CouchTuner Unblock Sites like CouchTuner [100% working]

Most of us are familiar with CouchTuner because of its incredible TV show streaming service, which has long allowed us to watch movies and TV shows for free. An easy way to view any kind of television episode you wanted without spending a penny was through CouchTuner TV’s streaming service. I was a frequent CouchTuner user, and I like how uncomplicated the UI was. You may always go right to couch tuner’s official website,, and watch your favorite TV shows in Full HD without any bothersome advertising, spyware/adware, studies, or registration.

Having trouble with CouchTuner?

Are you seeking more unlocking methods for CouchTuner? There are various ways to open a locked CouchTuner. The most practical sites are, however, CouchTuner Proxy and CouchTuner Mirror. You will, however, concur with me when I say that “finding CouchTuner Proxies that function is not a simple job.”

Recently, however, CouchTuner changed its domain name, and as a result, it is now prohibited for many users worldwide. As a result, they are unable to use their network connection to access CouchTuner. The finest CouchTuner alternatives and other websites that are similar to CouchTuner where you can go and watch free TV shows in full high definition without registering or signing up are listed below if CouchTuner crashed on your computer after that.

CouchTuner Mirror Websites


How to Unblock Couchtuner

The Couchtuner main site may easily be unblocked using the techniques listed below if your ISP, workplace, school, or institution does.

TOR Browser

A collection of independent networks called TOR (The Onion Router) aids in our ability to communicate anonymously. That implies that you can use this browser to access any blocked website.


Since the proxy site is not safe, a VPN is a more secure solution. They are simple to locate. However, VPNs aren’t.

Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, Tor Guard, Express VPN, and Pure VPN are a few of the well-known VPNs.

Sites like Couchtuner

To view the table with CouchTuner options, scroll down. The greatest free TV streaming websites are those that allow users to freely watch any form of TV series or TV episode in any style, as well as even anime/cartoons in Full HD. The most popular ones are the several main CouchTuner domains. We specifically choose these CouchTuner-like websites for you. Many of these free TV services let you view free movies online in addition to TV programming. Therefore, some of these CouchTuner alternatives are also superior to CouchTuner in some aspects. Examine them.

What is the new CouchTuner website?

On December 28 at 2:03 PM, they updated their website with the. top extension. The updated and functional URL is couch tuner .top.

What happened to CouchTuner?

This website has been having issues since 2010 since they contain unlawful content. Not all of the content uploaded is sexual in nature. They release well-known TV seasons like the one for Harley Quinn, the second season of Into the Dark, the fourteenth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and so on. Additionally, illegal content uploading results in them being taken down and blacklisted from search engines and the internet.

How can you Browse the Couchtuner website Safely?

Changing your original IP address is one of the finest and most efficient ways to surf any website securely, including a couch tuner. We’ve previously mentioned three ways to disguise your IP address: using the Tor browser, using a proxy, and using a VPN. Each of them is described in the aforementioned section.


The best website to watch movies online for free in both Hindi and English is Movie4u. You may watch a sizable number of excellent and brand-new movies on this website by streaming movies online. On this website, you can see the newest Bollywood movie trailers.


123Movies has a user interface that is clear and fluid, material that is readily sorted, and a sizable collection that makes it nearly feel like a high-end streaming service. When you choose to view a movie or TV show, there are plenty of adverts integrated into the material, albeit initially, we observed fewer pop-up ad banners. 123Movies provides a premium membership for individuals who don’t mind paying a little additional money for an ad-free experience because it recognizes that these advertisements might be inconvenient at times.

123Movies nearly has the sense of a cost-bearing service because it offers a clean and smooth user interface, instantly categorized content, and a sizable selection of it. Although there is initially less pop-up banner advertising than we initially thought, there are still plenty of adverts present in the content when you choose to play it, as well as in TV movies or episodes. Because of this, 123Movies offers amazing memberships for people who don’t mind paying a little bit more for an ad-free experience.


One of the top websites for streaming movies, YesMovies offers appropriate online material for users to gorge on. Although you don’t have to register to view movies or TV series, some of the commercials can be annoying. However, if you use an ad blocker, you can get rid of such advertising.

The website offers a simple user interface for watching movies online for free, making it simple for users to explore the film and television collections. The website’s material is updated often, making it a favorite among visitors.

It is advised that visitors evaluate the website at the highest level possible to fully enjoy the online information it contains. Filtering choices for moving pictures include style, IMDb score, and national basis. Movies can also be ranked according to Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.

Additionally, it is advised that users watch videos online rather than downloading them because selecting the download option will take them to potentially dangerous websites. Additionally, it enables customers to request a movie if Yes Films does not have it available.


GoMovies was designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated, and it begins with a search engine that enables you to easily find the name of the movie and even a specific episode of the season you want to watch. The website employs a straightforward method to find new movies and TV episodes utilizing the trending section where you may watch movies online for free. This is useful for times when you are unsure of what web material you want to enjoy. Additionally, you may sort the material based on the top IMDB title and Genres, and even look for entertaining native land-based content.


One of the greatest websites for watching movies online is Bmovies. It offers free complete movies, an easy-to-use layout, and many simple alternatives. Most people hate the website due to the adverts, yet free websites also have many of them.

It provides a different way to see films from many nations, like the US, Korea, Taiwan, and other Eastern nations. You may utilize the category, AZ List, top IMDb movies, and more in addition to the national ranking.

Due to expanded features like IMDb ratings and improvements of movies on the site, BMovies has drawn a lot of users in the modern day. As a result, it is not essential to go to several different websites to find out more about movies and television series.

Additionally, it features backup servers in case the primary web server goes down or is destroyed, allowing users to view fresh releases online without having to register. You may watch movies on the internet without worrying about providing data because the membership option is also optional.


Vumoo offers all the necessary components to rank among the top sites for streaming movies. It is only one of the top sites for finding and watching top-notch films and television shows. The portal contains video clips of various genres to watch movies online for free, including action, drama, horror, and love.

The user interface of Vumoo is yet another remarkable aspect. It is quite easy to navigate. As a result, finding and streaming movies may be done quickly. On this system, you may also look for movies based on their year of release. Additionally, there is less advertising that frequently displays.


It is one of the most remarkable streaming services because of how swiftly it has grown in popularity over the years. The fact that they specifically break down high-quality service for each of its consumers is a great reason why it got so popular.

This website gives each of its users as much as possible to the extent that they nearly never encounter piracy-related obstacles at other large websites. As long as they break down a good solution for each client, they do not mind losing their reputation on some websites. To unlock Fmovies if it is blocked in your country, read the instructions.

You may watch many high-caliber movies and TV shows there whenever you want. Simply use caution while choosing the domain names that will be provided to you. On this website, you may stream every movie you find in high-quality resolution. If you’re happy with all of its offerings, particularly the excellent caliber of the films, you may select to save them so you can watch them later without an internet connection. Even the old movies you used to like are available.


Online streaming websites domain names are uncommon. Why? Most administrators try to avoid domain names whenever possible since they are simple for anti-piracy organizations to erase. However, it appears that Popcornflix’s creators are confident in their abilities to maintain the website even with the name, and we salute their audacity.


a user-friendly, straightforward website. When attempting to browse this website, not much knowledge is required. This is nicely planned up and developed, making it simple for you to become comfortable with the website.

They also display the movie’s synopsis. With this, you will be able to get a quick overview of what you will see.

The films that are currently successful are displayed on the front page. Most of the streaming websites featured in this list lack this capability.

Even so, they base their ratings and reviews on their IMDB ratings. They don’t have a hosting service, and all of their content is sent through external websites.


In addition to various content filtering options, the All123movies user interface also has a search bar. The bookmark feature allows you to store your favorite websites as well. On this platform, movies and TV shows also have viewing data. You may use this function to compare and select popular variations. The most recent HD movies and TV shows are regularly added to All123Movies. As a result, you can be confident that this platform only features the most recent collections.


Finally, I want to point you that some of the alternatives to CouchTuner described above might not be accessible in your area. However, it shouldn’t prevent you from taking in your fair amount of weekend amusement from movies. These days, there are several free VPN services accessible.

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