7 new movies and TV shows on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and more this weekend

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HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video

The previous outstanding whodunit has been a while ago. Even while Rian Johnson’s Knives Out & Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile have both given us star-studded Agatha Christie adaptations in latest days, really exciting mysteries just on screen have indeed been hard to come by.

So it’s a good thing The Staircase, a fresh HBO crime series, has joined the likes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds from Paramount & Bosch: Legacy from Amazon on the week’s varied roster of new streaming platform acquisitions.

The top seven new movies & Television programs that are streaming this weekend on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, as well as other services are listed below.

HBO Max (The Staircase)

The Staircase could be the solution to your desires if you’re eager to tuck into a hearty helping of real crime thriller in the next several days.

The glitzy remake of the identical 2004 French-produced documentary series, which debuted on Netflix in 2018 and including three brand-new episodes, is HBO’s most recent offering. It centers on crime writer Michael Peterson (Colin Firth), who is charged with killing his wife (Toni Collette) by allegedly pushing her down a staircase. More information might jeopardise the show’s suspenseful, impossible-to-believe plot, but critics have praised its most recent translation as a “fascinating insight at guilt, innocence, & image.”

The Staircase’s first three episodes are already streaming on HBO Max, and the remaining five will be available every Thursday. Sky Atlantic but Now TV in the UK both has the series available at the very same time.

Currently available for streaming on Sky Atlantic and nowadays TV in the UK, as well as HBO Max in the US.

Legacy (Amazon Freevee) (Bosch)

Bosch: Legacy, an Amazon spin-off of the popular Bosch television series, will start streaming this Friday on Freevee rather than Prime Video.

Freevee, originally IMDb TV, is Amazon’s free, ad-supported movie station that is accessible to owners of Amazon accounts in the Usa & UK through Prime Video site or app. IMDb TV itself was renamed from IMDb Freedive in 2019. In Bosch: Legacy, Titus Welliver plays the titular investigator once more, this time working for Honey Chandler, a former enemy.

Fans of Michael Connelly’s greatest novels should watch the series since it is Freevee’s most well-known product to date (even if it will soon be joined by a number of new episodes). The very first 4 episodes of Legacy are streaming right now, and the next eight will be released in pairings each Friday till May 27.

Strange New Worlds (Paramount Plus) (Star Trek)

Recently, Paramount has increased its focus on franchise material. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the most recent science fiction series available for streaming on Paramount Plus, follows in the footsteps of the Halo TV program as well as the critically panned Godfather series.

Strange New Worlds is a prequel novel that follows the USS Enterprise’s experiences for ten years before Captain Kirk joins the crew. The creators of the show claim that it is far more similar in tone & structure to the classic Star Trek series that is good news for devoted Trekkers who have been disturbed by Paramount’s recent spin-offs.

The very opening episode of Strange New Worlds is already streaming, and the following nine episodes will be released on Thursdays on Paramount Plus. When the service debuts in the UK around June 22, viewers in the UK would have to wait till then to see this.

The Pentaverate (Netflix)

It’s no surprise that Netflix has to diversify its content selection if it wants to win back lost members in 2022, however The Pentaverate, the streamer’s most recent comedy series, at least shows that it’s still prepared to take chances.

This 6 episode series, written, produced, & hosted by famed comedian Mike Myers, depicts the escapades of a journalist (Myers) who thinks he has unearthed a hidden organization of world-controlling males. In the show, which also includes renowned comedians Keegan-Michael Key, Ken Jeong, & Jennifer Saunders, the Austin Powers actor plays 7 other roles.

The Pentaverate appears to be worth seeing for that purpose alone because Myers hasn’t been in any new movie ventures in a while.

The Book of Boba Fett (Disney Plus) (Disney Gallery)

Disney Gallery: A Book of Boba Fett examines the streamer’s most recent Star Wars series, continuing Disney’s history of producing documentaries that look BTS of its latest productions.

The feature length special includes a number of interviews well with creators, actors, & crew of The Book of Boba Fett, along with the never material & knowledge about the technologies employed to bring the program to life.

Normally, we’d be tempted to ignore these kinds of making-of videos, but we think that any in-depth examination of producer Jon Favreau’s usage of enormous LED screens is worthwhile.

Season 2 The Wilds (Amazon Prime)

Fans of the Yellowjackets(opens in new tab), pay attention. The Wilds, Amazon’s similarly savage but much less well-liked adaptation of Lord of the Flies, has at long last surfaced on Prime Video.

The first installment of the survival drama follows a group of adolescent girls who learn that their misery is the subject of a cruel sociological experiment after becoming stuck on a deserted beach following an aircraft disaster. But Season 2 ups the ante by introducing a brand-new danger: a neighboring island populated by young men.

Imagine of The Wilderness as The Hunger Games and Robinson Crusoe combine.  We have great expectations for the show’s next episodes because its first season received almost unanimous acclaim. Right now, all of the new shows are all streaming together in one place.

Wild Babies (Netflix)

This week’s second choice for a documentary from Netflix follows the cutest newborn animals on the planet for an entire 8 hours. Additionally, Helena Bonham Carter serves as the narration, which we believe is enough to pique your inters.

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