the authentic flavours of Pakistani food.


Lamessa, a restaurant in the centre of Gulberg, offers a wonderful atmosphere. The most delicious foods, such as Thai chicken salad, chicken corn soup, palak mutton, and a range of other cuisines, make it a memorable experience to enjoy the greatest buffet in Lahore.

Black forest cake, carrot cake, chocolate pudding, seasonal fruits, conventional foods, and many more possibilities are mentioned while discussing desserts. You may savour the greatest buffet in Lahore while lounging by the glass and listening to soft music.

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